George Condo, born in 1957 in Hampshire, is an American contemporary visual artist who creates paintings and sculptures. His work told numerous artists in his lifelong generation. George Condo attended the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, where he pursued art history and music propositions. After two times in council, he moved to Boston, where he worked in a silkscreen shop and ultimately joined a band named’ The Girls’ with abstract painter Mark Dagley. While on the crew, Condo met Jean- Michael Basquiat, and this meeting instigated him to move to New York to pursue an art career.

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Career – Philosophy & Style of work | George Condo

George Condo has enthralled a central position in the geography of American oil for nearly forty times. His unique and imaginative visual language pays homage to a vast display of art- literal traditions and stripes, drawing together rudiments of old master pictures with allusions to contemporary American Culture.

Condo’s art is profoundly original and includes characters with bulging eyes, bulbous cheeks, proliferating branches, and hideous over or under mouthfuls setting them away as an individual species.

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East village galleries held George Condo’s first exhibitions between 1981 and 1983. During this time, he worked in Andy Warhol’s plant, applying gold dust to Warhol’s myth series. In 1983, Condo moved to Los Angeles, and there he held his first solo exhibition at Ulrike Kantor gallery. His coming stop was Germany, and he worked with the Mulheimer Freiheit group. His first European solo exhibition was in 1984 at Monika Sprueth gallery. One of Condo’s most notorious workshops, The Cloudmaker, debuted at this exhibition. During his time in Europe, Condo met Barbara Gladstone and later had a two- gallery exhibition in New York at Pat Hearn Gallery and Gladstone Gallery.

In 1985, Condo moved to Paris and didn’t return to New York permanently until 1995. During his period in Paris, Condo developed his hallmark’ artificial literalism’ and made his first incursion into form.

George Condo met and forged a fellowship with Keith Haring through this phase and produced several of his workshops, including Dancing to Miles. One of Condo’s most prominent cooperative mates wasWilliam.S.Burroughs. The two worked on numerous oils and puppets between 1988 and 1996, and Pat Hearn Gallery displayed some of their workshop.

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Firmly embedded in NYC, Condo entered his first major award, the Academy award in art from the American Academy of trades and Letters, in 1999, followed by the FrancisJ. Greenberger award in 2005

George Condo’s surprising range of sources that his pictorial vocabulary highlights, and yet the durability across his monstrously manifold oil practices bears substantiation to his achievement in absorbing the revolutionary genius of Picasso, Velazquez, Matisse, Arcimboldo, Pollock, Twombly, and innumerous others and making them his own.

Preachers, Cardinals, zanies and waitpersons, grotesque buff, debutantes, and eager society girls wearing plum chokers, whether alone or assembled into orgiastic groups, all gawk confrontationally from his filmland. George Condo has described his pictures as mixes of colorful cerebral countries painted in different ways, reflecting the madness of everyday life; he calls this Artificial Literalism, defined as the realistic representation of that which is artificial. Condo’s oils frequently unite cartoon numbers and mortal forms into a state of transformation, each contemporaneously reflecting feelings and gestures, a laugh and a laugh within a single expression.

Throughout his career, George Condo has remained pious to his aesthetic, casting a uniquely innovative, different, and skilfully executed canon that no way fails to shock and delight.

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Life in the 21st Century 

George Condo is alive and is striving at life in his mid-sixties.

In 2000, Condo was the subject of a talkie film’ Condo Paints’ directed by John McNaughton. The film follows the progress of Condo’s gigantic oil painting oil’ Big Red’ over one time and features an appearance by Allen Ginsberg, as well as footage of Condo uniting with William.S.Burroughs on oils the two made together at Burrough’s Kansas home in the 1990s.

There have been ample critical papers written about Condo’s work. Several published studies include The Imaginary pictures of George Condo( hustler), George Condo Form by Thomas Kellein( Hatje Kanz), George Condo One hundred women( Hatje Kanz), and in confluence with an exhibition of the same title, George Condo Mental States( Hayward Publishing).

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In 2005, Condo entered the FrancisJ. Greenburger Award. numerous prestigious institutions, including Columbia University, Yale University, Pasadena Art Center, San Francisco MOMA, the SolomonR. Guggenheim Museum, New York, and the New Museum, New York, invite George Condo to give lectures. In 2004, Condo tutored a six- month course at Harvard University on Painting Memory.

In addition to commissions for book covers, similar as Jack Kerouac’s book of sketches( Penguin muses,2006), for which he also wrote the preface, Condo has also designed reader covers for multitudinous musicians. In 2010 Condo banded with rapper Kanye West and created a series of oils for West’s reader My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and colorful other mates. Kanye West used to use a Condo oil as his Twitter image, and Condo has painted a Hermes Birkin Bag for West that West gave to Kim Kardashian.

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Condo’s work has also been on the covers of the Phish reader The Story of the Ghost( Elektra,1998), Danny Elfman’s Serenade Schizophrenia( 2006), and Frank Debussy Schumann by Dora Schwarzberg and Martha Argerich( AventiClassic,2006), among others. Most lately, Condo painted an absentminded portrayal of the pieces countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo for the cover of his first reader bow, released in 2018 by DeccaGold and featuring recordings of workshop by Philip Glass and George Frideric Handel. In 2020, Condo banded with rapper Travis Scott and created the artwork for Scott’s single,’ Franchise.’

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