Established in 1977, Ziegler Cooper Architects has been inspiring many young enthusiastic architects with their tremendous work. They guide every employee to produce wonderful designs that can change an individual’s life and provide them with a vision of excellence. They believe that good inspiring design can make a great impact and uplift their moods, emotions and spirit. Their works express the rich heritage of art form, the urban development and environment to bring out the best architectural design. ZCA has expertise in different sectors of architecture; master planning, residential, corporate, commercial, hospitality, etc. With the collective vision of growth and sustainability, the firm has been working enormously to develop and revitalise major US cities from more than 2 decades. And discussing further on the great works by ZCA let’s check on some of their projects:

1. Chicago Bridge & Iron, The Woodlands, Texas: 

ZCA was commissioned to design the headquarters for Chicago Bridge & Iron located at The Woodlands, Texas. The basic concept behind this modern structure was to incorporate natural light with flexible floorplate and provide maximum views of the lake throughout the building. This striking glass statute creates a beautiful contrast with its surrounding environment. The glass reflects the sky and the landscape, its transparent property removes the visual barrier making it a part of the office. The floor planning focuses on providing spaces for multiple offices if required and can also be utilised as one. With state of the art technology, breakout spaces and scenic lake view the building features a large conference room overlooking the serene surroundings.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet1
Chicago Bridge & Iron ©

2. Pioneer Natural Resources, Midland, Texas: 

In 2012, a large oil and gas production and exploration company; Pioneer Natural Resources approached ZCA to develop and design a new office building. With the vision to achieve LEED certification ZCA focused on design aspects that can rate it as green building. They used different techniques and ways to control water use and make it energy efficient. Sustainable approaches were made to reduce carbon footprint, such as the use of regional, reusable, and recycled materials. The use of floor to ceiling glass integrates picturesque landscape inside the closed envelope, making the office space more vital and induce a positive environment to increase productivity.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet2
Pioneer Natural Resources ©

3. Westchase Park II, Houston, Texas: 

ZCA designed a 50,000 sq ft floor plate office building for the existing 15.2-acre commercial office campus. This 6 story building focuses on energy efficiency. The floor plate is designed to serve either a single tenant who requires 50,000 sft or multiple tenants as per their requirement. The glass façade complements its surroundings and unifies with the existing campus. The water body featuring sculptor rejuvenates the microclimate while enhancing the workspace environment.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet3
Westchase Park II ©


4. Park Laureate, Houston, Texas: 

Redevelopment of this classic 1986 building ZCA was handed to Texas’ renowned architecture firm Ziegler Cooper Architects. The old building’s construction quality was so high that ZCA decided to retain the old structure and proceed with a little remodelling in terms of interiors, finishes and landscape. It was designed as per 21st-century requirements, and the technical aspects that can be utilised to make building energy efficient. Their design fused the interiors and exteriors visually while keeping the physical security intact. They executed this iconic structure to upgrade the existing site aesthetically, functionally and sustainably.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet4
Park Laureate ©

5. 8 & 12 Greenway Plaza, Houston, Texas: 

ZCA was appointed to design a new destination for all the clienteles of 8 & 12 Greenway Plaza. The design majorly focused on increasing volumes in narrow corridors, lobbies and to provide communal spaces. The whole colour theme revolved around neutral tones, with accent colours, walnut elements, and textures. This redevelopment work completed in 2018 and the design elements, it’s flow indeed increased the interaction among the patrons.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet5
8 & 12 Greenway Plaza ©


6. Hines Sloans Lake, Denver, Colorado: 

To design a 7 stories high urban residential complex ZCA was hired. This 455,608 gsf mid-rise structure comprises 250 residential units of average 942sft area and 6 levels above-grade parking. The building provides astounding views of Sloans lake; Denver’s second-largest park, that includes a lake, recreational fields, bike and pedestrian paths, tennis courts etc. covering 177-acre of land. The residential complex completed in 2019 striking all attention from its surroundings.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet6
Hines Sloans Lake ©

7. The Austonian, Austin, Texas: 

Completed in 2009, this 56 story building provides the experience of luxury living. ZCA designed 178 dwellings with 13,090 sq ft of Retail area, with energy and natural resources conservation as a major aspect. This sleek, tall building overlooks the city and surrounding county hills providing flabbergasting views. The environmentally conscious, green design offers top tier services, primary shops, deluxe amenities, restaurants, and music venues at walking distance. ZCA’s never-ending efforts achieved a 4-star rating from Austin Energy Green Building Council for this magnificent design.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet7
The Austonian ©


