In today’s era, concrete is one of the basic and the most used construction material. It was discovered around 1300BC and from that time till now it has evolved majorly. We can see different types of concrete being used in different ways from foundations, column, beam, and slabs; it has now emerged as an aesthetical material that gives a rustic look with no finished coatings and is also used for minimalism kind of designs and interiors and creates more of a focal point in the house. This era is moving more towards simple but elegant interiors with fewer amounts of ornamentations and using subtle colors to enhance every element . Below are some of the designs that are different from the usual interiors of the living rooms by using concrete.

  1. Bringing the natural green elements with concrete gives contrast to the sight and gives a lively effect indoors.
50 Living rooms enhanced by concrete - Sheet1
Concrete in living room _Hatice Unsal
  1. The emergence of concrete with grey furniture gives a modern touch to space.
50 Living rooms enhanced by concrete - Sheet2
Concrete in living room _B&B Italia
  1. Shades and tints enhance the interior and also get camouflaged with concrete surfaces.
50 Living rooms enhanced by concrete - Sheet3
Concrete in living room _One Work
  1. With a subtle concrete texture; brighter colors and textures pop in our eyes.
Concrete in living room _Ricardo Ferreira
  1. Even a single painting can make a difference in the whole space, this is only because of the subtleness of the concrete that lets other things stand out.
50 Living rooms enhanced by concrete - Sheet5
Concrete in living room _Projem
  1. The relationship of the exterior with interiors is the key element to make it more comforting thus the window and concrete go with this kind of concept.
50 Living rooms enhanced by concrete - Sheet6
Concrete in living room _Marta Gord
  1. Some patterns or carvings on the concrete also give an uplifting effect to the whole living area.
50 Living rooms enhanced by concrete - Sheet7
Concrete in living room _AB Architects
  1. Keeping all the surfaces in the same concrete texture gives a rustic look and also brings up the furniture of the spaces, especially of brighter colors.
50 Living rooms enhanced by concrete - Sheet8
Concrete in living room _Elena Lapshina
  1. Warm lighting is also another factor that enhances the space with shadows in some part and light in other giving a cave effect.
50 Living rooms enhanced by concrete - Sheet9
Concrete in living room _Anthony Kalambet
  1. Different textures patterns and painted concrete can give a dramatic look to the living space. You can hire from different stained concrete contractors to get concrete better finished.
50 Living rooms enhanced by concrete - Sheet10
Concrete in living room _Taner CANDAN
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Shivalika is a final year student of architecture from Mumbai. She is kind of a “Go with the flow” person and gives 100% to that flow. She likes observing the surroundings, capturing scenic beauty with her eyes and think, there is no choice between beaches and mountains, they both are necessary.