All over the world, architecture is like an open display museum documenting the fascinating creations of the architects. Year by year, architects strategize the conceptual development of a structure based on

environmental aspects, aesthetical needs, and modulation of technologies. This year, architects and designers work with modern and advanced solutions to blend building designs within existing environments, cultures, and historical styles. Then mind yourself to have a look over remarkable projects coming over this year –

Masaryčka Building, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city of 100 spires known for its cultural and historical context. Despite the city’s popularity amongst tourists for its public realm, the capital needed development for its transportation connectivity.

The Masaryčka design is a unifying architectural response defined by circulation routes through the site giving access to new civic spaces within an extensive transport hub for the city. 

General Information

Architects – Zaha Hadid Architects
Project Status –  Under Construction, supposed to be open to the public in 2023
Area coverage – 28,000 sq.m.
Floor levels – 7 in the eastern end & 9 in the western end

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Proposed Masarycka Buildings blending within local city context__©Studio Horak

“Masarycka, a green envelope blending within red roofs of the city”

The architects have analyzed the city to provide the design of the buildings blending within the existing urban domain. In this context, to retain the originality of the spires of Prague, the height of the building is not raised vertically, as inspiration, the verticality of the spires is molded horizontally in the external facade showcasing the growth of the city in IT services and business administration.

Extensive planting of shrubs and trees irrigated by rainwater collection, including the transformation of Na Florenci Street into a tree-lined avenue, will provide the new district with cooling summer shade and natural air purification. Low-flow systems and grey-water recycling will further reduce water consumption within the complex.

Kempegowda International Airport Terminal 2 in Bengaluru India by SOM

The Kempegowda terminal dedicates its design to the Garden city of India – Bangalore. The airport has incorporated the idea of gardens within modern solutions to environmental and ecological aspects.

General Information

Architects and designers – SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP)
Area Coverage –  255,000 sq.m.
Construction timeline – Proposed in 2019 and supposed to be open in 2023
Passenger capacity – 25 million annually

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Kempegowda International Airport Terminal 2, Bangalore _ ©SOM

The design for the airport terminal incorporates the idea of ‘Navras’ artwork showcasing the heritage and culture of Karnataka. As per reports, the T2 will be the world’s largest terminal with certification in Platinum rating by US green building council. SOM architects worked on the terminal design to create a space for passengers in such a serene way that they do not feel packed in a closed box. The architects created a resemblance of city gardens to reflect the outer atmosphere of the enclosed space. The interior of communal areas incorporated local materials- Bamboo in the ceilings, decor, and pieces of furniture.

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The Bamboo influence in the internal spaces of Terminal 2 _©SOM

Grand Egyptian Museum, Egypt by Heneghan Peng Architects

The world knows about the history of Egyptian architecture. One of the wonders of the world is the pyramids of Giza. In response to this astonishing architectural beauty, the ministry of culture proposed a display museum for archeology exhibits in Giza, Egypt. The site for the museum lies in a straight vision of three pyramids, which lies just 2 km away. 

General Information

Client- Ministry of Culture, Egypt
Size- 100,000m²
Architects (Cairo) RMC
Project status – Phase 1 construction completed, opening expected in 2023.

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The visualization for Museum_©Heneghan Pang Architects
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The conceptual sketch showcasing architectural elements and techniques used in the building_©Heneghan Pang Architects

The approach to the museum is a series of layers, whereby the visitor moves through a monumental forecourt, a shaded entrance area, and a grand staircase that ascends to plateau level, the level at which there are galleries where the visitor sees the pyramids from within the museum.

The Abrahamic Family House, UAE | Adjaye associates

The architect David Adjaye with the idea of totality and integrity created an amalgamation of three different perspectives within one complex. As in a family, individuals with distinct thoughts live together through similar beliefs. The same is the case with the Abrahamic family house, where people with three different religious beliefs can practice their spiritual process in separate Pavillion but experiences a connection with others through communal spaces and natural elements incorporated within the design.

General Information 

Architects – Adjaye Associates
Client – UAE Government
Project status – Ongoing
Area – 7,700 m² / 82,882 ft²
Awards – Best Luxury Public Services Architecture, Luxury Lifestyle Award, 2020

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The three buildings of Abrahamic House_©Adjaye architects

Each block with different religious beliefs juxtaposed on a single piece of land in different orientations within an interaction green space in the center where one can experience all three without any boundaries. 

These structures represent a safe space; each volume is illustrated with an arcade, screens, and vaults to reflect sacred nature.

Esbjerg Maritime Center, Denmark / Snøhetta

The Lantern is located in the middle of the coastal sea to lighten up the surrounding communities with various recreational activities related to maritime.

