“Experience culture and tradition in the heart of the Ahmadabad city”With more number of café opening in the city keeping specific concept as the primary attraction, that would be beyond just food and beverages. When the client approached the AW for designing a café, the design thoughts immediately veered to create something for which city lacked in.

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Project Name: Cafe Ludic
Studio NameAW Architects At Work
Status: Built
Architect: Ar. Shweta Pandya , Ar.Krishna Patel
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat India.

Cafe Ludic by AW Architects At Work - Sheet6CONCEPT:

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Café Ludic is an artistically designed “Gujarati cum Modern heritage café” which is thrill of drama and colors maintaining the splendid tradition having “Ootla” to be concept behind. Beyond the walls the entry is been orchestrated through a porch abutted by planters on one side and bird wall on the other creating a welcoming traditional entry that releases you into the café with a central ootla seating having
inverted tree for ceiling.

Cafe Ludic by AW Architects At Work - Sheet29To reflect the culture and maintain the concept windows, having a main street view hence designed in such way that keeps inner space away from hustle-bustle environment; making use of traditional Gujarati birds “chakali, kabootar, popat”, for better aesthetics.Being an interior project light would play the most important role hence to merge with concepts street poles inspired from pol area from
ahmedabad and Wall Street hanging light has been used as a major element.

Cafe Ludic by AW Architects At Work - Sheet40To design a café is endeavor and process of selecting the right seating layout which would not only compliment the concept but also functionally serve the purpose with at maximum level to achieve the comfort zone , here we tried to designed a layout in such way that would have formal and informal sitting s in a way which would accommodate the most people without having a crowded room.

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Cafe Ludic by AW Architects At Work - Sheet20The visual aesthetics within is free flowing and organic that goes with material, colors and forms. Predominance of earthy red with dash of IPS flooring and materials like terrazzo texture, smooth swells of cement sheets for bird wall and MS and timber clubbed together for rustic partition wall making the space alive, each space is been designed with distorting views and to revive the tradition of Ahmedabad.

Cafe Ludic by AW Architects At Work - Sheet13

Ar. Shweta Pandya

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Cafe Ludic by AW Architects At Work - Sheet14

Ar. Krishna Patel

ArchitectsatWork’ lead by principal architects Ar. Shweta Pandya and Ar. Krishna Patel Involved in developing architectural, landscape and interior designing projects in Gujarat and other places as well since 2013.

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‘AW’ is established to give best efforts to execute client’s stated objectives live and working with awareness of urban and environmental enhancement rather putting project as individual object. The firm strives to maintain a balance between aesthetics and functionality; in all its design there is a constant search of exploring and creating new designs and concluding beyond limits

‘AW’ is enthusiastic to offer people services related to architectural design, urban design, interior design, landscape design, and turnkey projects which include solutions related to innovations in practicality, functionality, form, planning and other aspects in services with keeping time limits in mind. At AW each project is a milestone where architecture is efficient, which has humility, that would be only be as much as is required ; not more nor less with completing clients need with respect to functionality and aesthetics with level of comfort.

‘AW’ is constantly working on betterment of services and emerging as promising designers at client’s satisfaction and requirements level. This is because architecture is about designing keeping inhabitant as soul and other things revolve and respond to it and always tried to make each of its work the remarkable one, that to be recognized with amalgamation of innovation, experiments with materials, art and design.

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