All we have heard about architecture, design, and art is – the more you see and observe, the more you learn. Is it true? Many of you will agree. Isn’t it that when we observe new things, our mind automatically unlocks creativity? We know it might have happened with us at one point or another. That is one of the reasons why so many exhibitions and other such events are being held for design enthusiasts so that they can also take up something new and try to innovate something different. These architectural events are the platform that helps one to explore, learn, and grow. Some of these events which happened back in 2021 are as followed:

1. Venice Architecture Biennale 2021 | Architectural Events

Like all the previous years, the Venice Biennale was held with great excitement from 22 May to 21 November 2021. Even the pandemic could not dampen the spirits of architecture enthusiasts all over the world. The program was curated by Hashim Sarkis, an architect, author, and even editor of several books. This event was organized in a blended mode with 112 participants from 46 countries. The event focused on its theme of – “How will we live together?”. The event focused on how a new future with coexisting habitats can emerge. 


9 Architectural Events that happened in 2021 - Sheet1
An installation with plastic bags created by Museo Aero Solar in Argentina _©
9 Architectural Events that happened in 2021 - Sheet2
The Spanish Pavilion at the Biennale International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, Italy_©

2. Milan Design Week

Following its legacy, Milan design week was not skipped or canceled in the pandemic year. This design event took place from 4th to 10th September 2021, except the most awaited furniture fair owing to the covid situation prevailing all over the world. But, the curator of the event, Architect Stefano Boeri tried his best to keep up the spirits of the participants and the viewers. He also addressed topics like – Craftsmanship, Furniture, and the Future of Living. Apart from this, various other programs were also organized in this event, like the “Lost graduation show”, where students from among the 300 invited schools can openly showcase their design projects. Thus this event is always a success in maintaining a high spirit among design enthusiasts all over the world. 

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Work by Alcova_©
9 Architectural Events that happened in 2021 - Sheet4
LCDC by Luca Nichetto per Ginori 1735_©

3. Wood Works | Architectural Events

Woodwork is an event that aims to promote and grow the importance of wood and  its capability as an adequate material to be used in various design projects. The event is organized on a large scale inviting several architects, writers, and academics to share their views and ideas on the potential of timber as being used as a building element. Every year, several projects are selected, which are successful in depicting the importance of timber as an active building element. Some of the winners of woodwork 2021 are Timber Lofts in Milwaukee, a multi-family wood residence design, the Oregon State University of Forest Science in Corvallis in Oregon, and many more, which have been able to represent the importance of timber in the present construction world. 


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Wood Works, 2021_©
9 Architectural Events that happened in 2021 - Sheet6
Oregon State University, Oregon_©

4. Worldbex

Worldbex is an event that is organized every year, attracting builders, designers, stakeholders, and many more from all over the world. The previous year, this event was organized from 23rd September to 26th September. The event showcased various products ranging from renovated art tools to high-quality construction tools. Worldbex keeps on working towards diminishing the gaps between the industries and networks by providing innovations and technologies. With around 500 exhibiting companies and thousands of booths from building materials equipment services, construction design, and development, this event proved a success in the field of design as well as construction. 

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Worldbex, 2021 Poster_©

5. London Design Festival | Architectural Events

London design festival is an annual design fest held since 2003. The event shows the works of designers, architects, and artists from all over the world. This event enlightens the whole of London as it turns into an exhibition itself with around 200 exhibitions, art workshops, and museums too. Apart from the design enthusiasts, this event also does attract art lovers into the biz. Similarly, various shows and competitions were organized in this huge event held in 2021 including furniture, lighting, interior, colorful artworks, and so on. The main theme of the year’s event revolved around the impact of humans on the natural environment. Various installations and design ideas were introduced and showcased in this event. Some of the most loved and appreciated works in LDF, 2021 were Medusa by Sou Fujimoto and Tin Drum, Between Forests and Skies by Nebbia Works, Clerkenwell, and many more. 


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London Design Festival, 2021_©
9 Architectural Events that happened in 2021 - Sheet9
Between Forest and skies, by Nebbia Works_©

6. Nycxdesign Festival

NYCxDesign is a nonprofit organization that aims towards empowering creativity in the city as well as all around the world. To further magnify their motive, they hold an annual international festival inviting various designers, makers, artists, manufacturers, to showcase their creativity. In the last year, owing to the pandemic, the annual fest could not be organized, yet magazines were published, competitions and some workshops were held online too. NYCxDesign keeps up the spirit of designers as well as the other enthusiasts through their events.

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An Ode to nyc: NYCxDesign 2021_©
9 Architectural Events that happened in 2021 - Sheet1
Winner at one competition held in NYCxDesign 2021_©

7. Design Miami | Architectural Events

Design Miami is a global platform bringing together galleries, designers, curators, and various artists to showcase their art and ideas. This design event is not only confined to art and design but ranges further to music, as well as a film too. Last year this design event was organized from 1 to 5th December in Miami, USA. The 2021 design event focused on the theme of – “Vision for a more equitable and interconnected future” by the curator – Wava Carpenter. Some of the works displayed were, Lexus: ON/ by Germane Barnes, Lara Bohinc, ATRA, and so on. 

Image 12_

Lexus ON - Germane Barnes_©
Lexus ON – Germane Barnes_©
Tomorrow Land’ by Alex Proba_©
Tomorrow Land’ by Alex Proba_©

8. Architecture Design Show

Architecture digest is one of India’s largest design authorities which serves as a platform for introducing new ideas and innovations in the field of design. The AD design show is an event organized annually by this organization attracting several design enthusiasts from all over the world. Every year this event is held, with zeal and enthusiasm as in the year 2021. Owing to the pandemic situation, this event was held online in 2021, where various architects, designers, shared their views and ideas. Along with this, various products were also showcased in this event by various exhibitors like apartment 9, Phillips, Decor, and many more. 

Work by Abha Narain Lambah Associates_©
Work by Abha Narain Lambah Associates_©

9. International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF)

ICFF, New York City, is a global platform for designers inviting more than 36,000 interior designers, architects, and developers from all around the world. The event aims towards showcasing the latest trends, and innovations in the field of design. In the last year also this event had around 800e exhibitors, which displayed contemporary furniture, seating, carpet flooring, lighting, and many more. This event was held in November last year for two days. Apart from the exhibitions, the event had various conference talks and competitions too. 

ICFF, 2021 Exhibitions_©
ICFF, 2021 Exhibitions_©
Interior designing exhibition in ICFF_©
Interior designing exhibition in ICFF_©

10. FOAID | Architectural Events

Festival of architecture and interior Design is an event organized annually to mark the importance of design and architecture in our lives. Last year this event embarked 8 years of its foundation. For the past 8 years, this has been an active platform for designers to share their ideas. The 2021 event also conducted various conferences, competitions, and exhibitions. This event has proved as a gateway to an amazing design experience for the design enthusiasts as well as for the young minds to showcase their talents and skills.

FOAID, 2021 Event_©
FOAID, 2021 Event_©
Students participating in FOAID_©



Sameeksha, currently pursuing her architecture degree, is also inclined towards writing and pouring out her thoughts. Being an writing enthusiast as well as an architecture student, she constantly tries to grab every opportunity for writing and express her views for the built environment.