After all the sleepless nights and work, graduation almost has been done. It is now time to decide what you want to focus on the architectural future career. Master program applications are starting from the first months of the year. 

The United Kingdom, where master applications start early and competition is highly intense, has many universities that are assertive in the world architecture rankings. These universities make significant contributions to the architecture world by accepting students from all over the world with a wide variety of architecture master’s programs, including architectural design.

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1. Architecture and Design Masters

Architectural design master programs, which are highly applied by candidates who want to continue their architectural education in architectural design, allow students to develop a position of deep understanding of what architecture is and what it could be. 

Architectural design master programs hold course structures such as architectural history and theory, design research, advanced architectural design, including several workshops and seminars. Some of these programs also have RIBA accreditation, which allows you to work as a qualified architect in the United Kingdom. 

Besides, numbered universities make available students to apprenticeship while studying in the master programs. These architectural apprenticeship programs offer students the opportunity to attend school on certain days of the week and internships on the remaining days, while providing them with RIBA Part 2 and 3 certificates in a short time, also supporting financial costs. These architectural design master programs seem to open doors to more than one profession.

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2. Urban Studies and City Planning

Urban design and city planning master degree programs, which should be preferred for those who want to design cities where they live and turn to designs on the urban scale, have intense applications not only from urbanism students but also from architecture students. These programs work across multiple scales, from detailed plans of contemporary housing to the mobility infrastructure of the regional metropolis. 

Universities with different master programs such as city planning, urbanism, housing and urbanism, urban transportation, urban design allow students to design the cities of the future and understand the environment while explaining the design theories and strategies of today’s cities. 

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3. Interior Architecture And Design Masters

Applying to an interior architecture and design master programs has a great opportunity to work as an interior designer and in a range of design-related industries, such as retail design, stage set design, exhibition design. 

The course structures and modules offer students multiple scales studio works, design theory, and research works. The United Kingdom is one of the best countries to study and work as an interior architect. The housing and user needs have created a great demand for interior architects in the United Kingdom. 

For this reason, interior design master programs create an atmosphere that allows working creatively and effectively even after graduation. 

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4. History, Theory and Preservation

Applicants who are interested in architectural history, historic urban environment, and architectural conservation have different master degree options for this field. Various universities offer students options in research studies, historic art and architecture examinations, and restoration. 

These programs offer students to study the theory and practice of preserving historic architecture and cultural heritage sites in one of the world’s cultural heritage countries, The United Kingdom. Various architectural writings, drawings, literature, photographs, films are analyzed to uncover connections between the textual, the visual, and the graphic in this master degree option. 

Additionally, while these programs provide discussions of architectural history, also students gain a historical and theoretical understanding of conceptual and practical issues in architecture. This leads the students not only to develop their profession into other fields or become involved in teaching in the field of architecture but also to explore what history can do for architecture.

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5. Sustainability and Bio-Design Technology

Sustainability and bio-integrated design, which is one of the most important topics of the 21st century, plays an important role in determining the design strategies of the future with these architectural master programs. These programs have course structures based on practice and evidence across the context of climates and urban areas. 

With different departments such as sustainable architecture, emergent technologies, bio-integrated design, and sustainable environmental design, the students and professionals unite in a common goal for the resilient and sustainable cities and buildings of the future. 

Students gain various and important abilities to develop design skills for a better future by combining design experimentation with scientific methods, seeking new modes of simulation and production, and exploring advances in the fields of bio-mimicry, material laboratories, and digital construction.

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6. Landscape Architecture 

Students and architects who want to be involved with large scale territories, environmental approaches, and geomorphological processes are the ones that should consider these master programs. After landscape architectural study, the students shape the future of cities and rural environments alike. 

Landscape architecture master graduates design not only to solve environmental and urban problems as an aesthetic approach but also to create a better environment in the political and economic frameworks by learning history and theory of landscape architecture, inhabitation systems, urban design approach, planetary, and ecosystem researches and landscape design studios.

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7. Computation and Digital Studies

It is known that scientific research and technologies could change the way the built environment is designed, constructed, and used. By the application of computational strategies and technologies to the design process, it is now time to create better future cities. 

These fields offer students to learn computational design skills for application at the highest levels of architecture, design, research, and industry. Architecture and digital theory, robotic construction, computational research, morphogenetic programming, and digital studios are different course structures that students have to take. 

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8. Fabrication, Arts and Communications 

As making is central to the act of design itself, master programs such as Design and Make, Design for Manufacture, teach students to develop and explore their design, construction, and fabrication skills. These post-graduate programs welcome students from an array of artistic and technical backgrounds to work with interactive technologies to consider objects, space, and people. 

These programs where different materials are discovered and constructions are made at a 1:1 scale have given various design options to the students by advanced manufacturing processes, including robotics for fabrication and assembly, 3D printing, CNC milling, water jet, 3D scanning, and laser cutting. Additionally, there are different options for those who are interested in spatial design performance and interaction. 

Students are now able to design in 4th dimensions, from interactive objects to staged events and performance architecture by multidisciplinary theories taken from performing arts, digital media, spatial interaction, anthropology, sociology, cybernetics, cognitive neuroscience, and aesthetics.

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9. Construction, Management and Economics

The ones who are looking to shape their future, not in the design profession, but to lead and develop their analytical and technical skills, there are different options to look for such as construction projects and project management, and economics. 

These programmes provide students with leading roles in consulting on project and design, quantity survey and careers in the construction, environmental, real estate market. The graduates will have different skills such as examining construction project management from all angles also considering the economic, social, and environmental issues that can affect various ventures. 

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