“The bad news is time flies but the good news is you are the pilot…”
An airport is a symbol of the modern era and a monument of the future because of its scale and design. Airports are much more than places to catch planes, attend an in-transit business meeting, or do some duty-free shopping; they are one of a kind experience. The expectations with regard to the facilities, comfort as well as aesthetic values have increased over the years. Airport terminals have evolved as civil and national icons, and often the design is tailored to meet the needs of the passengers as well as the airlines. 

However, many passengers still believe that the worst time of a journey happens before and after boarding the flight, which is not at all true these days. Some airport planners have viewed an airport as a relaxing space and designed the most innovative airports across the globe. 

1. Carrasco International Airport, Uruguay | Airport designs

Carrasco International Airport is a relatively smaller airport than the ones discussed above but is known for the stunning mixture of architectural beauty and eco-friendliness. This little airport is home to nearly 10 acres of solar panel array that, together with wind turbines produce enough energy to power the airport in full. Added to this, electric buses run between airplanes and terminal gates for movement. 

Carrasco International Airport, Uruguay
Carrasco International Airport ©www10.aeccafe.com

2. Madrid Barajas International Airport, Spain

Madrid Barajas International Airport has a 1km-long wing-shaped building designed with a wide range of environmentally friendly, energy consumption-reducing installations such as efficient cooling systems, extensive shading to the façades and roof lights, and zonal lighting.

Madrid Barajas International Airport ©www.justgo.travel
Madrid Barajas International Airport ©www.justgo.travel


3. Changi Airport, Singapore | Airport designs

Changi Airport is one of the most praised airports in the world, with all sorts of leisure, fun, and relaxing activities inside the terminal making it not only a popular destination but also an exciting layover spot. 

Some of the most unique and spectacular facilities include: clean places to shower, napping facilities, a swimming pool, a cinema with all-day film screenings, a free video game area, various food courts serving high-quality meals and eight different gardens, including a botanical and butterfly garden. 

Changi Airport, Singapore - Sheet1
Changi Airport ©www.asianaviation.com
Changi Airport, Singapore - Sheet2
Changi Airport ©www.nationalgeographic.co.uk
Changi Airport, Singapore - Sheet3
Changi Airport ©www.visitsingapore.com

4. Munich Airport, Munich

The constantly transforming airport at Munich is famous for its yawning roofed atrium, known as Munich Airport Centre. This ordinary looking plaza transforms season to season, for example, one could go surfing in the summers, have a beer in October and enjoy Christmas shopping in December- all under one roof! 

Munich Airport, Munich - Sheet1
Munich Airport ©www.cntraveler.com
Munich Airport, Munich - Sheet2
Munich Airport ©www.pinterest.com
Munich Airport, Munich - Sheet3
Munich Airport ©www.tripsavvy.com

5. Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam | Airport designs

Schiphol Airport is accounted for as one of the largest airports in Europe. Due to an important hub for international travel, one might think of getting lost or tired at the airport, which is somehow not true in the case of this airport. 

To name a few of its notable facilities: bookworms would just prefer cozying up in the library with a cup of hot coffee, elders would love the massage chairs spread across the entire terminal and the millennial would just love how the indoor forest is planned with a facility of charging up the phone- by biking! The facilities here fit for all the passenger types. 

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam - Sheet1
Schiphol Airport ©www.independent.co.uk
Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam - Sheet2
Schiphol Airport ©www.pinterest.com
Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam - Sheet3
Schiphol Airport ©www.expedia.com

6. Incheon Airport, Seoul

If you spot a robot just beside you at an airport, then you are undoubtedly at the most technologically fascinating airport in the world, Incheon Airport. Terminal 2 of Incheon Airport is the most futuristic airport terminal one would come across in this decade, along with the marvelous architecture, stunning green spaces, and the extensive usage of natural lighting. 

Incheon Airport, Seoul - Sheet1
Incheon Airport ©www.pinterest.com
Incheon Airport, Seoul - Sheet2
Incheon Airport ©www.pinterest.com

7. Dubai International Airport, Dubai

Famous for a spectacular feeling of space and feel, Dubai Airport features vast expanses of arching white walls and vaulted ceilings. The passenger circulation path has sand-colored walkways past giant palm trees, which captures the Arabian spirit of this popular economic center.

Dubai International Airport, Dubai - Sheet1
Dubai International Airport ©www.cntraveler.com
Dubai International Airport, Dubai - Sheet2
Dubai International Airport ©www.psimonmyway.com
Dubai International Airport, Dubai - Sheet3
Dubai International Airport ©www.makemytrip.com

8. Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia | Airport designs

Malaysia’s largest International airport is famous for its artistic design, modular architecture, and natural feel. The dense rainforest is the first feature noticed by travelers, which is planned in the center of the airport. It is “an airport in the forest; a forest in the airport”. The architecture and the design of the roof, facade, and the ceiling is a fusion of Malay and Islamic architecture

Kuala Lumpur International Airport ©www.visasmalaysia.com
Kuala Lumpur International Airport ©www.flickr.com
Kuala Lumpur International Airport ©www.airport-technology.com

9. Heathrow Airport, London

Heathrow Airport is visited by about 79 million passengers per year. This heavily populated airport makes the lives of the passengers easier by the common check-in service developed to manage the crowd efficiently. Passengers have the luxury to drop in their bags with any of the 26 airline operators that operate at T2. Also, the parking facility works efficiently. 

Heathrow Airport ©www.mottmac.com
Heathrow Airport ©www.geograpg.org.uk

10. San Francisco International Airport, California | Airport designs

SFO is considered to be the favorite amongst the American travelers for the various dining options it offers, the spectacular art gallery, yoga room, etc. Conservationists would appreciate the compostable tableware used in the terminal. Terminal 2 of the airport is full of mosaics, paintings, sculptures, hanging art installations, and everything that would soothe the eyes of an art lover. 

San Francisco International Airport ©www.usatoday.com
San Francisco International Airport ©www.usatoday.com
San Francisco International Airport, California - Sheet2
San Francisco International Airport ©www.medium.com

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