Theater, music, cinema, visual arts? This year’s edition of the Malta Festival abounds in a number of important events that are a real treat for any fussy consumer of culture.

This year’s 27th edition of the Poznan festival is centered around the Balkan idiom. Despite throwing the organizers by the power of the logs and threatening to receive subsidies due to the presence of Oliver Frljic, the curator of the event (the director of the whole Poland ‘Curse’, who will show his slightly older ‘Turbofolk’ in the Wielkopolska capital), once again managed to prepare Very interesting and interdisciplinary line-up! Below is a subjective selection of 5 events that can not be overlooked. We are also reminded of the crowdfunding action through which you can still support the event.

1. Slovensko Mladinsko Gledalisce & Masjid Ljubljana: ‘The Republic of Slovenia’ – theater

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5 Events At The Malta Festival in Poznan, Which Can Not Be Missed - Slovensko Mladinsko Gledalisce & Masjid Ljubljana: 'The Republic of Slovenia' - theater

The spectacle depicting the dark and very shameful sleighs of Slovenian history from the 1990s, the period during which the state flourished and gained a better position. A painful settlement with the past, a bit of the spirit of ‘House of Cards’, lined with brilliant acting and courageous formal ideas, will surely remain in the minds long after the show, smuggling many general truths about the condition and duplicity of the contemporary world.

2. Laibach – concert

Real industrial legends, and free? Such an opportunity can not be missed!

The band has been on the stage for a good 37 years, and in 2015 it will also be the first European touring group in North Korea to finish the musical part of this year’s Malta.

The Poznan performance is a great opportunity to hear the band’s biggest hits (including the orchestral version) and live in the live version of the characteristic low vocals of Milan Fras and the absolutely irreplaceable scenic Slovenian anthem. June 24, 22:00, Park Wieniawski – anyway, probably no one has to convince.

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3. Laurent Chetouane: ‘Khaos’ – dance

5 Events At The Malta Festival in Poznan, Which Can Not Be Missed - Laurent Chetouane: 'Khaos' - dance

What does dancing have in common and … philosophy? Disagreements and disagreements disperse in Western reflections on the world, at least since the days of Greek philosophers. So how will the metaphorical question of biting the subject at 2017 be measured by the prism of perhaps the most expressive art, or dance? In a time of trembling in the workplace and out of control of reality, it will certainly be a cleansing experience.

4. Kate McIntosh: ‘In Many Hands’ – theater

5 Events At The Malta Festival in Poznan, Which Can Not Be Missed - Kate McIntosh: 'In Many Hands' - theater

Skilfully applied eclecticism in the form of senses of images, sounds and odors can very sensitize to artistic stimuli. Experimental Irish-based project Kate McIntosh brings with it the promise of the possibility of experiencing such an emotional state and emotionally, though for a moment, just above the earth.

5. Milica Tomić: ‘Sans Souci: Four Faces of Omarska’ and ‘The Container’ – visual arts

If one of the main tasks of art is to acknowledge its social commitment and sensitivity to important problems, Milica Tomić’s exhibition is one of the highlights of the program.

The author discusses the problems of ethnic cleansing policy used during the war, as well as the murder committed on the Taliban, which makes it easy for people to sprout hatred.

And in the age of what is happening now in Chechnya, it is even more expressive and sad.

And what performances, meetings or panels are you most looking forward to?

Text: Wojciech Michalski

Main photo: Maciej Zakrzewski / Malta Festival 2017


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