NEXTFORM is a new prefabricated timber system manufacturer based in Clayton, Victoria. Our brief was to create a multi-functional space, that would operate as an office/display space for their partnered non-profit Realtor, Nest’d, as well as a meeting room and function space for broader applications.

Project Name: Nextform
Studio Name: STUDIOMINT Design Group
Project size: 300 m2
Site size: 6155 m2
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 2
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Photography: Cheyne Toomey

Nextform by STUDIOMINT Design Group - Sheet1
©Cheyne Toomey

Set within the outline of a busy factory warehouse, the space has become a retreat for clients and developers to discuss and experience the evolution of manufactured housing.

Nextform by STUDIOMINT Design Group - Sheet
©Cheyne Toomey

This fitout, just as the organisation, is unique with a large, configurable open space for model displays, social networking and large conferences. Embracing “no walls” the Nextform floor plate allows for a clear view through the space.

Nextform by STUDIOMINT Design Group - Sheet3
©Cheyne Toomey

Every zone from the statement green bar to the semi transparent meeting spaces are functional, ergonomic and one of a kind. The space is an ever evolving foot print for large meetings, conferences and training seminars.

It is an example of zero waste real estate – where the floor plans can be transformed to catered for a large and diverse audience without structural intervention.


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