A specialized shop selling and serving  Darjeeling tea close to Senkawa station in Toshima-ku Tokyo. The shop consists of 3 separate area , seating area, kitchen and storage to store tea leaves at constant temperature.

Studio Name: Keisuke Hatakenaka Architects Studio
Design Team: Keisuke Hatakenaka
Area: 40.80㎡
Year: Completed in 2020
Location: 3-2-8 Kaname-chou, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Photography Credits: Nao Takahashi

Tea Shop Parvati By Keisuke Hatakenaka Architects Studio - Sheet10
©Nao Takahashi

The shop is located at a corner of residential area and In order to meet owner’s request to build a store where customers can drop in casually, one corner of the shop is built with a open counter and another corner is fully opened to the street.

Since existing eaves, tent and shutter could be utilized, light and inexpensive hollowness polycarbonate plate is used for those two openings, and in accordance with usage of these openings, one is built with rotating window and another with large sliding window.

Tea Shop Parvati By Keisuke Hatakenaka Architects Studio - Sheet11
©Nao Takahashi

In order to reduce the cost of construction, separate ordering system was taken and owner himself had build portion of construction by himself.

Thus, each of  Demolition → Woodwork → Furniture work → Painting work → Equipment work was designed to be completed separately by itself.

Tea Shop Parvati By Keisuke Hatakenaka Architects Studio - Sheet2
©Nao Takahashi

As a finishing touch, actively using existing wooden furniture from previous store,  we made fine adjustment to bring harmony between gray concrete and light blue styrofoam so that it will bring more focus on very original and one of a kind tableware and store products.

Keisuke Hatakenaka

1999 graduate Chiba Institute of Technology Dept. Mechanical Science and Engineering
1999 worked as an engineer
2007 graduate Art and Architecture School of WASEDA UNIVERSITY
2007 joined Schemata Architecture office
2010 established Keisuke Hatakenaka Architects Studio


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