As students, teachers, and professors, it becomes really challenging for them to publish their work, especially research that took a lifetime of effort to complete. Due to the unavailability of funds to publish them as a book, or due to a lack of people’s interest in the topic at that time, it even happens due to a lack of proofreaders or staff in publishing offices, and the digital media affecting the print media too. To avoid all these hassles and problems, many research papers websites provide great viewership platforms based on either subscription, free based on views, or even charging the public for them. For example, these platforms let the user upload research papers, thesis, and portfolios for the rest of the public to gather and gain knowledge.

1. Google Scholar | Research Papers Websites

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Google Scholar is a free search engine that gathers the complete text or information of scholarly literature from a wide range of publishing formats and fields. It focuses on academic research. Not everything on Google Scholar will be publicly available in its entirety. However, if you’re searching for a particular document, it’s a wonderful place to start, and many papers may be downloaded free of charge.

2. Research Gate

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ResearchGate is a commercial networking site in Europe where academics and researchers may exchange articles, ask, and answer questions, and discover colleagues. According to 2014 Nature research and a 2016 Times Higher Education article, it is the largest academic social media platform in terms of active members. ResearchGate releases an author-level indicator in the form of an “RG Score.” The RG rating is not a measure of citation effect. RG Scores have been shown to relate to existing author-level measures, but they have also been challenged for their uncertain dependability and unclear calculating process. ResearchGate does not charge a premium to post articles on the site, and they do not need peer review.

3. Microsoft Academia | Research Papers Websites

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Microsoft Academic was a public, free online search engine for research papers and literature created by Microsoft Research. It highlighted authors, organizations, keywords, and periodicals. The search engine identified nearly 260 million items, nearly 88 million of which were journal articles.

4. Core

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The CORE is a research aggregator that is available to the public. This implies that it acts as a search engine for freely accessible research published by organizations all around the globe, all of which are freely available. It is also the world’s largest open-access aggregator, making it an invaluable resource for scholars!

5. DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Publications) | Research Papers Websites

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DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Publications) was founded in 2003 and currently contains 300 open access journals. Today, this independent index includes about 17,500 authors , open-access publications from all disciplines of science, technology, health, social sciences, arts, and humanities. For indexing, freely accessible journals from all nations and languages are accepted.

6. Issuu

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Issuu, a genuinely contemporary media firm, allows anybody with digitally bound material to publish and spread their publications globally. In a matter of minutes. and as frequently as they want. Creators all around the world like to publish on Issuu because it provides them with the tools they need to thrive, such as collaboration tools, extensive analytics, and the possibility to charge for publications. And their customers are compensated with the finest possible reading experience—irrespective of platform or device.

7. Scribd | Research Papers Websites


Scribd is the best digital reading subscription service! Members get access to the greatest audiobooks, eBooks, magazines, and more, which are available at any time and on any device connected. We make it simple for readers to remain informed, find new interests and become their greatest selves. If you want to publish any work on Scribd, you will be placing it on a platform with over 100 million unique users every month from all over the world.


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