Media.Monks, a global content, data and media powerhouse, has recently scaled up its office space in Film City, Noida. The new Creative Office reflects the digital production company’s leading-age ideals and seeks to stimulate creativity. Designed by Studio Bipolar, it is a reconceiving of the old workplace situated in the midst of lush vegetation; envisioned by the client as a space open to its surroundings, inviting abundant daylight into its workspaces.

Typology: Commercial, Workspace
Name of Project: Media.Monks Creative Office
Location: Film City, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Name of Client: Media.Monks
Principal Architects: Sanjana Mathur, Ujjwal Sagar
Design Firm: Studio Bipolar
Built-Up Area: 6,000 sq.ft.
Completion Date: 2021
Photographer: Anmol Wahi
Text Credit: Sadhya Bhatnagar

Media.Monks Creative Office By Studio Bipolar - Sheet2
©Anmol Wahi

The contemporary structure that stands now is a realisation of the same vision. It is a powerful yet visually lighter insertion into the natural setting, owing to generously glazed external walls, in glass that reduces interior heat gain. It stands in contrast to the greenery around it, ceiling height windows allowing inhabitants expansive views of the same. In a deliberate attempt to take advantage of the blanket forest cover, the design team’s approach was to bring uninhibited natural light and visual appeal into the entire office. Set out in a comfortably wide U shape, the open plan prioritises functionality of space, punctuated by lively breakout areas. At the entrance, a dynamic view of the central conference room greets the office goer, before sweeping views of the entire layout come into the frame. Apart from numerous workstations lining the perimeter of the hall, the office also consists of a pantry and a row of editing bays along opposite walls.

Media.Monks Creative Office By Studio Bipolar - Sheet3
©Anmol Wahi

The conference room sits as the centre of attention of the entire floor. A cuboid framed in steel with its edges lit by profile lighting, its interior is painted a vivid orange. A skylight along its length forms its own light source. The room offers clear views of the rest of the office through an envelope of glass on three of its four walls. The same vibrant orange makes an appearance in different spots in the office to create unexpected pops of colour in an otherwise neutral colour palette, offset by smart black furniture and the organic green of vegetation outside. It highlights quirky partition walls in the form of modern jaalis and circular punctures in free-standing walls around the lounge areas. These areas stand spacious next to the conference room, with tastefully appointed furniture.

Media.Monks Creative Office By Studio Bipolar - Sheet4
©Anmol Wahi

Though the spotlit box of the conference room takes centre stage, elegant arched doorways leading into editing bays at the far end of the hall seek to tie the place together. Made of lacquered glass in signature orange, they allow no light into the visually isolated bays to ensure quality editing. Decorative lighting in between the orange doors makes for an overall impactful wall. Turning back towards the office from this vantage, the open pantry makes itself seen at the opposite end from the bays. A burst of orange on the walls and cabinets helps it stand out from the work zones. A white quartz countertop in terrazzo and white chairs at the common table balance out the colour around them. Lighting fixtures are chosen to help bring out the essence of the design and aid the panoramic views. Bringing a touch of the outside into the play, a natural Indian slate in rough finish- Kadappa- is used in the flooring. The slate grey colour, and the rustic and earthy vibe of the stone team in an easy elegance with the sleek furniture, the expanse of glass and the even lines of the design.

Media.Monks Creative Office By Studio Bipolar - Sheet8
©Anmol Wahi

A modern minimalist look has been achieved with the sharp use of a single hue, resulting in an invigorating work zone. In all its vastness of glazing and smooth flow of movement within, the complete space encourages employee efficacy and collaboration in a biophilic environment. The gabled roof structure sitting calmly in a clearing in the forest brings the indoors and outdoors together in an amalgamation of thoroughly contrasting natures– yet distinctly separating the two.


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