Beautiful Design Lucid Stead By Phillip K Smith III

Phillip K Smith III is an artist and architect who try to reach a concept of interacting with the space through his works. Right here, he renovated a 70 year old shack into a great reflective light installation in the middle of the dessert still using the wooden structure that was already there.




Phillip wanted to convey a message which is when slowing down, stopping and being quiet; we can listen more carefully and see more truly.




He designed a structure that as he said “responds to the quietness of the dessert”. The project is built on 4 concepts: light and shadow, reflected light, projected light and change. So at day, the mirrors reflect the dessert and you get the feeling that the space unfolds.




Until the dusk, when the reflection of the sun is within the building itself. In the night, the building is turned into a structure that’s defined by the lightened windows and doorway. The building changes color smoothly and slowly. It helps you to look more carefully and let your soul and eyes be open to the change.


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