Rajasthan is known for its colorful culture and tradition in India and around. It is a place having an ancient historic significance. The rule of Rajput kings in Rajasthan along with their bravery and grandeur is known to all. Rajasthan has a unique style of architecture. It is mainly based on the Rajput school of architecture which is a combination of Hindu and Mughal structural design. The magnificent forts, intricate carvings, and the grand Havelis are an integral part of the state’s heritage. Here are a few points to look after while designing in any part of Rajasthan.

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1. Study the Climatic conditions | Rajasthan design

Rajasthan has a hot semi-arid climate. Temperature is relatively high the whole year but falls drastically in winters. In summer, that is from April to early July, the temperature is high with an average of 40 degrees daily. While in winters, the temperature falls to 15 degrees. Hence, while designing one should consider these extreme climatic conditions and then proceed with the designs.

2. Study of the direction 

In Ancient Indian Architecture, the importance of Vastu Shastra is dominantly seen. Vastu Shastra is a study of directions and energies. Even today it is very important to study directions and then design the placement of inner spaces accordingly. This can help an architect in providing proper light and ventilation. It also helps to avoid the effects of the harsh climatic conditions of Rajasthan.

3. Courtyards | Rajasthan design

Courtyards are of great significance for a climatic condition as in Rajasthan. It helps to maintain the internal temperatures of the structure. The heated air, during the day, rises gradually and is replaced by cool air by evening. This cool wind then spread throughout the interior spaces of the structure. Courtyards also provide fresh air and dilute odor. It also acts as a recreational indoor space.

4. Provide a water body 

While designing in any part of Rajasthan, considering dry and high temperatures is a must. Many architectural features are influenced due to this climatic condition. Providing a water body can prove of good help to reduce the temperature around. One can provide it in the courtyards to add a good element to the interior space. It also adds a classic touch to the structure.

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5. Choose correct construction material | Rajasthan design

A major use of sandstone, limestone, and Kota stone is seen in this region. It is easily available in this region and can add a traditional look to the structure. These materials can also be easily carved to add a traditional touch to the structure.

6. Design a good open space 

Gardens and open space around the structure is one good feature. It keeps the surrounding cool, green, and aesthetically appealing.

7. Building thicker walls | Rajasthan design

Thick walls will take in lesser heat. This will help in reducing the thermal load of the building. This will also help in the overall load distribution of the building.

8. Choose the right color for the exterior of the structure 

Dark colors absorb heat. Rajasthan has a very high temperature for almost the whole of the year. Hence it is very important to choose light colors for the exterior surfaces, which will reflect the excess heat and help in maintaining the heating element of the building.

9. Glorify the interiors using different colors: 

Rajasthani architecture is famous for its use of colors. It is never too dark or bright to add colors like red, blue-green purple in the interior spaces.

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10. Ornamentation for the facade | Rajasthan design

Beautiful intricate carved designs are a key feature of Rajasthani architecture. It not only adds richness to the structure but also looks aesthetically pleasing. 


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