The unimaginable happened. With eyes still not completely open from sleep, you checked the email on your phone only to see “Termination of Employment” as the first subject in your inbox. As the situation was hard to grasp, you reached out for the corporate laptop you had placed underneath your bed last night at the end of an evening of hard work. You opened the lid and put in your login information only to find out that you have been denied access.

With the knowledge that this day is probably one of the worst you have experienced in a while and that your life and the lives of your dependents have been impacted drastically, we have written this article to help you get reemployed quickly. In this article, we will be focusing on the starting phase of your “Operation Re-employment” – the phase in which you go online and look for jobs. We will not only be listing down but will also be elaborating upon the major sites that you can use to search, and subsequently apply, for jobs. However, before we dig deep into each of them, let us stress something that is very important for the usage of these online tools.

An Important Tangent

No matter which of the sites listed below you use, you will have to have good internet. Furthermore, as the job search is a very time-taking process, you cannot afford to have slow internet. Simply stated, a routine lag in your connection will only serve to increase the frustration you are already feeling due to being laid off as a result of no fault of your own. It is important to note that the job search is not the only part of the recruitment process that requires high-speed internet. For example, you will need a quality connection to research companies you are applying for when you are writing cover letters and to conduct video calls seamlessly when giving interviews. In case you do not already have a top-notch connection, we would recommend going for Xfinity Internet as the service is known to be up to the mark in terms of speed as well as consistency.

Top Sites for Your Job Search

Now that we have told you about how to get a top-notch internet infrastructure to conduct your job search, let us advance to what we had alluded to in the topic of this article – the top websites for your job search.


LinkedIn is the penultimate website for searching for jobs. We say this with so much confidence knowing that the most number of jobs are posted on it by a huge margin. Now, you may be thinking why that is the case. The reason is that job posters know that the number of job seekers on LinkedIn is much higher than that of those on other platforms. This way, the visibility of the job postings goes up. Nonetheless, the increased number of job seekers also leads to more competition. Thus, LinkedIn’s vast usage is not only its greatest pro but also its greatest con.


If you have worked in the field of technology for a while, you must have heard of The platform, like LinkedIn, has tons of jobs posted and, like LinkedIn, has a lot of job seekers looking for jobs on it. This means that the number of people applying for each job on Indeed is high creating competition. Despite the competition, however, LinkedIn is still pretty popular. Why? Because it gives job seekers a lot of information about employers posting jobs. By using Indeed, employers will be able to know salary information and reviews of companies before applying to be part of them. One con of Indeed we can think of is that job postings are often outdated and this sometimes leads to a lot of frustration. After all, once you make all the efforts to draft your resume, cover letter, and all other application submissions, you would hate it if the job opening had already been filled!


Glassdoor may not be nearly as popular as the two job search sites we mentioned above but we still included it in our listicle for one simple reason- it has a lot of information on salaries which may prove to be useful for you even if you end up applying through LinkedIn or Indeed.

Wrapping Up

We would be lying if we said that the three websites mentioned above are the only ones worth using in your job search. However, we do believe that these are far more important to utilize than others given the high number of job postings on them and the valuable employer information they provide.


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