Throughout history, many architectural works have had cultural value and left a mark in the minds all over the world. People have created the tourism sector to see other continents’ cultures and architectural works. Architecture is so important and remarkable because it directly relates to human life. Architectural works have a special power such as a journey to history, and the works that take them back hundreds of years with their remains are of great importance for the states. In addition, many futuristic structures attract attention with their modern design, and these structures show how innovative and development-oriented that country is. 

About Showa Sekkei

Every architectural firm concentrates on projects in different categories. Showa Sekkei is also an architect that stands out with their modern structures. Established in 1957, Showa Sekkei is a comprehensive architectural design consultancy firm that offers a wide range of services from urban development to water and sewer infrastructure, as well as architectural planning and design. They have been performing their services for more than 50 years in all branches related to Architecture, Urban Design, and Environment. These include Urban Transformation Planning, City and Regional Planning, Water Supply, and Sewerage Planning. Showa Sekkei has stated in many sources that it is an organization that values ​​people’s opinions, accepts and respects each other, constantly repeats challenges and innovations, and continues to act. It also argues that it is a company that seeks happiness for its employees and customers, and beyond that a prosperous society. 

The Abeno Pedestrian Bridge by Showa Sekkei - Sheet1
Abeno Pedestrian Bridge by Showa Sekkei_
The Abeno Pedestrian Bridge by Showa Sekkei - Sheet2
Abeno Pedestrian Bridge by Showa Sekkei_

The Abeno Pedestrian Bridge


Showa Sekkei cares about society as a whole and their perspectives, considering issues and needs; Together they strive for optimal solutions designed to identify the best answers and create new values. Based on their expertise supported by extensive experience and creativity at a high level, it is obvious that they have adopted a multi-faceted approach by thinking outside the borders. Just as nothing can stand in the way of human imagination, there is no obstacle in front of the power of design. What every individual needs is a bit of self-confidence and courage. Especially in the design process, one should be brave and not be afraid. Many architects or scientists like Showa Sekkei have achieved a certain success by working on what they believe in. Once a person has set his mind to something, there is no question of not being able to meet his wishes. It’s such a blessing to have talented and passionate people in the world and to be recognized via the internet. It is very valuable that these accumulations inspire and encourage future generations with powerful architectural works.

The Abeno Pedestrian Bridge by Showa Sekkei - Sheet3
Abeno Pedestrian Bridge by Showa Sekkei_


The Abeno Pedestrian Bridge they designed has become one of the most attractive places in Osaka. The main purpose of the Abeno bridge is to offer its users a comfortable, spacious, and reliable passage. This footbridge is located on a corner facing the main roads providing good access and high visibility. Connecting large parts of Tennoji station, south Osaka, Nara, and Wakayama, this pedestrian bridge faces a busy intersection and also connects nearby facilities, this innovative design now provides safe, spacious, and pedestrian friendly interconnect access for people. Most likely, it was desired to reduce traffic density by connecting neighboring destinations, and it was successful. It has become the focal center of the city with such a unique design by applying a Truss beam as a structure. This link, which is the center of attention by both citizens and tourists, is worth visiting.

Abeno Pedestrian Bridge by Showa Sekkei_
The Abeno Pedestrian Bridge by Showa Sekkei - Sheet5
Abeno Pedestrian Bridge by Showa Sekkei_


The unique design idea was inspired by drawing a large “a” representing Abeno. It is an astonishing structure because of the mobility in its shape and long spans. Thanks to its skeletal structure, it is a pleasant place where people can enjoy the intense city view. The commercial potential of this area is increasing due to the opening of large-scale retail properties nearby. Here, the importance of the economic power of architecture over a state is emphasized once again. Bridges are generally defined as structures that connect two continents or two areas. but it is very clear that more than two fields are connected in this project. Seems very clever a way of solving the traffic problem in such a magnificent way and this is what makes this project unique. One-of-a-kind builds are respected and rewarded by the people involved. The Abeno bridge was deemed worthy of three awards;

  • 2013 Technology Award of Japan Society of Civil Engineers Kansai Chapter
  • 2014 Good Design Award
  • 2014 Architectural Design Excellence Commendation of The Japan Institute of Architects

When looking through Showa Sekke’s works, it is clear that they do their job with great pleasure. Not everyone can do architecture, it requires passion. Architecture is a science that needs a lot of thought and effort. Candidate architects and designers of such important works bring great ambitions. Everyone has an idol that they take as an example and works hard to reach their level.

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