General Information

Developers – Snøhetta and WERK Arkitekter
Project Status – Completed
Construction Timeline – 2019- 2023
Area coverage – Approx. 2800 sq.m. (approx. 3800 sq.m. incl. terrace and boat storage)

Material Usage – Approximately 65 kilometers of European, thermo-treated pine tree is used for the building’s facade and roof construction

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Esbjerg Maritime Center, Denmark _Snøhetta and WERK Arkitekter_©

The maritime center is open to all and designed especially for the local community. The building houses activity areas such as watersport clubs, education, and training facilities on upper levels. On lower levels, one can experience boat storage and workshop spaces. To define the ideology of a lantern, the warmth of light has welcomed in internal areas of the building through large windows. The geometry and craftmanship of the boat become an inspiration for the shape and facade of the building. The boat’s features are blended into the facade treatment of the building to make the building effective as per environmental conditions.

Goethe Institute in Dakar, Senegal / Kéré Architecture

The german culture exchange center globally expanded its services for over 60 years. Now for the upcoming year, the Goethe Institute holds forth its services to Dakar, where Kere architects conceptualized their idea of representing cultural exchange up to the 21st century.

General Information

Client: Goethe-Institut e.V.
Size – 1700 sq.m.
Project status – under construction
Facade material – locally sourced BTC bricks

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Exterior view of Goethe Institute Senegal__©Kéré Architecture

The design of the building is a blend of functional techniques and local resources in response to the needs of the neighborhood and natural environment. The structural shape of the building outlines the canopy of trees, and the double-layer brick facade treatment provides natural light and noise resistance to the activity areas. This two-story building rooms various activities to experience by people such as concerts, language courses, exhibitions, and informal gatherings.

Treehouse, Hongkong, China | Ronald LU and Partners

A new age modern workplace that incorporated the relation of the human and natural environment most effectively. Ronald lu architects created an office building where people can experience the thermal comfort around their workspace.

General Information

Architects – Ronald LU and Partners
Project status –  under construction
Site area – 4238 sq.m.
Awards – 2021 HKGBC Advancing Net Zero Idea Competition – Winner (Future Building)

The concept of Treehouse –

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The Treehouse_ Ronald LU and Partners_©

The modern-age office building has integrated numerous advanced and passive architectural elements to reduce carbon emissions for the well-being of the environment and occupants. The new-age office space involves green walls, inclined facades, passive heating and cooling systems such as rooftop greens, and water features to reduce the direct heat trap inside the building.

Gigantic Planted Paragolo, Tokyo | Heatherwick Studio 

In Tokyo, under the project of redevelopment of the public realm, the Heatherwick studio comes with the idea of a green pergola building.

The main objective of this space is to provide a combination of advanced architectural systems and green elements. The scaled features of the ‘ city within city’ concept include three towers by Pelli Clarke Pelli and retail designed by Sou Fujimoto to accommodate various facilities such as residential, offices, temples, and power stations.

General Information

Architect – Heatherwick Studio, London
Site coverage – 6,000m²

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Gigantic central Landscape Pergola_DBOX for Mori Building Co._©

Hemmed in from all sides with the stern and towering structures, the main landscape pergola embodies the fluidity of natural habitat in its glass facade by merging its curves in the ground.

Courtyard Residence, Ho Man Tin, Hongkong, China | Ronald LU and Partners

Courtyard residences is another modern building that evaluates the relationship between humans and the ecosystem. The building concept involves the various sustainable elements that combine to create the urban ecosystem.

General Information

Architect – Ronald LU and Partners
Project Status: Expected to open in 2023
Site area – 910 sq.m.
Client – Easyknit International Holdings Ltd.

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Courtyard Residence_Ronald LU and partners_©

With the concept of voluminous voids, about 30% of building involves airy and green spaces such as private green balconies at every level, green pedestrians, and zones to welcome birds. The involvement of passive techniques improves the quality of life with more air circulation, and light energy attracts people to experience natural comfort in the chaos of urban buildings.

Museum of Natural History Expansion in New York, US | Studio Gang

The American museum of natural history wants to propose a center of science and technology for the public to experience historical and current aspects of science and its value. The design of the Gilder Centre is evaluated in such a manner to create a composed connection between the existing galleries and the new proposed galleries.

General Information

Architects – Studio Gang
Client – American Museum of Natural History
Project Status – Under construction
Size – 230,000 S.F. of the new addition

Underconstruction the Gilder center merging within the existing building_Studio Gang_©

The designers have incorporated free-flowing walls with niches as display areas and created organically uninterrupted circulation spaces for the public to explore in a more accessible way.

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Nancy is professionally an architect and emotionally an artist who wants to depict human emotions and buildings through her words. Her sole purpose is to become a connection between people and buildings and to reflect their feelings in buildings through her ideas.