Staring through the window in the classroom, car, and home, used to give a sense of ease,
a relief. Who doesn’t like to sit by the window and enjoy splendid views? 

Not just the physical connection between the architectural spaces but The visual connection between the Indoor – outdoor spaces is of large Importance, as well. It is perceived as an extension of Indoor Spaces further extended by visual means, giving meaning to the Phrase 

“Bringing the outside in”.

Importance of the “Inside-Outside” connection in architectural spaces - Sheet1
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Architectural Spaces are an integral part of the design, space is an element of design and architecture is incomplete without it. Spatial structure defines the spaces of the Living environment. The architectural composition is complete with the help of inner and outer space. Activities are distributed indoors along with outdoors accordingly. A mere roof enclosure and a threshold space in between sets boundaries for both the Space.

The architectural spaces are intimately connected to objects and Living beings who inhabit them, it has the power to instil emotional reactions within them. It can make them feel and think. Architectural spaces bring emotions of delight, sadness, perplexity, and wonder along with endowing an enclosure. Just as much infuses feelings of anxiety, hostility, and fear. Architecture is presumed to be the greatest physical symbol of community. Buildings bear an association with every single thing and can do it all, and much more. 

Importance of the “Inside-Outside” connection in architectural spaces - Sheet2
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There is no in without the outside space, in which the Inside is itself within the outside, an infinite phenomenon. Natural Light, Air Ventilation, and Surrounding all of this together make up the constituent of an Inside Space, an enclosure is not complete without all of these. 

One can not stay healthy in an inside space in absence of these attributes, the outdoor space benefits mentally and physically and improves the quality of life. Fresh air heals. Natural light benefits a healthy sleep cycle and much more. Establishing a connection between both spaces creates a more humane experience, human connection with nature is innate.

Before people started flocking toward cities, they were at one with nature. It provided improved Creativity, reduced stress, and improved health, making them live longer, happier lives. This innate quality is hindered amidst commercialization, with more importance on luxury, aesthetics, mechanical, and Industrial built form rather than attention to user benefits, surrounding environment, and Holistic Design

Why do people run away to hills, beaches, and forests, to relax? 

The buildings lack in establishing a connection of spaces and are unfavourable. A well-built envelope with connections to  Indoor and Outdoor spaces should evolve the Human-Nature relationship, Good light in spaces all of this can be attained.

Architectural spaces seek any relationship between Inside and Outside, with the spaces unlocked to outdoors and indoors, spaces of sun and shade, the essence of Architecture is on the lookout to create a physical environment to accommodate different ways of living the inside or outside, as a method of seeking a place of shelter and comfort, and its multiple possibilities, as well as symbolic, spiritual and artistic value in meaning. This is what other artistic forms revealed in their narratives around architecture.

As for the relationship between inside and outside is concerned, modern architecture with its various designs has mixed Porticoes, Stoas, Cloisters, Courtyards, Arcades, Agoras, and Forums of the Western past with the concept of the ‘Engawa’ and the fluency of traditional Japanese architecture, and  its correlation with beautiful gardens, cities, white architecture.

In recent times — in this new post-pandemic era — circumstances, the question of the indoor-outdoor relationship in architecture has been reborn as a “New concept’ for everyone, a unique moment to remember the good examples of the past and, not to remain all intents and purposes by balconies and terraces. To maintain the Microclimate, giving character, fulfilling attributes of the sometimes mundane insides, correlation of color, and texture patterns from the outside landscape.

Importance of the “Inside-Outside” connection in architectural spaces - Sheet3
inside-outside_©chaotic float Flickr

Architectural spaces and their surrounding environment should be integrated into the whole entity.  “We no longer have an outside and an inside as two separate things. Now the outside may come inside and the inside may and does go outside”   – Frank Lloyd Wright.

Interlacing the buildings and Nature into something that celebrates the two of them together. 

One more crucial component of this architectural style is simplicity. Open spaces with the number of rooms are reduced. Biophilic architecture seeks to satisfy inside and outside space desires by bringing nature to people. It is defined as a “connection of occupants” to the natural environment space in built form. The three pillars of biophilic design areNature analogs, Nature in the Space, and Nature of the space.  

“Nature analogs” is organic & Non living, “Nature in Space” focuses on Nature’s physical presence in space. “Nature of the space” refers to natural spatial configurations, the desire to see beyond the immediate surroundings. A Good architectural space can provide good physical health, leisure, and habitation all of this in one place.

V4 house_ ©MK27

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