The project is a small club located in Foshan, China. By approaching the interior design based on the site and architectural conditions, Matrix Design created an exquisite, tranquil and comfortable home-like space with creative designs, providing urban elites with a fantastic destination to relax and meet friends.

Project name: Times Group · MT TITLIS Club
Project category: club
Location: No. 11, Sanhuan Road East, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong,
Finishing design: Matrix Design (
Decoration design/execution: Juzhen Mingcui
Project area: 1,000 m2
Finishing cost per sqm: 4,000 rmb
Decoration cost per sqm: 3,000 rmb
Main materials: travertine, marble, wood veneer, wood-grained aluminum panel, black brushed stainless steel
Photography: Shenzhen Shi Xiang Wan He Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

Times Group • MT TITLIS Club By Matrix Design - Sheet4Based on the idea of “tranquility”, the designers gave full play to their imagination on “serenity, colors and forms”, aiming to create a spatial ambience of void and simplicity. The materials utilized feature various textures, which add delicate expressions to the space. As creating interior settings, the design team focused on conveying the concept of coexistence between human and nature. The angles of framed views, and the axis of the yard, all remind people to think about the dialogue between mankind and nature. Moreover, the material palette of local materials, including timber, stones, iron, wood-color paint and glass, also indicates a natural construction method.

Times Group • MT TITLIS Club By Matrix Design - Sheet7The overall interior design follows “minimalist modernism” as the main thread, and presents a neat and simple spatial sequence. The walls have a warm texture, pure and natural. And the sense of “solidness” of interior structures, make the minimalist space powerful. The utilization of elements shows perfect coordination and integration with sound, lighting and spatial context. The space has its order, though seemingly disordered. The vertical columns rise up, matching with the structures and complementing each other, which is very expressive and striking. In this way, spatial sequence is formed. When viewing from a distance, the space appears as large whole, while small details are shown as taking a closer look. Dotted with natural decorations, the interiors well blends with exteriors.

Times Group • MT TITLIS Club By Matrix Design - Sheet18Apart from considering functions and landscape, the design team also attached great importance to light effects. In this space, the light varies in every day throughout the year, and encounter people at each turn and corner surprisingly. The outdoor forecourt is set with waterscape, becoming an aesthetic and cool place for enjoying views and resting. The interior design is harmonious and consistent with the architectural form, making the outdoor environment and interior spaces an integrated whole, which perfectly combines functions and unifies spatial tonality.

Matrix Design

Established in 2010, MATRIX DESIGN is dedicated to providing high-end interior design solutions and services. Leading designers of our team all boast many years of experience in serving renowned domestic property developers, and have established a long-term stable partnership of mutual trust and common development with clients.

There is a Chinese old saying, “Nothing can be accomplished excellently without norms or standards”. MATRIX DESIGN takes it as a core value of the company. A dimensional matrix is formed and supported by lots of dots, lines and planes, so every MATRIX DESIGN staff matters. The company exists and develops because our staff have a common mission — “Let design return to the East”. There are two meanings of our mission: carrying forward design works of Oriental-style, which is what we want to do and good at; and improving the visibility of Chinese designs in the world. MATRIX DESIGN is young, but we see China as a large market with great vitality and potential.

Up to 2019, MATRIX DESIGN has grown into a design company with a team of 280 professionals, boasting international vision as well as rich design and management experience of real estate projects in China’s first-, second- and third-tier cities. We have established long-term partnership with TOP 20 property developers in China. Apart from providing integrated services of interior design, finishing and decoration, we have been striving to expand businesses to real estate architectural and landscape design, household products design and manufacturing, R&D and production of new materials, as well as shooting and promotion of completed projects, etc.

Currently, the development of real estate industry in China features rapid speed and a high-turnover mode. Under such circumstances, MATRIX DESIGN pays great attention to the influences that ever-changing technology and art have been exerting on urban environment and people’s lifestyle, respects local cultures and people’s living habits, and adopts new ways of working, with a view to providing innovative design concepts, improving living environment in cities as well as creating dynamic and human-oriented urban spaces. As approaching projects, MATRIX DESIGN relies on in-depth researches and rational logic, trying best to work out innovative solutions so as to provide clients with exceptional designs and professional services.


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