The ability to apathy for risk and uncertainties due in the future is an ordinary attitude. But the What-ifs fail to succeed anticipatory anxiety as the future is still untouchable at present.

The filmography industry has always tainted projections outlooking the future as an escapable fantasy. The possibility of believing the fiction characters exploring the multiverse and concluding with a livable alternative is light years ahead. When the future reality blurs into sci-fi cinema, living in the alternate will be plausible only for the monetarily full.

Till then, earth to all amigos!

Looking Forward to Architecture - Sheet1
A Space fantasy _©Rick Guidice

Envisioning the Future of Architecture

We already are inhabiting the imaginary city of the past. The aspiring ideas of designers for the future are capable of realistic tangibility. It is a challenge to predict or develop hypotheses while mapping possible futures of the cities that are resided. Fore sighting is to believe in Utopia and also to be proactive about ominous catastrophes. Architecture is a drama in time. The adaptation and transformation to progress towards possible architecture potent to survive civilizations or trust them to static ruins. The limitations in probability and predictions always disallow the present scenario to keep pace but give a gap to react, adapt, or perish based on the survival remedies at hand.

The Threshold to the Future

The present architecture practice trends endeavoring futuristic motives in architecture are – 

  1. Collaboration of algorithmic data with the built form gives conclusions to draw future actions and bring adaptability and flexibility. Feedback is a loss of privacy and a lack of security for the people. 
  2. Seamless and simplified design details affecting how various materials adjoin, multiplying possibilities. 
  3. Parametric Architecture is an interactive medium to make desired changes and realize unrealistic forms.
  4. Sustainability responsible model adapting various green-certified frameworks.
  5. Virtual reality or augmented reality reduces the client-architect comprehension gap.
  6. Smart cities manage running as a society from the generation of needs to disposal of waste.
  7. Material innovation brings infinite possibilities and brings sustenance to the structures.
  8. Vertical landscape and controlled farming push away any losses in agriculture. They compensate for the loss of natural surfaces to architecture.
  9. Anticipatory architecture brings momentum to the built form by predetermining weather and climatic differences and reflexing like a living body.
  10. Inclusive architecture breaking barriers of physical, emotional, cultural, economic, psychological realms. The architecture trend is adaptive and sensitive like an empath.
  11. Biophilic design generates a productive and healthy environment for users budding the connections of humans to nature.
Looking Forward to Architecture - Sheet2
Eden project in Cornwall, England_©Barbara Weibal

Current Signals to Improve

There is a sense of empathy for the future, which gets ignored with hopelessness to improve the controversial outlook. The current cities are living in abandonment to the alarming sign. Melting of the glaciers, tearing of the ozone extinction of species all are distressful truths are all signs.

The cities adjoining water bodies get washed into waters as the connection lacks transparency, porosity, and sensitivity to flora, fauna, and biodiversity. The point of the meeting ends up behaving as a juxtaposition. The rate of getting rid of the rubbish of the city is challenging to surmount. The health of users affected with sick building syndrome and seasonal affective disorder demands an alternative fixation. 

The present building materials are incapable of lasting, as the depreciated properties get sucked by redevelopers to replace again with a similar multiplied version of the previous property.

There is a ‘Plan B’..?

The disorganized limitless growth of the population is quicksand for the built forms that get occupied. The absence to provide will lead up to stacking cities over the cities as a recovery. Extensions to existing edifices will contribute to the future advancing good and worst. The geometries of the general physicality will commence pilling all over the already occupied verticals on earth until the cities become a monolithic future progressing to total invisibility. This last resort leaves with Invisible cities of the future.

Looking Forward to Architecture - Sheet3
City above the city: Bringing life to the rooftops_©Juan Carlos Romero Alvarez, Juan Bernardo Santana Gonzalez

The After-Effects of Present Choices

Imitation architecture is building with single purposes and wearing imported features to prove growth, is a current reality and aspirations of the dwellers. Architecture is to provide service, but avoid undesired prophecy. The built that exists cannot divorce the environment, that is a trial to translate and adapt the globalized material concerning its geographical, climatic and social context. Architecture needs to explore the rightful collaboration of rational humans and technology to improve the coming future. 

“The future will only contain what we put into it now.” (Graffiti from Paris, May 1968).

Looking Forward to Architecture - Sheet4
City in a flux_©Amy Casey


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