Being an architect or even pondering about being one is a responsibility in itself. A lot of things go into consideration when one considers architecture as a profession. It does require a creative side, but along with this, one needs to ace all the skills involved in being a successful one. If you want success, you need to pull up your socks and be ready for everything architecture, as a profession, has to offer.


1. Graphics

In architecture, graphics = everything. Well, most of it. The language of architecture is often conveyed or expressed in the form of graphics. While studying architecture as well, students tend to develop an eye for good graphics over time. Not only this but also creating good presentations throughout the years tends to make every architecture student develop this skill of portraying material into good graphical formats.

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2. The travel bug

In my opinion, this is one of the best advantages anyone could ask for. Architecture cannot be learnt through reading just books. It needs to be experienced. And for this, travelling and exploring new places and structures is the key. Architecture is a spatial art. Since a lot goes into consideration while designing and executing the system, it can be felt and analysed in the best way when you visit it. Each thing you pick up while you travel contributes to your design. This involves the people, the culture, and the streets.

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3. Unleashing your creative side.

It’s no secret that architecture is a highly creative field. You are constantly challenged to reach your best creative outcome and unleash your creative side to establish out-of-the-box designs. Architecture makes you ponder and experiment. This can get competitive at the time, but it should always result in healthy competition.

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4. Playing a huge role

Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Those words are again valid in this case. Being an architect is a considerable role in contributing to society and their welfare on a greater scale. It is essential to take this role seriously. And if taken seriously, it can result in cities’ growth and better public spaces and amenities to contribute towards a healthy lifestyle and equality. 

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5. Always more to learn

It does not end when you become a licensed professional. Growing and learning is part of a lifelong process. But after officially becoming an architect, it is important to learn along the way. Experimentation and its outcomes can prove to be a great teacher. Criticism should be handled as long as it is constructive or otherwise, too. Learning from not only our masters and mentors but also our peers is essential. This will only encourage growth, acceptance and development of ideas followed by success.

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6. A long haul

Compared with other educational degrees and practices, five years of architectural education followed by years of internship and other experience can seem a long haul. Apart from this, becoming a successful architect can surely take years of hard work and perseverance. An architect spends a lot of time on a single project since he or she always tries to give in their best. It requires time and special attention since irresponsible designs can lead to several issues and legal matters.

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7. The stress

Meeting the client’s requirements, dealing with the contractors and trying to balance spending time with your family does lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. Responsibility also puts a lot of pressure on an individual. Dealing with this pressure can cause mental fatigue and side-effects on a person’s psychological and physical health. Hence, it is important to ensure ways to prevent stress. This can be dealt with efforts like being organised, an optimistic outlook, convincing skills and time management.

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8. A competition

Things can get a little competitive when business and the aspects of money-making and fame come into the picture. In order to prevent this, it is wise to stay grounded and address the main villains surrounding the profession. Healthy discussions between architects and designers can contribute in achieving excellence and addressing those issues at the same time. This can result in better buildings and city planning instead of just competing with another architect.

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9. The economic factor

This is an issue that has been talked about the most—in India, a decreasing level of economy results in minor construction of buildings. This, in turn, keeps architects at bay. Apart from this, years of education cannot instantly result in a high paying job. This is only possible when you work your way through the ladder and excel as an architect gradually. Also, it is essential to shed some light on the time, energy and hard work an architect puts into designing a building.

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10. No social life

All your time is occupied by long working hours in the studio and reading books and blog posts on new construction techniques and designs. Your friends always complain that you do not text them for weeks, and your family craves for your presence on the weekends. This is one of the major drawbacks of being an architect that you don’t have a social life, and you are always engrossed in your work.

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Architecture sure does have a lot of pros and cons than these mentioned above, but in the end, it is an individual’s choice what to focus on.


Disha is a 21 year old work-in-progress studying architecture. She is truly passionate about movies, art, books and writing. What sets her apart is her optimistic attitude and the desire to always strive for perfection. Coffee and cognizance is what keeps her sane.