Agrotie is a horticultural training centre based in Bangalore, India. Their mission is to strengthen the economic perspective of farmers and rural communities in Karnataka. The goal of the project is to create an experience centre for the local community as well as individuals, especially the working class and homemakers. They may not only visit to buy fresh vegetables but also acquire knowledge and on-hands experience.

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Project Name: Agrotie Horticulture experience center
Studio Name: studioKarankal
Status: Built

Horticulture experience center by studioKarankal - Sheet4Our Approach

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After our research and a subsequently better understanding of the agriculture field, we took into consideration, some beautiful traits of Mother Nature – the earthy fragrance of the soil, brown coloured fields, animals, seeds, plants, cart, and the process of cropping.  We also incorporated the evolution of seed as part of the design concept.

Most of the visitors don’t know how the vegetables they have just purchased, are cultivated. We wanted the people to get involved in this subject and know more about ‘The evolution of seeds’.

Horticulture experience center by studioKarankal - Sheet6We created different zones. The entrance has a cash counter, a middle island with outdoor plants, and a specially designated “ seed spot” where people get to know more about growing seeds/vegetables which are on display. We have also created an amphitheatre area where mini-workshops are conducted on related and trending topics.

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Horticulture experience center by studioKarankal - Sheet8To reinforce the local feel, we have made the structures using local materials like bamboo, clay (for roofing), and white lime or choona, finish. On the inside, the whole process is beautifully explained on those white inner walls of the structure. The seeds are also displayed inside these structures. These bamboo structures have been attractively designed to attract potential visitors from the adjoining main road. Also, the place has a specially designated playing area for kids.

Horticulture experience center by studioKarankal - Sheet9The cash counter area is created for the security (personnel?) and storage. The open long cash counter is meant to serve more customers at the same time (via multiple counters?)

The stall is designed such that it can easily be dismantled and moved to a different location. We have also given the space for the banner or labelling of the vegetables.

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So the purpose behind this project is to help people to create awareness about horticulture, have a unique experience, and create a community of like-minded people (or organic farmers).


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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022