Firstly, the reflection of Lost in Time, the term here delineates the twenty century, throughout that  Consonno, Italy, associate in nursing  abandoned place set inside   the hills of Brianza. The hamlet of Olginate municipality within the province of Lecco. From the middle ages, Consonno was slowly decreasing its farming community enclosed by the fields and chestnut forests. The globe was remote and peaceful hence, residents had survived here by growing and harvesting home on their own. It had been a bit of a medieval city with a population that ne’er exceeded 300. 

However,  after the Second war II, the population suddenly dropped to fifty people. For the event inside   the sixties and seventies, it was thought of as  the creation of “City of Toys” and will be referred to as Consonno – Italy’s long lost Las Vegas

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The Beginnings in 1953_©

The Origination

In the 1960s, a whole lot was modified abruptly  as while  Italian businessman and whimsical entrepreneur Count Maria Bagno obtained the complete city of twenty-two .5 million Italian Liras (approx. 11600 euros) assets from the crucial estate, Consonno Brianza company, the proper proprietor of the land. Despite the reality that the human beings that lived there for years have been pressured to move  from their land as they had no proper to promote their  land as they may now no longer be the proprietor. 

He predicted  Consonno, as a glitzy lodge city that is probably nearly like Las Vegas which includes malls, casinos, clubs, hotels, etc. He predicted the making plans  in his thoughts  that affected the livelihoods of the various human beings over there as it influences  their agricultural sectors. Some of them commenced leaving the locations whilst a few had the idea of having a risk to determine  with him as they may get employability.

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Count Mario

The Demolition and thusly the Glimpse of architectural styles

While Bagno is attracted by the vicinity of Consonno he began wrecking nearly everything inside the town aside from the principal working of the Persian church named San Maurizio which of the 13 century was the parsonage and along these lines the burial ground. Thusly , he promoted that Consonno is the littlest town however  “In Consonno, the skies are blue”. To create his new topping and peculiar combination of architectural styles, it may very well be necessary to crush every one of the customary designs. The destruction began  in 1965, and steady with him, each building has its style of design  for culture and time.

Different architectural structures can be found here. Initially, the terrific passageway through a middle- age palace. Chinese pagodas set arbitrarily at the gardens, Egyptian sphinx, Renaissance wellsprings, Doric segments enhanced the area whilst visitors can possess lavish squares. The business building was inbuilt as  30m high Muslim minarets. Henceforth new Consonno,turned into a space for the prime during the 60s and 70 yet it had not yet wrapped up.  Individuals began visiting heaven to encourage marriage, service shows, and for amusement purposes moreover. However, in 1970 individuals acknowledged what was planned to happen soon they started to forsake the town. Nonetheless,  large numbers of the structures were done. He needs to alter his perspective and style thoughts during the movement of the work.

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Demolition of
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Peaceful Consonno, Italy in
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Consonno’s Iconic Minaret
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In its heyday, City of Toys lured visitors with quirky architecture and attractions that included shopping galleries, casinos, restaurants, a grand hotel and a ballroom. It even had a fake castle _www.

The regions abandoned?

Bagno needed to upgrade and enhance the view and wasn’t unwilling to utilize explosives to change the scene along these lines. This normally affected the hydrogeological state of the territory. In 1966, weighty and persistent precipitation caused masses of mud and soil to move, bringing about an avalanche in 1967. Bagno immediately fixed the harm and proceeded with his development work.

The city figured out how to hold out until 1976, however that year one more avalanche happened inside an identical spot. This time, the premier street was completely annihilated. The town of Toys was presently segregated from the remainder of the earth and no further advancement could occur which was deserted presently. Consonno turned into a town. October 1976 obliterated the sole admittance to the town, passing on it to prevent from its indispensable stock lines to local Lecco and Olginate.  Apparently, Bagno reestablished the street and attempted to continue advancement here in 1981 the last trench to resuscitate Consonno’s fortune, which may in any case work until May 2007 when it had been moved to an exceptional town of Valsassina. However, he recognized that the remote location and difficult access meant that Consonno didn’t appeal to tourists.

Notwithstanding, he perceived that the far off area and troublesome access implied that Consonno didn’t speak to sightseers. All things considered, Bagno set with regards to transforming the great lodging into a retirement home. The curiosity of Consonno was at that point wearing off when  Mother Nature delivered retribution on Count Bagno for his tenacious attack of the scene. 

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Landslides block the entrance to the
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Overgrowth consumes abandoned Consonno in

Unfortunately, Bagno himself gave up the ghost on October 22, 1995, at the age of 94. His estate didn’t share his enthusiasm for the project so they stopped providing funds to the retirement centre. The care home managed to stay going, however, while not Bagno’s estate paying for repairs and maintenance, it before long fell into a terrible state and was finally clathrate in Gregorian calendar month  2007. A rave party referred to as Summer Alliance was organized to fill a neighbourhood in Consonno, between Saints Peter and Paul and Dominion Day, 2007. Concerning  1,000 folks took part. Sadly, the party-goers left a substantial quantity of graffiti behind them and broken buildings throughout the rave.

Around the same time, next year, it secured a lease on the cafeteria in Consonno,  which was then refurbished with many furnishings and reborn into the La Spinada bar which opened in May 2012. The bar is solely  open between Easter and October. The Amici di Consonno association additionally  organizes varied events during  this abandoned town.

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It remains today dilapidated and decomposing its very remoteness making the cost of demolition too high and so it continues to crumble, a shadow of a millionaires Vegas style
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Current scenario of
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The welcome sign rusting

The Present and subsequently the Future

In April of 2008, the  public authority supported a proposition to obliterate the town yet there have been a few hindrances. In 2010 the street destroyed by a huge margin  in 1976 was fixed, reestablishing vehicular admittance to Consonno.

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Graffiti on the

Up To that point, “the littlest town within the world” is bound to deteriorate under those “skies that are bluer.” The town today stays a half-finished interwoven of deserted  kitschy structures, which are all canvassed in graffiti. Predictable  with late reports, history might  even rehash the same thing and along these lines the entire town could likewise be evened out to the base some other time.

Lost In Time: Consonno, Italy - Sheet13
Spectacular views of

Presently  the odd, half-finished town of kitschy buildings is deserted and disintegrating under many years of disregard   and graffiti. In 2014, Mario Bagno chose to put the town up for 12 million euros.

Nonetheless, no deal occured and Consonno stays in an unwanted state. Albeit the streets prompting  the town are publicly accessible by walking, it should be borne as a top priority that a neighbourhood of the domain stays private. Moreover, the structures aren’t safe for visitors because of their broken down state. 

Nature has reclaimed one of the buildings on the site. There had been plans for tennis courts, a car racing circuit, a football field, a small zoo, a bowling alley, an amusement park, an Egyptian Sphinx and

On account of the  current scenario, it’ll not be resuscitated as we will play with unstoppable force of life’s at any rate. Also, the spot is presently viewed as a phantom spot so no one is interested with regards to the neglected spot.

In addition, it’s neighborly to the overall population yet it will take care to go to a neglected town.


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