If you are an architect, there is no doubt that you have a certain number of go-to websites. You visit these architect websites for research or just to scroll through for the latest happenings in the world of architecture. Compiling a list of architecture is far more difficult than one can imagine. Usually, if someone asks us during a conversation, we would answer with one or two, but when you have to write a list, it could get daunting. But here is a list of 10 websites you should know as an architect.

1. Archdaily | Websites you should know

Created by: David Basulto, David Assael
Date launched: 2008
Site: www.archdaily.com

Your daily source of all the latest news, competitions, projects, events, interviews, and all the research about anything you want related to architecture. It is one of the highest visited websites by all the students and professors of all time. It is next to impossible if an architect or a studying student or even a professor says that he has not been to this site even once. 

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2. Architectural Digest

Editor: Amy Astley
Total circulation (2013): 814,959
Site: www.architecturaldigest.com

A design magazine founded in 1920, a platform that has up-to-date information from top architects and gossip from all the leading platforms. It is your architecture shows but rather than watching you are reading. It focuses on interiors and landscaping more than external architecture. One of the many print magazines you actually can enjoy ready for its theme and always interesting knowledge. 

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3. Architizer 

Founded: 2009
Site: architizer.com

An online platform where architects search and evaluate building projects. It was created to empower architects and let them learn about buildings to build better design projects for a better world. One of the few websites which provide detailed information and related pictures and sometimes text about the project. It is great for referencing and some detailed research. 

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4. Archinect 

Site: archinect.com

One of the famous websites among students, it has a more connected and open platform to bring together architects, designers, and students from around the world for new ideas. It is also one of the oldest platforms for architecture that started in 1997. This website has great ways of connecting small-time designers and students to find new people they might want to know more about. It has its similarities with LinkedIn but again a different platform.

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5. Archello | Websites you should know

Founded: 2009
Site: archello.com

Every designer has visited this website almost a thousand times to find solutions for their next design projects. Archello makes this finding easier and faster, hence making it a creative industry for joining architects to manufacturers. Whether you want to know where the material was acquired from or how exactly the construction was done, this website has it all. It lists the contact for each individual involved in a project so you can always find what you are looking for. 

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6. Architects Journal

Editor: Emily Booth
Site: architectsjournal.co.uk

I believe this is the oldest platform, established in 1895 but it started as a print version after many years it was decided that it would now also be digital. It remains in print 24 times a year along with its daily news on the website. In 2018 it won the PPA Business Magazine of the Year. A subscription to this magazine is like any other, enjoying the content on lazy days and yet gaining something from it. The news updated every day is too great a source to stay at the top. 

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7. Designboom 

Founded: 1999
Site: designboom.com

A daily web magazine that covers industrial, technological, architectural, and art news internationally. It also showcases visits to studios of designers and other countless fairs and projects. A newsletter is published daily based on what is happening. Designboom is not just a website for architecture but it has everything that architecture connects to which makes it more worthwhile. It is easy to drift from one topic to another while researching. 

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8. Inhabitat 

Site: inhabitat.com

This website was founded by a Columbia university architectural graduate and is currently used for green design and architecture future projects in technology, emphasizing energy, sustainability, and the built environment. A complete website package for all the environmental needs of architecture with adequate resources. 


9. RIBA 

Site: architecture.com

The Royal Institute of British Architects is a membership program for all architects. They are a platform for licensing but also one that lets you know all the new codes of regulation and what is happening internationally. It is different from all blogs that work on architecture. The theme is separate because of the actual work they do. They ought to build better buildings with stronger communities for a sustainable environment.

10. Dezeen | Websites you should know 

Founded: 2006
Created by Marcus Fairs
Site: dezeen.com

One of the most visited magazine websites all over the world. It has got interviews and articles and everything important about almost every architecture topic that you can imagine. It has about 2 million unique visitors every month. It also recently launched its awards for great achievements.

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Zoya Hooda an architecture student with a creative passion for writing and design. There is not a single word that could describe her but a combination she is, loving, ambitious and carefree. She is determined towards what she wants. She is not perfect, but she is close.