“In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.” Edward G Bulwer-Lytton 

Of course, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and each of us has our inclinations to what shapes or forms can be perceived as beautiful but there is no denying man’s attraction to curves for one they are softer and provide some degree of safety as opposed to angular shapes and two, remind us of the beauty of nature. But in women, curves are a sign of fertility, and youthfulness and so are very appealing to most men and as such it’s no surprise that most of them adore Beyoncé. If you were looking for yet another article in which the American songstress is celebrated in one way or another, this is it. If you were in search of a written piece in which the empress’ physical attributes, personality, and line of work are used as an inspiration to describe a piece of architecture then the title and introduction to this article are fully dedicated to you.

Sentosa Boardwalk by Aedas - Sheet1
Sentosa Boardwalk @ Sunset_©William Cho

Beyond and Across Sea

Sentosa Boardwalk by Aedas - Sheet2
Along Sentosa Boardwalk _©Johor Now

Just as it doesn’t do justice to speak of Beyoncé as only gorgeous and super talented because there is far much more to her than that. It wouldn’t be just to speak of Sentosa Boardwalk without the firm that is behind the amazing work of architecture. The project was designed by Aedas, the world’s only local and global architecture and design practice built on a belief that great design can only be delivered by people with a deep social and cultural understanding of the communities they are designed for. The Sentosa Boardwalk in Singapore is not just an architectural masterpiece but also a true reflection of the firm that places creativity and critical thinking above everything. 

Sentosa Boardwalk by Aedas - Sheet3
Sentosa Boardwalk _©Johor Now

Designed along the side of the Sentosa Bridge, the Sentosa Boardwalk stretches up to 670 meters from Vivo City to Resorts World on Sentosa Island. The project’s brief was not only to make the Boardwalk more than just a bridge but also an integrated public facility. Therefore, the pedestrian walkway was designed in such a way that it also functions as an open space for the public. It was also complete with various facilities such as children’s playgrounds, meeting points, and areas for food and drinks. In addition, the architect was forced to implement the Singapore Universal Design Guide, a series of guides to designing accessible public spaces for all ages and needs. The guide emphasizes the principle of “design for all”.

That’s why the promenade was also designed to make it easier for people with disabilities and the elderly. For this purpose, a section of the covered moving walkway was designed along the open pedestrian zone. In addition to accommodating the varying speeds and abilities of its users, the compartmentalization of this walking mode of transportation is expected to help prevent overcrowding at various points, including the ticketing areas at either end of the promenade. For service vehicles. The moving walk is also equipped with a series of catwalks to allow travelers to change their mode of travel.

To enable the travelers to take a breath after the walk, the architect designed open rest areas at intervals of thirty meters. Along this promenade, pedestrians can also enjoy the different scenic themes offered by the tropical flora and fauna, making the journey across the sea to the island of Sentosa fascinating. Furthermore, the architect did not overlook the design element. In this major project, the promenade surface was designed as a replica of giant waves. Several locations below these big waves are areas used as F&B areas in the middle of the boardwalk, allowing users to dine amidst beautiful and relaxing surroundings.

In expansion to the wavy plan, the surface of the bridge is secured with boards of wood that makes it not as it were characteristic, humanist, and comfortable to walk on, but moreover iconic, similar to nearly any open buildings in Singapore nowadays. To improve the famous nuances, the boardwalk’s lighting was planned meticulously so that the bridge would shimmer in the night.

More than just a stroll

Retail diversions along Sentosa Boardwalk _©Johor Now

One of the leading times to walk along the Sentosa Boardwalk is in the evening. It makes for a wonderful after-dinner walk. At the end of the week, the Boardwalk turns into a bazaar. Stalls are set up along the Sentosa Boardwalk and give retail diversions for those who wish to walk and browse at the same time. However, if you’re worried about rain, you might be happy to know that the Sentosa Boardwalk is shielded and with full access to travelators which has been designed to take guests through the garden-themed landscapes in just five minutes.

Award-Winning Architecture

The project won the Best International Leisure Architecture award at the Asia Pacific International Property Awards 2014.

To conclude, Aedas poses an important question, if businesses and governments want to make cities where almost everything is shaped by efficiencies and processes, what can architects do to make them better? I will leave you to answer that.


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Chan Simon is a fresh architecture school graduate from the University of Juba with a passion for evening the playing field. He is currently a design studio teaching assistant in the architecture department at the School of Architecture, Land Management, Urban and Regional Planning (University of Juba).

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