Architecture school is one of the best experiences for architectural students. After completing a bachelor of architecture or graduating with a degree in an architecture school, students have their dreams of fulfillment towards a career. Most of the students are not aware of the opportunities present before them, whereas, few multi-talented students get confused by the varied careers paths that are available. Students can take guidance from seniors, professors, and other professionals who have established their careers. They can choose their career paths according to their beliefs, interest, enjoyment, and lifestyle.

Here are a few career pathways to choose from. 

1. Master’s in Architecture (Specialization)

If you are keen on studying further, then specialize in any one of the subjects from your field of interest and explore the course deeper with practicality concerning society, culture, and significance. Distinct specializations include Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design, Sustainable Architecture, Architectural Design, Architecture, Digital Design, Conservation, Housing, Transport Planning, Project Management, Transport Planning, Regional Planning, Environmental Planning, etc.

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2. Become an Entrepreneur

If you have good communication and design skills, leadership and management skills, business strategies, sales supervision, and a desire to get better recognition in your field, then you can choose to become an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur not only has the flexibility to work in your interest but also provides employment opportunities who are in need.

3. Pursue Short-term Courses

If you want to develop skills distinctly, you can pursue short-term courses such as Architectural Journalism and writing courses, Architectural Photography courses, Sustainable design, Sketching, etc. These courses enhance your skills in architecture and help to acquire freelance projects. Also, a solid passion and consistency is required to shine in these fields and continue as a profession.

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4. Join as a Professor

An interest and passion for teaching and mentoring students can help you towards directing your career path in becoming a professor. One of the substantial advantages of being a professor is that you get ample time instead of working longer hours for an architectural firm. Also, you can spend time with students, avail job and financial security.

5. Work in an Architectural firm

Working in an architectural firm is one of the well-known career paths after architecture school. Being employed in a firm exposes you to work on different-scale practical projects that help you gain practical knowledge. You can meet different people from different backgrounds and also get a chance to work on international projects if you work for a larger firm or MNC.

6. Join MBA Program

If your interest is in setting up a business and boast enough technical skills but you lack business development skills, you can join an MBA program to improve the required skills. You can develop management skills, set up your firm, grow your business network, provide employment facilities, and thrive for successful business opportunities.

7. Traveler and Blogger

In architecture school, you have studied spectacular and mesmerizing buildings all over the world. If you are fascinated by architectural monuments, love to travel and educate individuals, then you can visit the spectacular architectural marvels. Set up your own blog/website and explain to the layman about monumental buildings and write about the importance of architecture in our daily life and its characteristics.

8. Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts in interiors express and enhance the inherent beauty of materials and interior spaces. If you are passionate about producing beautiful and appealing artworks, this career pathway is for you. There are many ways – can convert into your profession either by working on different arts and exhibit them/ you can take training / you can design wallpapers/textiles to work with an interior designer.

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9. Model Maker

Nowadays, there is a huge demand for model makers. Many real estate developers require models for their projects to gain attention, and the market for model makers is increasing. If you can create phenomenal architectural models and your enjoyment lies in the art of model making, then you can work for it either by freelancing or setting up a small business.

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10. Research and Innovate a Product

Are you a research enthusiast? Do you have problem-solving skills? Want to solve a small problem faced by individuals? Then you can choose a career path according to it after architecture school. The present century is for innovators who create simpler products to resolve the problems faced by the industry. However, this is a competitive industry; persistence and faith are required. You can create wonders that not only improves productivity but also help in reducing costs.


Sahithi is an Indian-based Architect and Interior designer. While Architecture is her profession, writing is her passion and makes her feel compelling. She believes writing about Architecture can bring a positive change and develop a sensitivity towards culture and Heritage.Despite these,she loves traveling.