8. The Broadway, San Antonio, Texas: 

Located at San Antonio this 21 story high building with 335,079 gsf is one of the remarkable stature adjacent to Alamo Heights area. ZCA executed this stunning structure following the same curves as the jog on Broadway Street in 2010. The Broadway offers amazing views of nearby buildings and parks to the residents. These 98 luxury units of approximately 2,098 sq ft each blend with the surrounding lush landscape. The inhabitants enjoy the beautiful garden, courtyards, pools, outdoor living room, and Verandah to the greatest.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet8
The Broadway ©


9. Waterway Lofts I & II, The Woodlands, Texas: 

These 2 buildings; 6 stories and 7 stories high respectively were constructed by ZCA in 2003 & 2005. To incorporate maximum views and light, the clear floor height was taken 11ft with corner glass, balconies and terraces. This urban dwelling with waterfront encourages the residents to adopt a rejuvenating lifestyle. The abundant outdoor spaces, beautiful landscape and brickwork uplift the microenvironment creating a positive impact on inhabitants’ life.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet1Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet9
Waterway Lofts I & II ©


10. Research Forest Lakeside, The Woodlands, Texas: 

ZCA was commissioned to create the master plan for the 76-acre mixed-use site. The site comprises 8 new buildings and 9th under construction with a massive lake in the centre of the site. The master plan is developing in different phases. The major design principle that has been followed to design and build each and every structure is sustainability and green practices to reduce carbon footprint. Phase 1 focused on completion of building 1, 2 and 3. The second phase started with building 4; 12 stories high office buildings with a built up area of 300,000 sq ft. Phase 3 started with the construction of building 5; 8 stories high office block with 200,000sft area, it shares the same entry drive and 7 stories garage as building 4. Later, buildings 4 and 5 received LEED Silver and Gold certification respectively.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet10
Research Forest Lakeside ©

11. 2727 Kirby, Houston, Texas: 

It is a 30 stories high tower merged with the skyline and creates a wonderful focal point for its surrounding River Oak neighbourhood. This magnificent glass structure is a statement of sophistication in itself. It provides the lavish living, amenities, and the entertainment zone extended from the living area of residential units. This entertainment zone is approximately 30,000 square feet and comprises the pool, spa, and fitness hub for the family and guests. Its luxuriant design makes the user experience astounding.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet11
2727 Kirby ©

12. The Christ the Redeemer Activity Center, Houston, Texas: 

ZCA designed this 2 stories educational building that can be used by the church on weekends. It consists of a library, classrooms, auditorium, offices, a youth suite, gymnasium, music suite, Stream lab and art suite. The youth suite contains a kitchen, classroom, assembly area, and the office with views that overlooks gymnasium. The music suite is designed to provide the best acoustics with the storage to keep all the instruments. On the other hand, the art room is a multi-purpose space with a kiln attached to it, as per requirements the art suite is used as a robotic lab. To make the learning fun and interactive, multiple breakout spaces, collaboration areas and interactive pockets are planned. With the exposed stone masonry and the surrounding landscape, the building induces a positive learning environment.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet12
Activity Center ©


13. Episcopal High School Athletic Center, Houston, Texas: 

ZCA was approached to design the master plan and conceptual designs for upcoming buildings including Athletic Center and a new chapel of 1100 capacity. This Athletic center consists of a basketball court, arena seating, training rooms, state-of-the-art fitness center, banquet halls, and large locker rooms. This massive structure has a beautiful landscape and playfield around. The glass façade incorporates the beautiful site views into the interiors visually.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet13
Episcopal High School Athletic Center ©


14. Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church, Cypress, Texas: 

In partnership with HBL Architects, ZCA worked on the development of masterplan, remodelling, and facility expansion. The project was divided into 2 phases; the first phase included remodelling of the parish hall, designing of a new 1600 seater worship building, and nursery facilities. Phase two focused on the design and build of the new educational building which contains, youth suite, classrooms, library, office spaces etc. This project completed in 2013, its master plan includes beautiful landscape, playfields, parking and prayer gardens.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet14
Catholic Church ©


15. St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Plantersville, Texas: 

ZCA was approached to upgrade the design and strategy that can help in the growth and development of the existing century-old Church. scope of the work included the expansion of the sanctuary. ZCA kept the old traditional designs and building interiors intact while extending the building envelope by 30ft to meet current requirements. The new space added almost 140 more seats, the new windows and interiors match the old designs and every single detail including gothic arched leaded windows and rustic pews.

Ziegler Cooper Architects- 15 Iconic Projects- Sheet15
St Mary’s Catholic Church ©

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