Communicating architecture is a complex and varied process, ranging significantly during the life of a project. How an architect communicates their designs to a client might be completely different from how they communicate with contractors or collaborating architects.

We’re working in a world where so many contrasting cultures are functioning at the same time, each with their value system. If you want to be pertinent, you need to be open to an extensive multiplicity of values, interpretations, and readings.

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1. Visual Communication:

The traditional role of the architect is now considerably different in terms of the potential for communicating their ideas. With large white drawing tables completely relegated to the past, architects are steadily progressing from 2D CAD drawings to spatial 3D modeling and virtual reality to communicate their ideas, and this looks set to increase as technology develops.

Apart from rendering a three-dimensional space, architects also need to develop their skills in the representation of intangible ideas that help drive the narrative behind their arguments. Instead of designing one-off concepts that are presented in a traditionally linear sequence, designers need to craft a story, structure their designs like a thesis, and consider how our presentations have the power to divulge the priorities of a project.

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2. 3D Modeling:

This architecture 3D drawing offers your clients a clearer and realistic look. Also, it is possible to make changes as and when needed. Naturally, it becomes a platform for open discussion, where the client and architect derive critical design decisions through a virtual ‘walk-through’ of the project made achievable through 3D programs such as sketch-up.

A properly displayed image has the potential to convey more messages strongly than even a thousand words together. Clients are more convinced by what they see rather than what they hear.

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3. Graphic Designing:

Graphic design is a communication tool that plays an important part in architectural design. At its most primary level, graphic design visually communicates information with typography, color, and form. It also, and perhaps more precisely, influences our interaction with the place and space. From way-finding signage, supergraphics, branding, material, and texture, to motion graphics, graphic design helps bind words and content with architecture.

To pursue a Graphic Design course at the PG level, aspirants should hold a bachelor’s degree in design. To get admitted to graphic design courses offered at popular colleges in India, aspirants need to appear for NID Entrance Exam, AIEED.

After attaining a graphic design course, aspirants are mostly hired by advertising agencies, Graphic designing studios, and TV and Multimedia production houses.

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4. Architectural Journalism:

Every emotion needs to be communicated either using action or through words and it is this communication that procures attention to any emotion to be expressed. Likewise, every other masterpiece needs a professional write up for the description of the product or its service. Or, in other words, an interpreting document for the project which draws communication between the reader and the architect. 

A well-planned interior and the best design can change the look of a space, but an explanation proficient enough about the design is important to establish proper communication and understanding of design. It is a profession that expresses different architectural masterpieces, on understanding its motive, concepts, and function. And this is possibly done using technical and logical skill and linguistic style based on strong knowledge of technical architectural courses, the writer ought to have pursued. It is a profession that brings to light the character and role of the architect, his architectural piece, and makes it easy for a common man to understand its functionality and design aspects.

An architectural journalist is the one who can take you into a journey of the fantasy of experiencing the masterpieces, at your coziest drawing rooms, at your leisure with a small attempt to bring forth the features of architecture and unveiling the path to view the beauty of the art piece speaking volumes and volumes.

You can choose to pursue this course at universities like The McGill University, School of Architecture, Canada, or, Goldring’s Arts Journalism program at Syracuse University, New York, and a few more in the US and UK universities.

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5. Architectural Photography:

Architectural Photography is not just a profession, but a passion that is constantly evolving.

There always exists a symbiotic relationship between architects and photographers. Photographers need good spaces to photograph and publish for a living; architects rely on good photographs to promote design. Photographers will help architects to enhance the colors of the room, the angles of the structure, or the texture of your stones. 

And talking of lighting, professional lighting can truly make all the difference. Lighting can change color, depth perception, and more. A professional architectural photographer will be able to use a series of different techniques to correct any blemishes in the original shot while keeping them looking completely innate.

Universities like UAL, London offer an Architectural Photography Course, where one will be introduced to the practice of editing architectural photography, necessary to create concise and strong documentation of a building.

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6. Building Information Modeling:

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that upgrades how architects and engineers design and construct buildings. With BIM authoring tools, architects can create a digital 3D model of the building, allowing them to see a representation of what it will look like and how it will function. Building Information Modelling benefits architects tremendously. This advanced modeling software has changed the way that architects approach building design. We now have access to extremely powerful tools that allow us to create dynamic, streamlined structures that stand the test of time.

National Taiwan University is one of the famous universities offering a course on BIM.

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7. Public Relations:

In today’s expeditiously transforming digital age, PR becomes all the more crucial to ensure that you and your work are rightly positioned where it matters.

An architect needs to promote its work through all available mediums whether it is social media, word of mouth, or networking. If the correct process is followed, your phone will ring off the hook, inviting the best clients to your architectural company.  

With a good PR partner, an architecture firm can reach the next level of brand trust and position themselves as thought leaders in the industry a lot quicker, be in the news for the right reasons by building the right brand image with media interviews, panel discussions, awards, and a robust online presence through social media. When potential clients look to make informed decisions on their choices, positive PR will play a huge role in them selecting your firm over competitors.

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Architecture has invariably taught us to believe that buildings are communicators; In fact, Man writes on earth through buildings which can then be read as texts to denote their functions, the period, and the context they are built-in. 

When an architect holds a pencil, the creative juices inside him take the shape of a functional entity. To explain to the world what his imaginations and creativity have given birth to, the architects need to exemplify a certain command on his communication.


Prachi Surana is a budding Architect, studying in the Final Year B. Arch at BNCA, Pune. She is a dreamer, believer, hard worker and believes in the power of the Good. Prachi spends her time reading, painting, travelling, writing and working on the Design Team for NASA, India.

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