Wine is often considered a delicate and luxury alcoholic beverage due to its price value and precise storing conditions. Crafted with utmost perfection and richness in aromatic taste, wine has been indeed stored in many dramatic ways, from terracotta containers to underground catacombs in Rome dated back to the early 6000B.C. We have come a long way and have found modern efficient ways to store wine. A wine cellar is a storage area/room for wine bottles designed to maintain the external climate influences that shall protect the perishable food product due to its fermentation process. Wine Cellar design can be broadly categorized into active and passively cooled wine cellars.

Here are some of the examples of custom wine cellars that make it an ideal one for people to invest at home or a commercial level:

1. Metal wine racks

One of the examples of contemporary wine cellars is the metal wine racks that have gained popularity due to its versatility and appearance, which can be customized into smaller shelf-like cellars that are cost-effective at the same time. These wine cellar designs are available in a choice of low-profile designs and finishes. They create a stunning visual display often accompanied by a glass-enclosed cellar paired with LED backlighting.

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2. Peg wine rack system

As the name suggests, the wine bottles are supported on stainless steel or wooden pegs attached to the board on the wall often backlit, highlighting the wine collection. Peg wine cellar designs can be configured as per size requirements forming an ideal display statement wherever placed. However, the rack system isn’t meant for long term storage because of no climatic control mechanism.

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3. Wine cabinet or closet

A wine cellar design of a cabinet is a great idea to showcase from a small to a huge collection of wine at home equipped with a climate-control mechanism. The rack system can be arranged as per the bottle collection giving an outlook of a treasure trove truly aesthetic and functional.  As it is a complete floor-based arrangement unlike the suspended ones, designed on the principles of gravity, they can be further gripped with internal steel rails and studs for better anchorage.

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4. Glass Wine Cellars

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The glass wine cellars give the appearance of a floating wine collection to suit a modern design scheme. Residential glass cellars have a smaller footprint over the traditional ones with enough transparency through an edge to edge glass walls and a low profile racking system. This frameless wine cellar design evokes a sleek, lightweight feel that can be refrigerated to maintain the indoor temperature.    

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5. Custom Shelving In The Kitchen

Apart from the customized cellars, one can convert any space in a pantry, kitchen, or even a dining area into a wine cellar. Custom shelving can bring uniformity in the design to match with the kitchen interior schemes and can also become secret storage if needed to be kept low key. However, kitchen areas are warmer places that can deteriorate wine quality for long term storage.

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6. Storage In Oak Barrels

Oak barrels evoke the vintage wine cellar designs to replicate the feel of a winery. Storing wine collection in oak barrels can be a great option for displaying a smaller collection with neat racking, cooling and lighting system. To make it mobile, wheels can also be attached to the barrels that can be moved as needed. They have an extremely long shelf life and can be used up to 100 years but have been stored in a dry place as moisture may allow the mold to develop which can thus spoil the wine.

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7. Floor To The Ceiling Wine Cellar

Without having to consume any floor space in the house, the vertical space can be used up to the ceiling to create a wine cellar, placing a rolling ladder against the wall allows for easy access to the bottles and can be also used for easy maintenance. Such design ideas can form an ideal aesthetic partition indoors accompanied by fancy lighting and display mechanisms. 

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8. Underground Wine Cellar

One can also convert their basement space or even an underground garage into a cave-like wine cellar. With a chic seating area and stunning interiors, it can create a great gathering space for wine lovers. A larger underground wine cellar design can be accompanied by a subterranean tasting room like the traditional royal wine cellars. Such installations have to be made with extreme precautions taking into account leakage and moisture considerations. An efficient climatic control mechanism needs to be installed for perfect wine storage.

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9. Smart Storage In Unconventional Spaces

Taking advantage of niches, under the stair spaces or under-utilized corners of the house, and fitting them with proper wine cellars can result in smart storage in unconventional spaces. With attractive lighting and colour scheme, you can make it an eye-catching focal point enhancing the quality of the space. Installation of integrated humidifier and ducted cooling system, are ideal mechanisms one can make use of in these wine cellar designs. 

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10. Amphoras

Dated back from the Neolithic period of storing wines in dramatic ways, amphorae are traditional terracotta, metal, or ceramic-based containers to store wine. The design of an amphora complements that of a vase and is used to transport and store liquid products in vast numbers. Commercial amphorae are large vessels that were used from 1500 B.C. to ship wine throughout the Greek and Roman empires. Today, amphora have been experiencing a renaissance and can be used at a household or commercial level with due knowledge about the material. 

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