11. The Wall of Books

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet11

Ever wondered where to put your book collection? This futuristic library design uses softly curved walls and turns them into shelvesample artificial and natural light makes this the perfect spot for some reading in one’s home.

12. Origami House

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet12

Nordes, a Russian architecture firm used origami as an inspiration for this house, which manifests itself in faceted walls and sleek lines. With furniture to match, and stark white interiors, this house is ‘futuristic’ at its best.

13. All About Lighting

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet13
©Dobrze Mieszkaj

Lighting plays one of the most important roles in setting the desired atmosphere for a place. To that end, cove lighting and LED lights are becoming increasingly popular to give a contemporary/ modern aesthetic to the space. The house above uses hidden lights to make it seem as though the walls float in space.

14. Showing it off

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet14

Another popular aesthetic is showing the material, machinery, and parts of the building in all their raw glory. Not only does this add a contemporary look to the house, but it also is a statement about being true to the original materiality of an object.

15. Contrast

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet15

The space above is a great way to use colors that contradict, yet complement each other to create a space full of dynamism and interest.

16. The Curve

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet16
©Small Design Ideas

Furniture plays a vital role in the aesthetic one is going for in a space. Consider the space above, where the sofa set with sweeping curves makes for a trendy, futuristic and artful feel to the house.

17. All Glass

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet17

The corner glass window is quite ubiquitous in modern architecture and has been a widely adopted detail for ages. This window, however, gets rid of all the mullions to make the roof float over the living room without any apparent support system and lends a unique quality to the space!

18. All About Material 

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet18
©Modern Kitchen Interior Designs – blogger

We’ve seen stainless steel and metal being used in restaurants and bars, but why not adopt the shiny metallic aesthetic for our homes? This kitchen island coupled with a bookshelf uses stainless steel to offset the dark grey matt finish for a futurist look.

19. Color Me Crazy

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet19

Modern and contemporary spaces don’t have to be white or grey. A color that stands out in the space, like a bright red in the case of this kitchen can give character to the space, not look sterile, and still look like a futuristic home.

20. The Loft

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet20

What could be better than investing in modern loft living? The one above as it allexposed concrete and steel columns, open ductwork, ample light, and a contemporary staircase to tie the futuristic look.

What could be better than watching a movie in the middle of calm waters stretching to the horizon? The cinema is one of the most unique experiences in the world as it boasts of a floating screen and seats, and food being served at regular intervals.

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