Cutting-edge technology, advancement in digital design, integrating artificial intelligence with our living spaces and a growing market where people are spending more and more money on their homes has led to several architects trying to come up with futuristic design solutions for ease of living. 

These ‘smart’ ideas may seem costly and extravagant at first, but they may be worth investing in for long-term benefits, and well, convenience and luxury come with a price tag! 

Take a look at a few that are all the rage when it comes to futuristic living!

1. Give Me Green

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet1

There is nothing new about the good-ol’ green roof, but this house by Bercy Chen Studio angles the terrace plane to create a more dynamic roofing system which can be accessed on different levels due to the slope.

2. Work from Home 2.0

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet2

The OfficePOD might be the only good thing to come out of 2020working from home can now be more convenient with this prefabricated home office that can be installed anywhere in one’s home. Say goodbye to kids bawling on zoom calls!

3. The Grand Staircase

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet3

Nothing screams ‘futuristic’ than an elaborate grand stair that seems to be right out of a science fiction movie, and this one does just thatit’s white, folded risers make it look almost sculptural (and slightly hazardous!).

4. Smart Switch

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet4
©Dominio Mundial

The floor plan light switch gives the user control over lighting only certain parts of the house without actually going to that space. It’s a great way to save time and electricity!

5. The Spiral

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet5

This spiral wine cellar is any connoisseur’s dreamelegantly hidden below ground, one can walk in using a spiral staircase down to the cellar.

6. The Kitchen Island from Space

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet6

Designed by the world-renowned Zaha Hadid, this prototype kitchen island is complete with heating membranes and a touch screen TV!

7. The Transparent Tub

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet7

The glass tub combines luxury and futuristic design in one producta thick sheet of see-through glass ensures a bathing experience like no other!

8. The Home Bar from Space

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet8

Zaha Hadid strikes againthis concept proposal for a home bar boasts of a smooth metallic finish that has captured the essence of futurism in design, and is reminiscent of all things Hadid!

9. The Suspended Fireplace

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet9

Gone are the days when fireplaces tucked away in corners and made of brick and stone- consider this modern fireplace that is made from sheet metal and seems to float in the living room for cozy get-togethers!

10. The Rooftop Pool

20 Futuristic homes ideas to invest in - Sheet10

Move over infinity pools! This concept house has a rooftop pool but with glass floorsnot only can one see through the water from below, but the light filtering through the water also makes for the most unique living experience.

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Varun is a Masters in Architecture graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology. As an architect, he is passionate about good design, interactivity with architecture, walkability, and dense cities. When not working, he tries to find time for sketching, going for a swim or reading architectural theory.

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