Imagine having authentic meals at great heights while the views continually change. Revolving hotels have made this possible for diners. Today, many revolving restaurants have sprung up throughout the world presenting the most unusual delicacies combined with exquisite luxury. The floor plates rotate 360 degrees and by the time dessert arrives, the visitors have covered the mesmerizing views from their vantage points. Some of the most majestic revolving hotels of the world include:

1. The View, New York 

Located on the 48th floor of the New York Marriot Marquis, this is the only revolving restaurant in the Big Apple. Visitors can enjoy the constantly changing views of the metropolitan as the floor completes rotations every hour. Sights of famous attractions like Times Square combined with well-crafted culinary excellence make for an incredible experience.

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The View ©The View NYC

2. SkyCity, Seattle, USA 

Located on the Space Needle lies this new and improved rotating restaurant. Space Needle underwent a massive renovation and now features the only revolving floor made of glass in the entire world called ‘The Loupe’ that gives a sneak into the mechanics of the construction. The glass furniture, along with floor-to-ceiling windows, provides a sleek look.

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SkyCity ©Lonely Planet

3. The Sky at New Otani Tower, Tokyo, Japan 

Providing stunning views of Tokyo during the day and night, this revolving restaurant is on the 17th floor of The New Otani Hotel. Apart from that, the restaurant provides a service of ‘designing your buffet’ wherein the diners are encouraged to choose their ingredients and have chefs cook before them.

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The Sky ©The New Otani

4. The Sundial Atlanta, USA 

Situated on top of the 71 floors of the Westin Peachtree Plaza lies the Sundial Restaurant, Bar, and View. Visitors can enjoy unparalleled views of the city along with exceptional food. A glass elevator takes you to the observation deck where diners, as well as locals, can look through the four telescopes to get a bird’s eye view of all major attractions of the city.

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The Sundial ©Sun Dial Restaurant

5. 360 Bar and Dining, Sydney, Australia 

Now known as Infinity at Sydney Tower, this restaurant celebrates Australian cuisine at its best. Situated at a whopping 81 levels above the city, it does not fail in impressing the visitors with the incredible views of the Sydney skyline. The menu changes each day, incorporating international flavors from around the world and combining it with fresh ingredients.

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360 Bar and Dining ©Infinity Sydney Tower

6. Om Revolving Restaurant, Jaipur, India 

This rotating hotel is located on the 14th floor and is famous for North-Indian as well as Rajasthani dishes. Many heritage attractions of the Pink City, such as the Hawa Mahal, the Nahargarh Fort, and the Jal Mahal are visible from the hotel. Interiors feature an Indian design.

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Om Revolving Restaurant ©

7. The Grand Buffet, Hong Kong 

Hong Kong’s only revolving restaurant, is located on the 62nd floor of the Hopewell Centre. Modern interiors incorporating wrap-around glass windows and marble enhance the user experience. It serves a massive variety of Asian cuisines and has live stations teamed with pleasant service.

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The Grand Buffet ©The Grand Buffet HK

8. Restaurant 181, Munich 

This restaurant is located 181 meters above the city in the Olympic Tower. In fifty minutes, visitors can absorb scenic views of the city of Munich while enjoying the finest food. The comforting environment makes people forget the hustle and bustle of the city upon entering. 

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Restaurant 181 ©

9. Drehrestaurant Allalin, Saas-Fee, Switzerland 

Its location at an altitude of 3500 meters makes it the highest revolving restaurant in the world. It rotates in one hour and has a sleek modern design with an Alpine touch. Along with providing breathtaking views of the Saas Mischabel range, the restaurant serves handpicked delicacies from the Swiss cuisine.

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Drehrestaurant Allalin, Saas-Fee, Switzerland ©

10. Top of the World, Las Vegas 

Located 800 feet off the ground on top of the Stratosphere Casino and Hotel lies this award-winning restaurant. It provides panoramic views of the glittering city while completing rotations every 80 minutes. With a mandatory business-casual dress-code, it truly is one of the most sophisticated places to be in the city. 

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Top of the World © The Strat

11. Perlan, Reykjavik, Iceland 

This restaurant is celebrated throughout for its impeccable service of Icelandic cuisine. It is built over a geothermal spring, storing the city’s water tanks beneath it. The revolving restaurant with its glass dome provides unmatched views of the mountains and the ocean surrounding the city. 

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Perlan ©No Destinations

12. 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower, Toronto 

Situated at a height of 351 meters, this restaurant provides sweeping views of the city as well as Lake Ontario. A massive wine cellar installed in the restaurant has found its way into the Guinness World Records as the World’s Highest Wine cellar. The cellar is designed precisely with humidity and climate controllers, and space for 9000 bottles.

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Image 12 – 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower ©

13. Spinning Restaurant: 360 Degree Restaurant, Trinidad 

Only one of its kind in the Caribbean, this restaurant provides views of the Port of Spain, the botanical gardens, and the Gulf of Paria. Located atop the Radisson Hotel Trinidad over 14 floors, the restaurant serves Trinidadian cuisine made with fresh seafood.

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Spinning Restaurant: 360 Degree Restaurant, Trinidad ©

14. Al Dawaar, Dubai 

Dubai’s only revolving restaurant, Al Dawaar is located on the 25th floor of the Hyatt Regency. The restaurant has colonial-inspired interiors featuring white louvered panels, tiled floors, and french windows. The warmth is furthered by curved furniture covered in green upholstery. The space delivers stunning views of Burj Khalifa and other celebrated attractions of the city.

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Al Dawaar, Dubai ©The Fernandist

15. Spinning Restaurant: Restaurant Nasinneula, Finland 

Situated inside the Sarkanniemi Amusement Park, this is one of the highest dining places in the Nordic countries. Diners can have a great culinary experience while enjoying the spectacular views of Finland’s numerous lakes at this 124 meters high restaurant.

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Spinning Restaurant ©kallerna/

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