In a bustling corner of Bangalore, steeped in heritage, lies a veneer boutique showroom which isn’t your typical showroom. This 1500 sq. ft. space, designed by the architects at AD Studio 9, transcends the ordinary, transforming into an immersive experience that celebrates the artistry of wood. Completed within 120 days, the project showcases the collaborative vision of the showroom and beautifully captures the essence of the space.

PROJECT NAME- Boutique veneer showroom
PROJECT LOCATION – Jayanagar, Bengaluru
TIMELINE – 120 Days
AREA – 1500 Sq.ft
PROJECT COST – 2800-3000 / Sq.ft
TEAM – Ar.Apoorva Lekha N (Principal Architect), Sandesh Dhanaraj (Partner, Interior designer)
PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS – Dark Studio (Vikram)

Boutique veneer showroom by AD Studio9-Sheet1
©Dark Studio

The journey begins subtly, with the open floor plan encouraging a sense of exploration. As visitors delve deeper, they encounter a captivating interplay of space and materiality, each element meticulously crafted to celebrate the beauty and versatility of wood. The experience culminates in a space bathed in the warm glow of wood, where form and function seamlessly unite to create a truly inspirational environment.

Boutique veneer showroom by AD Studio9-Sheet3
©Dark Studio

The layout of the studio embodies a fascinating duality. While maintaining an open floor plan that fosters flow and connection, the design incorporates strategically placed “pockets of discussion.” Defined by subtle changes in furniture or lighting, these intimate nooks provide opportunities for focused interaction. This thoughtful division caters to the diverse needs of the client, allowing for both collaboration and focused consultations.

Boutique veneer showroom by AD Studio9-Sheet5
©Dark Studio

The design concept itself plays a crucial role in this narrative, acting as the invisible thread that binds the space together. We embraced the idea of “fractal behavior,” where self-similar patterns repeat at diminishing scales. This principle manifests throughout the showroom, weaving a cohesive design language that draws visitors deeper and sparks a sense of discovery. From the moment you step through the entrance, a captivating fractal sculpture greets you, its intricate form echoing in the delicate patterns adorning the veneer finishes. This repetition fosters visual intrigue, inviting you to explore further and lose yourself in the captivating world of wood.

But, this veneer boutique showroom is not just a visual delight; it’s a sensory experience meant to use all senses you have.

Boutique veneer showroom by AD Studio9-Sheet6
©Dark Studio

The carefully chosen collection of wood is at the center stage and converts into a sensory playground. Picture tall raw sculptures commanding attention with their innate beauty. Conversely, meticulously finished samples glisten with polished perfection for experiencing different type of finishes. Our aim was not for visitors to be mere onlookers but active participants instead. A sleek exposition unit brimming with beautiful wooden samples and materials forms the hub of the studio. At this central point, however, deeper exploration can take place through which visitors can dive deeply into everything wood-related. Imagine spaces suffused in warm light where every finely wrought veneer tells its own story –about texture, grain, and what has gone into making it transform so much.

Boutique veneer showroom by AD Studio9-Sheet7
©Dark Studio

A perfect example of this approach can be seen in the interactive sculptural display at the entrance. Beyond being visually captivating, this fractal pattern beckons invitingly to touch wood texture as though it were alive before you. As your fingers trace the intricate grooves, you will establish a deeper connection with the material and this helps one appreciate its natural beauty and flexibility.

The color palette, deliberately limited, plays a supporting role, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine. Each surface and form – from the reception area to the meeting room – was meticulously crafted to radiate elegance and sophistication. The exquisite finishes of the veneer samples seamlessly integrate into the design, adding another layer of visual texture and intrigue. The interplay of light and shadow on the wood’s surface creates a captivating dance, further emphasizing the inherent beauty of the material.

Boutique veneer showroom by AD Studio9-Sheet8
©Dark Studio

This one-of-a-kind veneer boutique showroom transcends the boundaries of a conventional showroom. It’s a testament to the power of design to transform space into an immersive narrative. In this story, form and function seamlessly unite to celebrate the artistry of wood and its boundless possibilities. The crowning achievement of this design is a testament to successful collaboration. From the initial idea to the finishing touches, every detail – the open floor plan designed for discussion, the captivating fractal design that runs through the space, and the carefully selected wood samples – all combine to create a truly inspiring environment. When people leave this space, they don’t just take brochures with them; they take with them an experience, a newfound admiration for the beauty and adaptability of wood, and perhaps a better understanding of wood.


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