The jeweled skyline of any country is kept safe in the treasure of metropolitan cities. The modern architecture trend in India is growing rapidly, with Mumbai city having the highest number of skyscrapers in India. Inspired by New York, the city of skyscrapers and due to lack of space, many architects and designers are shifting towards the improvement of India’s skyline. 

With changing needs and trends new technologies are inculcated into the design for better user experiences and for conserving the environment too. Many of the skyscrapers built in India today are certified green buildings, which maybe is the best outcome of skyscrapers. Though the real luxury from these skyscrapers is for the richest layer of India, as the building cost is equally remarkable. 

Following is the list of the top 20 under construction and built skyscrapers of India that have proven to serve the richest layer of India and have set a new landmark in business too.

1. Three Sixty West | Skyscrapers in India

Estimated Value: INR 40-70 Crore for a flat.
Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox
Estimated Completion Year: 2021
Location: Mumbai, India

Skyscrapers in India - Three Sixty West  - Sheet1
Three Sixty West

The 360 West in Worli Mumbai is a mixed-use architecture that comprises two towers – Tower A and B of heights 256 m. and 362 m. respectively. The two skyscrapers, linked at the ground level through a podium. Tower B is a luxurious residential space expected to be the tallest skyscraper in India after completion, while Tower A will house The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. 

The unparalleled lifestyle experienced at 360 West is a true marvel of design with fitness and leisure carefully considered. With impeccable planning, it also provides a stunning sea view ensuring utmost luxury and privacy to the celebrated millionaires of Mumbai. Three Sixty West offers the premium perspective of perfection and expresses a world-class vision as an iconic skyscraper of India developed by Oberoi Realty. 

Three Sixty West  - Sheet2
Three Sixty West
Three Sixty West  - Sheet3
Three Sixty West

2. Supertech Supernova Spira

Estimated Value: INR 2.68 Crore for a flat.
Architect: Modarch India
Estimated Completion Year: 2021
Location: Noida, India

Skyscrapers in India - Supertech Supernova Spira - Sheet1
Supertech Supernova Spira Site

The Supertech Supernova has an estimated height of 300 meters that will become the tallest skyscraper in North India ever launched. The iconic project is a mixed-use development spread over 160.7 acres of land. This new township offers a luxurious lifestyle, and it offers modern facilities and conveniences to the users. 

Supernova’s Spira has 80 floors and offers hotels, recreational spaces, office spaces, and shopping malls that benefit this project as an epicenter. The Supernova places modern and green living at the nerve center of NCR. 

The Supernova towers blend in perfect harmony, and it incorporates Vaastu principles as well. The example of next-generation technology is visible throughout the extravagant development crafted by master designers and architects.

Supertech Supernova Spira - Sheet2
Supertech Supernova
Supertech Supernova Spira - Sheet3
Supertech Supernova

3. World One | India Skyscrapers

Estimated Value: 32.1 crores USD
Architects: Pei Cobb Freed and Partners
Completion Year: 2020
Location: Mumbai, India

Skyscrapers in India - World One  - Sheet1
World One Balcony

World One is a residential skyscraper in Mumbai, with a height of 291 meters. The design initially was expected to be 442 meters tall, though due to controversies related to approvals for the mentioned height, the structure had to be re-designed. 

The 76-floor luxurious residential tower provides India’s luxurious living experience in a structural masterpiece. The rich petalled design tapers graciously reaching the sky. The extravagant interiors are customized to the user’s taste and provide them with a hint of royalty.

World One  - Sheet2
World One,
World One  - Sheet3
World One,

4. Piramal Aranya Tower A  

Estimated Value: INR 2.59-8.67 Crore for a flat
Architects: Make Architects
Estimated Completion Year: 2021
Location: Mumbai, India

Skyscrapers in India - Piramal Aranya Tower A - Sheet1
Piramal Aranya,

The Piramal Aranya Tower is an under-construction residential tower with construction material as concrete. The structure is earthquake resistant and built on RCC Framework. The 280.7 meters high skyscraper lies in the heart of Byculla, besides the greenery of the 60-acre Rani Baug Byculla Zoo. 

The main attraction to Piramal township is the well-connected places with accessible transportation facilities available. The Piramal Aryana increases business reliability as the industrial and service sectors are emerging rapidly. It increases connection with eminent businesses nearby Mumbai’s main town, and the locality floods with major utility areas.

Piramal Aranya Tower A - Sheet2
Piramal Aranya
Piramal Aranya Tower A - Sheet3
Piramal Aranya,

5. Lodha The Park | Skyscrapers in India

Estimated Value: Starting at INR 4.58 Cr. for a flat
Architects: WOHA
Completion Year: 2020
Location: Mumbai, India

Skyscrapers in India - Lodha The Park - Sheett1
Lodha Under Night

Lodha The Park is spread across 17 acres and is Mumbai’s first true urban oasis, with a grand residential development. It towers over the Worli Sea Face delivering the most stunning view of the Arabian Sea panorama. The park is a 75-floor structure defining the literal symbol of luxury living, a vibrant lifestyle offered in the middle of the hustle-bustle. 

