Madrid, the prime hub of entertainment, sports, politics and culture has seen immense transition over the decades. Today, the architecture of Madrid is under evaluation by the government and the city critiques for the need to cope with the advancement of technology, readdressing communal spaces over the explosive density. 

The metropolitan region has spectated civil wars, changing demography and a constant influx of immigrants, over being announced the capital centuries ago. Like all the representative countries and cities of the climate change deal, the city of Madrid has taken a responsible step towards changing its course of action on the expansive city system. The carbon footprint, material consumption and durability factors have been called in for evaluation. Let’s look at some of the key feature plans being addressed in the near future. 

Talk about Madrid without mentioning football? Not possible. The ‘Real Madrid’ has fans swooning all over the world for a glance of the match. The stadium Estadio Santiago Bernabéu has been proposed for redevelopment and the decision involves the public view on the prepared four models.  The desire to expand the seating arrangements and encompass the roofing system has been a concept of interest which has brought in different styles of approach for the same. The Norman Foster firm of architects has come up with a sandwiching layer between the stands and the roof which serves as the viewing deck to explore the nightlife of the city. This stretch brings out the core illumination of the stadium block. 

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Another proposal by the Herzog and De Meuron architects is to increase the transparency of the space which gets usually hindered against the protective barriers in the peripheral state. This not only blurs the difference of engagement of the city from the stadium bit the sense of airiness also reduces the bulkiness that gets established by such massive structures. 

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The Madrid Neuvo Norte project focuses on engaging sustainable mobility. The massive undertaking calls for building three towers with an essential green corridor connecting the spaces. Public transport is the major push-button estimated to cover 80% of the transportation. With up to 60 per cent of the floor area being dedicated to the office spaces, there is an inclusion of affordable housing modules too. This way, the few minute walks encloses most of the need of the urban sector without involving fossil fuel emission.

As youngsters, we have the potential to address the need to make the public spaces tech-friendly as companies no longer need the four wall engagement of the global connect. At the same time, we shouldn’t forget that technology cannot become the hindrance that makes us avoid conversations. The fine line of irony makes all the difference in coming up for such installations. 

The MINI hub by the ENORME studio has planned a structure to involve green structure, portable furniture and a platform for renewable energy sources. These sort of laboratories accelerate the interdisciplinary occupation.

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The Plaza of the Colon Building has been reimagined by the Foster + Planners to include a diagrid façade to make it free of columns to prevent inert spacing as well as reduce the chunk of material intake consumption. We see a drift towards the style of maintaining neutral grounds and opening up the spaces indirectly. The eyes need not be restricted to the human scale of alignment. The sense of security and belongingness to the lining street gets elaborate through this theme. 

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Solutions need not always have to call up for long term investments from the construction field. The journey to the destination can contribute with equal or more terms. The green drive across the highways where the tree plantation cleanses the journey stretch. The flourish of Fauna and flora is a parallel upgrade. However the need to access the lines of the level of segregation in human involvement help protect them from the buzz.

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Reinventing Cities is an amalgamation that has hands reached across infinite boundaries. All living beings have the right to have an opinion towards the change of the space which makes an impact on their standard of living. However, the city renovation isn’t the magical disappearance of the existing structures and plantation of new seeds. It’s the delicacy of moving the cultural evolution of the city through its buildings and public spaces. Possibility under the body of governance takes up the major part of the estimation, durability and span of construction. The dream to have the ideal city reaches a step closer by inclusivity, empathy and scope of exploration. 


Harshitha K S is an avid reader, writer and student who believes that the simple habitual observations often spark exceptional ideas. She finds describing spaces through words to an unfamiliar to be engagingly vivid. With sustainability being the matchless shot forward, she hopes to make a worthwhile contribution.