Vastu Shastra refers to geometric reasoning and specific ideas for designing the interior of a house and other buildings, it includes domestic planning and design combined with Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. Vastu Shastra seeks to create harmony with the outdoor design of the property, apart from non-changing designs in experiential geometry, proportion, and direction.

The concept of Vastu believes that the arrangement and function of a location go hand in hand. Vastu temples and homes are arranged in accordance with their purpose, process, functionality, and material. The science of Vastu is applied to the construction of cities, mosques, villages, lakes, and streets. The vitality of a location depends on the energy of the surrounding space. Every place has its energy, and every room should reflect the right prana to create an aura of happiness and harmony. A home’s energy affects the mental health of the people who live there.

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Vastu, A Science

Vastu, the science of movement, is often misunderstood and even feared. For many, it means designing a home/business space based on its core values ​​, while others fear that challenging these rules may bring bad luck. These are just myths. A mysterious practice is not the skills of quality or actions when not followed. It is a book of useful rules to establish various values ​​such as doors, Windows, kitchens / Pant, and the bathroom. In addition, it also provides remedies if the items are not addressed as suggested by Vastu guidelines.

But the question remains: Is Vastu an essential part of interior design? Vastu Priya is an interior design technique that requires years of experience and expertise. Despite this, some architects say that it is pseudoscience, misleading, and challenging to follow in modern architecture because of its principles that one can do the above five things that improve one’s life. Vastu Vidya followed those principles, including the use of mishras and utensils that prevented their creation, which was even “unwise”, like bars at “the wrong end” or placement of items already meant to be overlooked. When achieved, it improves health, wealth, and relationship quotients.

Experts point out that interior design elements, such as the color of the wall, the house’s entrance, the positioning of furniture, and the temple’s location, are some of the main considerations. The provisions of the touches of those who are shut will have an impact on the household. Depending on the structure, positive and negative energy develops, affecting the people who live there. According to Vastu, it is not always possible to search for a house in today’s stressful environment. Therefore, small changes can be made in the house’s materials, colours, and materials to make it Vastu compatible.

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Dealing with the interior design of Vastu shastra, good understanding of local requirements is needed. There is a bad ear where Vastu shastra aims to balance. These places work together for placing lighting and furniture and good places to keep heavy things and bad places. Which are good zones in the north, east, and northeast while the bad zones are South, West, and Southwest. According to experts, it’s critical to maintain the top indoor decor factors in thought while making plans for the interiors of your home, Vastu. These decor elements or regions encompass the entrance, wall color, furnishings placement, and temple positioning.

The interior of a home has a massive impact on the Vastu of the belongings withinside the subsequent ways:

  • The kitchen`s characteristic is associated with the family’s health and wealth.
  • The mattress room interiors have an impact on the health, non-public existence, and career of people residing there.
  • The characteristic of the temple room is associated with peace and prosperity withinside the house.
  • The mirror`s positioning everywhere in the house might probably have an impact on health and happiness.
  • The furnishings placement may have an impact on the stability of electricity that leads to health and highbrow peace.
  • The proper placement of water is crucial to keep improving hygiene and acceptable health.
  • The color selections for unique regions within the house have their specific impact.

Vastu Shastra is not difficult to follow. However, it is specific in its principles, like any other field of science. Derived from Vedic science, they are all fascinating. Let’s take a look at them.

Placement of Furniture

  • The perfect spots for the couches and chaise front room units are withinside the south and west
  • part of the room. The man or woman sitting on a sofa needs to ensure that he or she is seated dealing with the North or East directions.
  • Beds need to be placed pointing to the southwest course of the room.
  • Bureaus or drawers containing valuables consisting of coins or rings are exceptionally saved in the southwest part of the room.
  • The eating desk is exceptionally located Northwest of the kitchen, residing room, or dining room.
  • Study desk will carry higher outcomes if located withinside the North or East of the room.
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Decors and Fixtures

Paintings and Statues – Vastu Shastra encourages the usage of artwork that depict herbal scenery, for example, waterfall, sunrise, mountains, flower fields, and the like. Do away with struggle fare scenes and different types of battle and violence given that they obviously do now no longer sell peace and harmony. Statues of God and deities need to have a proper area of interest withinside the prayer room however take care in deciding on its location. Heavy statues no longer are located withinside the Northeast of the room or the residence.

Mirrors: These items need to discover appropriate locations withinside the North or East wall of the rooms. However, do now no longer region them on partitions contrary to the mattress or placed them in a study room.

Indoor Plants: Do now no longer place massive vegetation withinside the Northeast of the residence nor use cactus and different thorny vegetation as your decor.

Curtains: Bedrooms are exceptionally outfitted with mild colored curtains whilst darkish colored curtains are appropriate simplest for the residing room. In deciding on darkish-colored curtains, purple and black aren’t the favorable colorations.

Ceilings: Keep ceilings flat given that expanded ceilings have much less enchantment for the Vastu Shastra concept.

Lightings: The residence needs to be saved brightly lit to carry greater superb vibrations to the residence; keep away from maintaining rooms dimly lit.

Floorings: Flooring substances advocated with the aid of using Vastu Shastra are mosaic, ceramic tiles, and marbles; white marble tiles for everyday rooms aren’t appropriate. Use white marble tiles for pooja or prayer rooms given that this can show favorably.

Paint Colours: Choose mild sun sunglasses in colors of blue and inexperienced other than the naturally mild sun sunglasses of crimson and cream. Exclude the purple and blackout of your picks as they’re now no longer recommendable colorations for residence paints.

Electrical Appliances: Heat emitting home equipment like gas, ovens, and microwaves are exceptionally saved withinside the Southeast directions. TVs, audio, and video gamers are exceptionally positioned in the North, East, and Southeast of the room. Take be aware now no longer to put in electric home equipment withinside the Northeast nook of the room.

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Vastu Shastra is a powerful science that helps you to invite luck, beauty, and prosperity to your home. All you have to do is to know the instructions when planning your pregnancy. Place Vastu decorations in your home to enhance its beautiful surroundings. Vastu Shastra is believed to give people a more meaningful existence by allowing them to absorb all positive influences. Negative vibrations are sometimes unavoidable, but certain Vastu Shastra elements balance them out.