Step into a domain where architectural boundaries are redefined, where every inch narrates
a tale of ingenuity and sophistication. Our recent endeavor, spanning a humble 700 square
feet, beckons you to embark on a journey through a meticulously fashioned environment
where form seamlessly merges with function. Within these confines, a builder’s enclave, an
architect’s studio, communal staff area, and a hospitable reception zone coalesce in perfect
unison, establishing a fresh benchmark for contemporary design.

Project Name: N+A Studio
Studio Name: N+A Architects
Location: First Floor, Chopda Landmark, near Chetak Ghoda Chowk, Ulkanagari
Road, Aurangabad – 431005
Year Built: 2024
Duration of the project: 1.5 Months
Project Size (in sq. ft.): 700sq.ft.
Principal Architects: Ar.Nikhil Chopda & Ar.Apurva Chopda
Photograph Courtesy: @archfilmer

N+A STUDIO by N+A Architects-Sheet1

At the core of our design philosophy lies a dedication to optimizing spatial usage while
upholding elegance and comfort. Each sector has been meticulously crafted to fulfill its
distinct purpose while maintaining a sense of harmony and coherence across the space. The builder’s and architect’s quarters exude professionalism and efficacy, characterized by clean lines and efficient furnishings conducive to productivity and innovation. Simultaneously, the communal staff area and reception zone strike a delicate equilibrium between professionalism and hospitality, fostering a communal spirit and extending a warm welcome to both staff and visitors alike.

N+A STUDIO by N+A Architects-Sheet2

The narrative of the design revolves around a carefully selected color palette that sets the ambiance for the entire space. Subtle neutrals form a timeless backdrop, instilling serenity and tranquility in every corner. Warm taupe tones and cool grays add depth and sophistication, while vibrant splashes of color inject personality and vigor into the atmosphere. The interplay of light and shadow further enriches the palette, offering a dynamic visual journey that evolves with the passage of time.

N+A STUDIO by N+A Architects-Sheet3

However, it is the thoughtful selection and application of materials that truly elevate this
project to unprecedented levels of refinement. From sleek metallic accents to natural wood
embellishments, a diverse range of textures and finishes imbue every surface with depth
and visual allure. In the builder’s enclave, polished concrete floors provide a contemporary
canvas for minimalist furnishings and sleek décor, while timber cladding infuses warmth and character into the architect’s domain. In communal areas, sumptuous textiles and inviting furnishings create an oasis of comfort, encouraging occupants to unwind and recharge amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

N+A STUDIO by N+A Architects-Sheet6
N+A STUDIO by N+A Architects-Sheet9

Art assumes a pivotal role in enriching the ambiance of the space, serving as focal points
that captivate the eye and inspire discourse. Thoughtfully curated artworks adorn the walls, stimulating conversation and adding a layer of visual intrigue. Meanwhile, strategically positioned green spaces introduce a breath of fresh air indoors, infusing the environment with vitality and rejuvenation.

In every facet, from its innovative spatial arrangement to its refined color scheme and artful use of materials, this project stands as a testament to contemporary design’s audacious expression. It embodies a celebration of creativity and resourcefulness, showcasing the transformative influence of architecture in crafting environments that inspire, uplift, and gratify the senses.


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