Cox Architecture is a design firm that primarily focuses on the design and contemporary architectural practices. In the span of the last sixty years, they have had their studios located in every major Australian city. Since creating such a long history is a difficult task, Cox had done it very alluringly. The ethos of the company is to give more than you take; they thrive to provide better spaces and architecture to the public in cities. One such great example of their work is Channel Nine HQ. 

Channel Nine HQ by Cox Architecture - Sheet1

About the project:

Channel Nine HQ is a renovation project which is located in Perth. Cox Architecture worked together with Primewest and Channel Nine to complete the job in 2016. The project aimed to tether the existing two building blocks, namely 255 and 267 at the St. Georges terrace, with a new studio belvedere at the 253 St. Georges terrace. This whole new link resulted in a transformational campus that emerged as a place for improved collaboration and dissemination for the brand. However, the project turned out to be a great visual gateway for the pinnacle of the St. Georges terrace.

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The project was intended to be a broadcasting studio that can function within the inner city. The objective of the project was to create a broadcasting studio that could operate in a dense urban area. So that the street edge could be employed, they sought a coherent and continuous flow within and around the site. Three building blocks are combined in the plan, and they are all encircled by pedestrian bridges. The development’s focal point is the new block, or 253. A series of pleated ground strata surround an amphitheater that is also utilized for business gatherings on the site that was created. The project seemed to have a gross floor space of 2469 metres and a cost of around $5,400,000.

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What does it symbolize?

The mantilla, also known as the building’s face, is an oblong, perforated façade that encircles the recently constructed pavilion like a stage curtain. The audience can only view the facade from a distance, giving it the appearance of a curtain because of how it looks like a stage curtain. But the interiors of the public and semi-private spaces serve as backstage or under-the-table spaces, with their practical ceilings, exposed utilities, and dramatic lighting. Only the troupers can see it, just as the backstage area. Hence, it provides a sense of privacy to the people working inside.


The exterior is enshrouded in a lightweight perforated mantilla, which makes it highly visible and helps in creating new parallelism within the Perth CBD’s corporate landscape. The entire project is kept minimalistic with the help of preserved materials from the existing structures like the floor plates. It has allowed the client to maximize flexibility to accommodate. The landscape, in contrast, is kept simple; however, it has the potential to transform the entire 253’s existing urban park into a lively corporate event space.

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Retaliating to the needs of users:

The newly built pavilion provides a stage for the events commemorating the identity of a corporate setting. As the studio and the amphitheaters lie in the heart of the CBD of Channel Nine, it helps in providing the maximum amount of frontal advent to pedestrians. Also, the location as most suited aided in providing maximum space for multitudes of landscaping. The mantilla divulges the building, ratifying the purity of the studio framework. Nevertheless, the picture window addressed the St. George terrace, allowing the public to have a visual connection with the life inside the studio. Hence, helping in establishing an indoor-outdoor relationship of the building. 

Channel Nine HQ by Cox Architecture - Sheet5

The studio employs many informal areas within the newly built Pavillion. The internal areas are brought into play with the use of goalpost workstations and davenports which have custom-made acrylic slide-on screens. The structure’s courtyard is equipped with snow-coloured tables and chairs. Beanbags, ottomans, studio lounges, high tables, and stools are some of the myriad guises of seating employed in the breakout rooms. There is also a bespoke boardroom table that acts as a star feature of the room with a palatial ceiling feature hanging above. However, in the office areas, the seating used are Centro tables and metro chairs for collaboration or conference meeting areas. Also, a lot of coffee tables, bold high tables and bar stools are being used throughout the building.

View on sustainability:

The existing building stock on lots 255 and 267, as well as the existing waffle slabs on lot 253, all contributed to the creation of an efficient substructure for the project, which also aided in waste minimization. As previously stated, the landscape was kept discrete to reduce soil volume. The mantilla or veil that encircles the structure on the outside aids to provide shade to the principal accessible area, which includes the paths. This veil also aids in bringing needed daylight into surrounding rooms.




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