21. House 21

Arched windows span the front of this Tuscan residence. The covered entry porch and the Porte-cochere make the home feel big and significant. 

30 Examples of Tuscan residences - Sheet21
Tuscan residences ©www.architecturaldesigns.com

22. House 22

The home shown in the picture is a luxury Tuscan home plan. It offers various elements and they are all on one level. The exterior façade combines brick and stucco with peaks, varied window designs, and towers.

30 Examples of Tuscan residences - Sheet22
Tuscan residences ©www.architecturaldesigns.com

23. House 23

This 4-bed luxury Tuscan-inspired residential mansion has an eye-catching exterior and an incredible backyard with doors and windows covering the entire wall. This gives stunning views of the landscaped yard.

30 Examples of Tuscan residences - Sheet23
Tuscan residences ©www.architecturaldesigns.com

24. House 24

The octagonal entry foyer brings you into this high-end Tuscan residence which is extremely exclusive. 

30 Examples of Tuscan residences - Sheet24
Tuscan residences ©www.architecturaldesigns.com

25. House 25

This Hill Country residence inspired by Tuscan Architecture is loaded with interesting features. The open floor plan exhibits lots of glass that combines the indoor and outdoor giving a spatial and large feel to the house. 

30 Examples of Tuscan residences - Sheet25
Tuscan residences ©www.architecturaldesigns.com

26. House 26

This Tuscan residence has a split bedroom layout with a private vaulted master suite. A door gives you rear porch access.

30 Examples of Tuscan residences - Sheet26
Tuscan residences ©www.architecturaldesigns.com

27. House 27

The vaulted and beam ceilings within the house, the courtyard with fireplace allows you into the house and provides a special and unique experience.

30 Examples of Tuscan residences - Sheetv227
Tuscan residences ©www.architecturaldesigns.com

28. House 28

Stone, stucco, and clay tiles compose this entire house which exudes the Tuscan residence appeal.

30 Examples of Tuscan residences - Sheet28
Tuscan residences ©www.architecturaldesigns.com

29. House 29

The Tuscan residence has a front courtyard with an entrance tower. The circular foyer showcases the curved staircase and gives the view of the vaulted and beamed great hall.

30 Examples of Tuscan residences - Sheet29
Tuscan residences ©www.architecturaldesigns.com

30. House 30

This luxury Tuscan residence has many unique spaces and a variety of ceiling details to make it stand out from the other types of houses. 

30 Examples of Tuscan residences - Sheet30
Tuscan residences ©www.architecturaldesigns.com

These varied houses exhibiting the Tuscan style elements, materials, etc., make the architecture and residences different from the other European counterparts. 



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