The semi-open house with an adjacent forest is situated in a rural area nearby Breda. Since the surrounding nature is a major asset, the integration of the house in its green environment was an important starting point for the design.

Studio Name: dmvA
Design Team: Tom Verschueren, David Driesen, Thomas Van Dessel
Area: Breda (the Netherlands)
Year: 2020
Location: Breda (the Netherlands)
Engineer stability: Studiebureau ASB
Photography Credits: Mick Couwenbergh

House MC By dmvA architecten - Sheet1
©Mick Couwenbergh

In recent years, a fragmented arsenal of rear building has been built behind the house, which was decayed and takes a lot of light away. All of this got demolished. The extensions of the neighbouring house are not the nicest view either, but were embraced in the design process: The new building got attached to the neighbours’ rear building and follows the whimsical form of its roof edge. This results in an extension with a fascinating design and a seamless connection with the neighbours. Due to its shape and a green roof, the volume blends into the landscape.

House MC By dmvA architecten - Sheet2
©Mick Couwenbergh

The orientation of the new extension benefits the light and the view. Because of the extensive use of glass, the house is constantly connected to the forest and the light flow is improved. The volume consists of a timber frame construction of which the wooden roof structure creates a cozy atmosphere in the interior. In the long space there is a kitchen with dining area, a sitting pit and a hobby room with accompanying storage space. On the upper floor is a bedroom located.

House MC By dmvA architecten - Sheet3
©Mick Couwenbergh

The creation of this house is done as sustainably as possible. The main material chosen was wood so that the building structure could be prefabricated. The new building was designed as compact as possible and has a green roof that strengthens the relation between the house and its surroundings. The surrounding forest was fully preserved and even extended to the house. The existing front building has also been preserved and is now used as a workspace.


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