Architectural Journals refer to the periodic publication of all topics in current architectural interest and advancement. Human beings have been documenting their stories and tales since ancient times, from the hieroglyphs of the Egyptians to the Vedas of the Hindus. Modern innovations and research is advancing at such a quick pace, that it becomes necessary to keep their record. Architectural magazines, journals, websites and newspaper columns are all spaces where the growing technologies and design can be easily registered and due credit can be given to the respective professionals. Some of the important architectural journals and magazines are noted here.

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Journals and

Journals and Magazines

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International Journal of Architectural Design and Management (IJADM)

This is a biannual architectural journal that focuses on building design and construction, design management and design coordination, facilities management and various other fields that are related to architectural engineering.

International Journal of Architectural Heritage (IJAH)

This biannual architectural journal focuses on architectural history and its conservation. It focuses on the traditional building and surveying techniques, innovative and traditional techniques for repair and restoration, conservation of cultural heritage, remedial measures for the preservation of monuments, repair and strengthening of structures and protection against seismic activity.

International Journal of Sustainable Building Technology (IJSBT)

This biannual journal focuses on traditional techniques and sustainable concepts, energy audits and environmental impact assessment, environmental codes and energy ratings, issues and approaches to sustainable environments, eco-cities and sustainable building management.

International Journal of Landscape Planning and Architecture (IJLPA)

This biannual journal highlights the design techniques for green spaces such as parks and gardens, plant systems and processes, eco-system analysis and field ecology, challenges of environmental planning and design and the implementation of rain gardens, green roofs, groundwater recharge, and treatment methods.

International Journal of Town Planning and Architecture (IJTPA)

This biannual journal focuses on macroscale architecture for sustainable urban mobility. It brings to light the various urban safety, security and shelter methods, the integration of socio-ecological systems, housing and community planning, and the check of suburbanisation and urban sprawls.

There are more journals published by Architecture Journals

Architectural Digest

This is an American magazine founded in 1920. Its main topics are interior design and landscaping rather than just pure architecture. It also covers topics like interior design, celebrity style, and travel, while also recommending shopping sources and other information. The magazine is considered the “international authority on design”. It published an annual AD100 list that features the most prominent interior designers and architects from around the world.

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Architectural Record

It is a US-based monthly magazine, founded in 1891, that functions as an informative news magazine for architects, and those interested in design. It offers a unique array of news topics and combines the business and art sides of architecture.

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Architectural Review

The Architectural Review is a monthly international magazine based in London. It was founded in 1896. Its articles cover the built environment – which includes landscape, building design, interior design and urbanism – as well as the theory of these subjects. 

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Dwell Magazine

This magazine focuses both on the functionality and comfort of homes. It brings forth the stories of various people who have done remarkable work in their homes, discusses the different design elements that can be implemented in specific spaces and provides tours of prominent structures.

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Some more architectural magazines are Concept, Soiled, Landscape, Architect, and Luxe Interiors + Design.

Digital Social Media Platforms

Re-thinking the Future

Re-thinking the Future (RTF) is a platform to promote architecture on an international level. It has articles on various architecture-related topics aimed to inspire, criticise and develop a community among architects and other professionals. It has awards, featured projects and journals to help push this goal.

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Re-Thinking The


This company was founded by a London-based journalist, Marcus Fair, in 2003. The site focuses on design journalism and publishes articles about architecture, furniture, fashion, materials, and urbanism, as well as interviews from leading voices in the field.

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ArchDaily is a website that publishes articles on architectural news, projects, competitions and interviews. It was founded in 2008 by architects Chilean David Assael and David Basulto. This website has been the official partner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

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Architect’s Journal

This is an architectural magazine based in London. In 2015, this magazine stopped putting forth physical publications and converted to publishing digital content only. However, the magazine still remains in print, with 24 articles published every year and its website updates daily.

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This is an architectural and building news website. Information is added to the site daily and projects are easily searchable through country, building type or architect. It also runs architectural tours through various cities led by architects and designers, focusing on innovative buildings.

Some other popular and renowned architectural magazines are The Architect’s Newspaper, A10, DETAIL, RIBA Journal and Icon Magazine.


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