This apartment is located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, and has 280m². It was developed for a family with three children, two girls and one boy, of similar ages. The father always dreamed of having an apartment with a special view of the city, and that dream came true with this property that has a beautiful view of Praça Pôr do Sol, very famous in the city.

Project Name: Apartment
Studio Name: Studio AG

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At the same time, it presents the skyline of the Vila Madalena district, which makes the apartment very special, both during the day with the green landscape that provides tranquility and at night with the lights of the neighboring district, which is very busy, which gives the urban air.

The owners’ wishes were always well defined, from the beginning the main request was to prioritize the view. They wanted visually integrated rooms, but at the same time delimited by their use. TV, lounge, dining and terrace with gourmet, four suites, a multipurpose office in the intimate circulation area, kitchen and laundry area.

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The architects sought inspiration to create a relaxed yet elegant environment. Being democratic enough to please all ages and thus a meeting place for friends and family. In addition to generating an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

The initial concept was not to obstruct the frames, always keeping the look as a priority. Thus, the entire project was designed more horizontally, and lighting as a starting point. The professionals created a sequence of beams, which work as small moldings, and which provide indirect and diffuse lighting for the entire social area of​​the apartment. In this way, as the lining was worked, the look towards the outside was directed.

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From the plan’s point of view, the main changes were the integration of the rooms with the balconies, and achieving a suitable layout in a kitchen that was all cut out and full of angles. At the same time that the balconies were unified, the owners asked that the gourmet space be somehow separated from the rest of the environments, as it still had a desire for a more relaxed space with an outdoor atmosphere. So a bench was created – a planter as a screen to delimit the spaces.

All environments were very well thought out and individualized. All rooms with the characteristics and desires of each child, and for the couple’s suite something more minimal, yet cozy with the use of walnut wood and linen wallpaper. The bathroom received a light coating, highlighting the light and the view. And the washbasin with a worktop in a carved marble tub seems to float through the detachment of the bottom, where the spout comes out.

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As for the room, as it was all integrated, it took advantage of a wooden panel to integrate all the doors and leave a uniform appearance to the environment. The demarcation of the hall and entrance door through a subtraction of circular elements in the panel and TV stand in wood and metal, give a younger and lighter air to the whole and finally the rhythm of beams – crown molding crowns the project.

The furniture was also carefully thought out, the architects recovered some items from the owners’ former apartment, such as the sofa and the adjacent sideboard, and opted for revolving armchairs for greater space flexibility. The choice of fabrics was made through neutral bases, adding wefts and textures, with small points of color, bringing more softness. The use of natural elements such as leather, stones and wood provides a warm and welcoming environment.


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