This space had to be transformed into an office which could fulfil the requirements of multiple activities simultaneously. The clients being a digital marketing firm, we had to keep in mind the digitisation of designs so as to cover various aspects of what their firm does.

Project Name: Tenacious Techies
Studio Name: Nspire Architects
Location: Surat, Gujarat
Photographer- Kaiwan Todiwala

Tenacious Techies By Nspire Architects - Sheet1
©Kaiwan Todiwala

It has diversified usage demands in order to become a flexible space that can cater to a vivid range of activities. Intention was to use 700 sq. feet area for Digital Marketing Office cum Working Space and to conduct teaching seminars, have interview shoots, make youtube tutorials, and have a space to have casual evening events. To make sure we catered to this, we distributed the whole space into three different areas namely, Mind, Heart, & Soul.

Tenacious Techies By Nspire Architects - Sheet6
©Kaiwan Todiwala

The Mind of the space is where the founders sits, facing the north direction with a stable set of working desk cum storage and a display cum backend storage with openable door-based niches.

Tenacious Techies By Nspire Architects - Sheet3
©Kaiwan Todiwala

Heart is the flexible space with folding desks that can be used by employees or students for their work. Once the desks get stacked up, it can cater to a range of audience for sessions and discussions as well,

Tenacious Techies By Nspire Architects - Sheet8
©Kaiwan Todiwala

Soul is where various shoots happen for interviews or youtube tutorials. This space is equipped with a backdrop of graphic curtains and sound absorbing panels.


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