Programs are the hand of the architect. Computer literacy is important in order to transfer and reflect the designed works. Apart from technical skills, architects need to know the software industry, one of the needs of the technological age, for communication. Since digital technology makes the design and implementation process more efficient, computer-based design tools are not necessary for today’s conditions, they are a mandatory skill.

While plans, detailed drawings, concepts, and analyzes are the language that the architectural community can understand each other, 3D models and visualizations are the language to be understood with customers. There is a wide variety of software for both languages in the market so that each company can turn to different programs. In this article, you can explore 10 different online paid or free courses from 10 different websites and improve your architectural software skills through the courses.

1. Rhino for Architects Course (How to Rhino)

With this course, which exists to help those who want to learn Rhinoceros 3D and its extension Grasshopper, you will quickly learn this complex software used by world-famous architectural offices such as BIG, OMA, SOM. You will not limit your potential or freedom for fluid forms and parametric design; instead, you will be able to create the complex forms you want and the concepts of your dreams. The biggest problems for this program are not being able to solve problems on its own and not having a platform to ask questions. That is why there is the right mentor for you to ask questions. Exploded diagrams for the presentation part after the production of the design, visualization with V-Ray and animation production with Bongo plug-in are also features that can be acquired within the course. There is a free trial section.

Link for the Course [online] Available at:

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2. Introduction to SketchUp (Domestica)

This course, provided by Alejandro Soriano, consists of five steps in total and contains 52 lessons. With this course, you will have basic knowledge of the Sketchup program, which allows fast and efficient modeling. You will complete your training by first creating the interface, then modeling tools, then Groups and components, then Materials, Textures, and Graphic Styles, and finally creating scenes with organization and Configuration and exploring extensions.

Link for the Course [online] Available at: 

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3. Revit Architecture Conceptual Design Fundamentals (Pluralsight)

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a new and emerging modeling software that brings together the field of architecture and construction. Revit is a BIM platform. This course by Pierre Derenoncourt is aimed at architects, BIM managers, CAD technicians, and students who want to model in Revit. You will be able to learn about Revit project setup, building mass modeling, and general architectural elements. The course offers you the possibilities to set up a project location, import CAD files, create a model building masses, and work with sun settings for solar studies in Revit and all-important skills that will help you with conceptual design.

Link for the Course [online] Available at:

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4. BIM Families Complete Course (GoPillar Academy)

This course is taught by BIM expert Gavin Crump. Families come after categories in the Revit hierarchy. Elements are selected in the category and the properties of this element are defined in the families, then the type comes and the families are customized here finally, it is placed in the model with the instance. The course will enable you to produce smart objects based on families in detail. The purpose of this course is to teach the creation, modification, and use of families in BIM software. This course is not for BIM beginners, but for people who have a foundation and want to specialize in families. At the end of the course, you will be expected to be able to create and manage families.

Link for the Course [online] Available at:

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5. AutoCAD 2021 Beginners Course – Zero to Hero Fast with AutoCAD (SkillShare)

This course is taught by Michael Freeman to inexperienced beginners. You will learn the important and widely used commands of Autocad, which is the most used software in the market. You will be able to produce 2D models with hands-on classroom projects. Consisting of 51 lessons, this course takes 7 hours and 21 minutes. Basic Object Creation, Groups & Blocks, Creating and Assigning Layers, Dimensions, Printing Your Drawings, and more will be your skills. 

Link for the Course [online] Available at:

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6. Maya Essentials (Archistar Academy)

Maya is a software that can be used for designing game and movie scenes, as well as architectural models such as 3Ds Max. With this course, you will be able to do NURBS (Non-uniform rational basis spline), complex and digital models and you will also learn animation techniques. This course is for designers who want to add animation and dynamics (simulation of object motions) to their modeling. After the introduction of the interface and modeling, you will learn about dynamics, camera adjustments, and rendering, respectively, and then you will move on to animation production. The course will last 3 hours.

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7. Photoshop 2021 New Features (LinkedIn Learning)

This Intermediate course will be taught by Deke McClelland to those who have the basics of Photoshop software and want to learn about the new updates coming to Photoshop. Examples of these new features are sky replacement, neural filters, refined hair, move lively live shapes, and cloud document version history.

Link for the Course [online] Available

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8. The Rhino and Grasshopper 101 Course (Oneistox)

These course add-ons are there for people who delay learning, have trouble modeling despite watching videos, and people who have been rushed or have been deprived of their freedom to experiment. Practical architects and architecture students are the target group of the course. You will apply what you have learned with co-construction projects and develop business seamlessly with personal and one-to-one interaction. Finally, it will give you the ability to build a workflow of parametric design projects, visualization and presentation, and Industry exposure and portfolio. Apart from these, Introduction to energy simulation, Capstone project, Detailed modeling using LunchBox are among the information gained.

Link for the Course [online] Available at:

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9. Software Design and Architecture Specialization (Coursera)

This course for software system design will give you Software architecture, Java, Software design pattern, Object oriented Programming (OOP), Object-Oriented Design, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Unified Modeling Language (UML), Web Service, Microservices, Representational State Transfer (REST), Service Oriented Architecture skills. There will be a practice project involved to facilitate your learning. This project is a Java code-based android project with Capstone Project.

Link for the Course [online] Available at:

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10. Architectural Visualization -Blender – Twinmotion – VR (Udemy)

This course will allow you to render your models using Twinmotion from Blender 2.9x and also using VR. By the end of the course, you will be able to create real-time and Photorealistic visualizations.

Course targets: Arch Viz artist, Intermediate students, architects.

Link for the Course [online] Available at:

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