For ages bygone, humans have developed many languages for communication purposes: today’s day and age demand mastery over communication like none other. As many professional jobs require communication on some level, it is vital for students entering the professional world to polish their communication skills. Fundamentally, enhanced communication skills help improve work efficiency, build professional relationships and elevate workplace morale. Efficient communication can prove invaluable to any student transitioning to the professional world. To help them develop their repertoire and forge on in their career. Therefore, good communication is the cornerstone to success in the professional world. Many successful people attribute their success to their proficiency in communication skills. The world’s most significant innovations and ideas came to life with good communication. A set of guides called the 7c’s of Communication exists to ensure efficient communication in the workplace, which can prove beneficial to any student entering the professional world. They are as follows:

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The first thumb rule in the 7c’s of communication is clear or clarity. Essentially, this means that in any form of communication, The sender should convey the message’s intent to the receiver. Preferably, to avoid any false assumptions by the receiver, it is advised to cater to a single goal rather than multiple ideas simultaneously. Hence while communicating, the first check should be if the purpose of the message is evident. Encyclopedic tone and language increase the odds that the information will be interpreted correctly. Clarity in words also helps the speaker establish trust and good faith in the recipient, something that beating around the bushes cannot.


Conciseness, keeping it neat and trim. Letting go of words, phrases, or elements of the message which come across as redundant or unimportant to the final goal of the news. Usage of simpler terms keeping in mind the receiver would be beneficial in preventing assumptions and help ease reading. This would also allow any communication to retain the attention of the receiver. Therefore, being concise helps the recipient focus on what’s essential. As George Orwell wrote in his essay “Politics and the English Language,” any word that can be cut out should be cut out.


Verifying the content of the message to ensure all the information, especially technical aspects, is accurate and free of grammatical or spelling errors. Correct statements tend to significantly impact the recipient of the message if exact and well-timed.

Checking any communication for correctness can make sure the message to be delivered is, in fact, being delivered to the recipient. Correctness helps battle against misinformation which can have derogatory effects on the organization, such as decreased productivity and chaos.

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Information to be shared should be complete in all aspects concerning the message to be delivered; it should possess all the required information. All necessary details should be included. Comprehensive and concise communication can help negate doubts and follow-up questions. As an added checkpoint, the recipient can be questioned to ensure an understanding of the message.


Lastly, any message in the professional world needs to be primarily polite, friendly, and honest. Secondly, it has to be professional. Professionally showing empathy and euphemism goes a long way in connecting with the message’s recipient. Statements delivered empathetically, understanding the recipient’s background and needs, are easier to understand and more convincing. When used effectively, courtesy can be used to provide constructive criticism; colleagues are highly likely to take the initiative to make amends and oblige.

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Any communication should be concrete; the elucidation of information being shared with the receiver is factual and derived from accurate and genuine facts. Adding various points around the central point can mislead the reader. Ensuring the main points and any conclusions are evident to the recipient will help get the message across, mitigating the risk of misunderstandings in the mind of the recipient of the message. The inclusion of examples can further help cement the topic and squash all doubts.


For any message that needs to be coherent, it should have a good information flow that is laid out logically. All the points must be relevant to the main topic in a logical order to help deliver the matter to the recipient. A coherent message allows the recipient to read the information in a hierarchy where the points build upon each other to help the receiver better understand the topic. If a message has multiple issues to be put across, compartmentalization of the subjects would be beneficial. An instruction manual would be an accurate 


Good communication remains a constant and a basic necessity in this ever-growing world demand. It isn’t wrong to say that it’s a soft skill required by every professional. It also results in a more streamlined workflow and better teamwork among colleagues. Following the above-listed guidelines for effective communication, students can become decisive leaders in their respective fields.

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