The pandemic pushed us to adapt to the online learning culture and prepare us for that. Online design and architecture courses are expanding at an alarming rate. Because of platforms such as E-zine, publication, and broadcast, it is simple to create our content online, and the concept of architectural journalism is fast expanding. Creative writing and critique courses pique the interest of future architectural writers. The fundamental goal of these courses is to investigate the philosophy and practice of creative writing and criticism. Beyond career and courses, this is an art of exploration and the expression of ideas. Some architectural theory, history, and analysis courses for creative writing and critics are mentioned below.

Top 10 Courses in Creative writing and Criticism for Architects - Sheet1
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1. QIAMS – Creative writing on Art & Architecture 

Instructors: Praveena Shivram, Dr. Ashrafi Bhagat, Dr Srivathsan, Suprio Bhattacharjee & V. Sriram
Fees: Rs.2,360/- (GST included)

In summary, learners would receive an overview – a glimpse into the realm of architectural critique as it is now practiced. This course also taught learners Creative writing on art and Heritage mentored by V. SRIRAM. The takeaways might include general notions about the information needed, the skill involved, the methods used, and the difficulty in architectural writing.

2. Architectural Journalism & Criticism | Courses in Creative writing

Instructor: Ar. Pappal Suneja
Fees: Rs.3,599
Institution:  Delopus

This course includes many kinds of creative writing, critical appreciation of buildings, design interpretation, viva voce preparation and architectural vocabulary. This course also teaches the importance of architectural journalism. This course is excellent for anyone who wants to improve their critical architectural appreciation skills for presentations and projects. It is also incredibly beneficial for people seeking a career change in Architecture Journalism.

3. Reading and Writing Architectural Criticism

Institution: UTS

This course examines fundamental philosophical concerns such as what criticism is, its purpose and function (in architecture and other disciplines), and the link between criticism and judgement, discernment, and discrimination, among other things. The subject focuses on critique written in architectural publications, although it also touches on popular journalism, film, and television.

Top 10 Courses in Creative writing and Criticism for Architects - Sheet2
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4. Architectural Journalism and Writing

Instructors: Ar. Tanya Khanna
Organisation: Architecture Chat

This course will lead you through each phase of an architectural journalism project and explain how to approach it in extensive detail. This course also taught the theoretical & practical view of architectural journalism and it helps us to identify our niche.

5. Writing/s in Architecture: Building Bridges through Words | Courses in Creative writing

Instructors: Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta
Platform: ACEDGE Ethos

Discover the art and technique of writing in architecture with the guidance of Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta, an author, award-winning architectural journalist, curator, and editor, is in this accredited online course. This course Improves your knowledge of architectural writing as a subject, discipline, and career. you can learn more about research, structure, interpretation, and communication in architectural writing to improve your effective communication skills.

Top 10 Courses in Creative writing and Criticism for Architects - Sheet3
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6. Architectural Research: Theory and Criticism

Instructor: Natalie Lis
Institution: University of Queensland

Architectural theory and criticism include historical and contemporary examination of the function of theory in defining the discipline of architecture; evaluation of specific theoretical viewpoints and critical methods; and the role of criticism in architectural culture Literature reviews, creative and critical writing, curating, and other forms of involvement with architectural culture may all be used to do research. Architecture interacts and communicates a culture’s fundamental social ideals in tangible, aesthetic form.

7. Contemporary Architecture and Critical Debate

Instructor: Prof. Arindam Dutta
Institution: MIT OpenCourseware

To create a relevant framework for evaluating contemporary architectural concerns Special consideration will be given to historiographic problems of how architects define the terms of their “present.” The goal of this course is how pivotal events alter the understanding and approach to architecture.

8. Introduction to Architectural Journalism

Platform: Eduwik 

This course’s contents are split into different modules and fifteen episodes. This course will lead you through each phase of an architectural journalism project and explain how to approach it in extensive detail.

It covers the following topics: An Introduction to Architectural Journalism, Architecture Publishing Media, Types and Methods of Architectural Writing, and Architectural Journalism Career Options. Additionally, this course is offered in English and Spanish.

Top 10 Courses in Creative writing and Criticism for Architects - Sheet4
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9. Writing and Critical Thinking in Architecture

Instructors: Mario carpo, Marina Lathouri
Fees: Free
Institution: AA school of architecture 

This webinar is available on youtube and consists of six parts by Mario Carpo, who was an architectural historian who has extensively written and researched the relationships between architectural theory, information technology, media, and technologies of architectural representation. To sum up, the ultimate goal of this course is to articulate the significance of writing in contemporary architecture and culture.

10. Critical Thinking and Architectural Journalism | Courses in Creative writing

Instructors: Meghna Mehta
Institution:  Academy of architecture

The importance of critical thinking and how it forms the backbone of architectural writing is discussed in this Webinar. These webinars are very insightful and further elaborate on the importance of critical writing. In the end, she enlisted brief pointers to help kick-start a career in architectural writing.


As a budding architect with Inquisitive eyes on architecture, she loves to construct those understanding into words. She feels that architecture allows one to perceive the world through new eyes together with understanding the language of art.