Through life around a 7-acre private park, the residential space involves making a peaceful oasis. The Lodha Park provides a variety of themed gardens, pavilions, and wellness facilities that perfectly blend. The connectivity to commercial hubs as well as the international airport creates a work-life balance for the users.

Lodha The Park - Sheett2
Lodha The Park,
Lodha The Park - Sheett3
Lodha The Park,

6. The 42

Estimated Value: Starting at INR 17 Cr. for a flat
Architects: Hafeez Contractor
Completion Year: 2019
Location: Kolkata, India

Skyscrapers in India - The 42 - Sheet1

The 42 is the tallest skyscraper in Kolkata, with 260 meters in height marked as a landmark on Kolkata’s skyline. The iconic gem is centrally located at the heart of the city as it seamlessly blends its contemporary architecture with the historical reference of Chowringhee. 

The 42 has received a gold rating pre-certification from IGBI. A strong foundation 56 meters deep holds the iconic structure of the 42. Eastern India’s tallest tower provides its users an unobstructed view of the iconic architectural wonders of the city. The 42 has proven to be a statement with its majestic living experiences and marvelous interiors.

The 42 - Sheet2
The 42 - Sheet3

7. The Imperial Twin Towers

Estimated Value: Starting at INR 15 Cr. for a flat
Architects: Hafeez Contractor
Completion Year: 2010
Location: Mumbai, India

Skyscrapers in India - The Imperial Twin Towers - Sheet1
Imperial Twin

The Imperial Twin Towers are also known as the Twin Towers of Mumbai, a marvelous design by the famous architect Hafeez Contractor. The skyscraper still stands amongst the tallest buildings in India, with a height of 256 meters. The Imperial towers were built on a former slum land defining it Hafeez Contractor’s most recognizable projects. The astonishing façade comprises a composite aluminum panel cladding system, high-performance huge windows, and sliding doors. The structure of the tower is a flat slab design that gives the flexibility to change interior layouts. The eye-catching architectural feature of these twin towers is the Spire. The 61-floor residential twin towers are high positioned overlooking the Arabian Sea.

The Imperial Twin Towers - Sheet2
Imperial Twin
The Imperial Twin Towers - Sheet3
Imperial Twin

8. Four Seasons Private Residences | India Skyscrapers

Estimated Value: INR 7.45 – 44.28 Cr. for a flat
Architects: Gensler and Yabu Pushelberg
Estimated Completion Year: 2022
Location: Mumbai, India

Skyscrapers in India - Four Seasons Private Residences - Sheet1
Rooftop View from Four Seasons Private

Four Seasons Private Residences is an under-construction skyscraper of an expected height of 250 meters. The luxury residence above the streets of Mumbai is one of India’s most exclusive addresses. This grand residential structure provides its users ultimate privacy with stunning views of the Arabian Sea and Mahalaxmi Race Course. 

With the concept of bungalows in the sky, the project makes its appearance unique and celebrated. The project symbolizes the contrasting harmony of exterior and interior spaces. Intricate details of design and colors create a bold statement, while a connection between the two floors through glass and metal staircase becomes a unique architecture expression.

Four Seasons Private Residences - Sheet2
Four Seasons Private Residences,
Four Seasons Private Residences - Sheet3
Four Seasons Private Residences,

9. Ahuja Towers

Estimated Value: INR 22.4 – 73.8 Cr. for a flat
Architects: P and T Architects
Completion Year: 2015
Location: Mumbai, India

Skyscrapers in India - Ahuja Towers - Sheet1

Ahuja Towers is an iconic skyscraper located in the heart of Mumbai’s golden triangle, with 248.5 meters in height. The 53-floor structure houses 60 exclusive apartments, with a 270-degree view of the Arabian Sea. 

The design perspective of extravagant Ahuja Towers is to provide sky residences with spacious and luxurious interior spaces, and personalized amenities. The sense of luxury comes along with the use of rich materials and lighting. The design approach blends the seamless indoor-outdoor connection providing its users a full experience.

Ahuja Towers - Sheet2
Ahuja Towers - Sheet3

10. One Avighna Park | Skyscrapers in India

Estimated Value: Starting at INR 9.12 Cr. for a flat
Architects: Neo Modern Architects
Completion Year: 2017
Location: Mumbai, India

Skyscrapers in India - One Avighna Park - Sheet1
The Grand

One Avighna Park is a 61-floor structure that has received IGBC precertification. The residential twin tower sets a benchmark in fine living experiences. The extraordinary fusion of spaces is a display of cutting-edge architecture. The interior spaces are to showcase the concept of volume within a volume. 

The luxurious apartment offers a thoughtful design providing an amazing 270-degree view, with expansive sun decks and interiors inspired from across the world. The grand entrance lobby welcomes its users with an award-winning art installation made with 54,450 Egyptian crystals.

One Avighna Park - Sheet2
One Avighna
One Avighna Park - Sheet3
Crescent Bay Tower
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