Whether one had a Lego-obsessed childhood or not, drawing alone is not the only source of happiness in the fraternity. Despite the sleepless night, the hours of the university days are spent fabulously to admire them in the future when looking back in the past. The architecture hangover stays for life. One can never go back to seeing things simple without neglecting the overly flooded information that the brain exercised throughout the university years and ahead.

For those planning to consider the profession, do allow thyself to be convinced!

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Architecture makes one think different_ ©https://www.nonarchitecture.eu/2021/01/28/the-brainarchy/

Every Soul Is – Dora the Explorer

Architecture is a discipline that cannot be confined solely to course materials. The learner is encouraged to seek the outdoors, to read beyond the pages of books to step up and explore. Traveling is a prerequisite to expanding the knowledge horizons about the surroundings, our environment, history, and present settlements, allowing us to scrutinize surroundings to capture the multi-verse of space for future references or take time to admire as an act of respect for the scheme of work.

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Journey to the Non-fiction

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Non-Fiction _ ©Amélie Savoie-Saumure, Pascale Julien and Matt Breton-Honeyman .

The imaginations flowing amidst the overthinkers can someday come into realization. All those low-scaled drawings and visualizations each are potent to exist in the real world. The field is a concoction of art and construction, a mediator, to the mind and soul of design. The free-spirited nature of non-fiction ideas can someday become a possibility. The hard work and dedication are all it will cost. The elasticity of ideas makes architecture a dynamic practice.

Beyond Time

The designer’s soul may leave them, but the buildings designed by them do hold their soul impressions. Architectural wonders around the world still exist, beyond their designers ever lived. Every new visitor visiting the structure is connected to the space and marvels or utilizes it, serving the purpose of making buildings that could please civilizations or even humanity. Every single structure built is timeless while some structures know how to steal time. 

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Timeless architecture Wonders_ ©Rawpixel.com.

Experimentation – Getting hands dirty.

The discourse uses the process of developing scaled models and first-hand experiments using different materials and technologies to perform experiments. Coalescence of various ideas and pulling multiple all-nighters, fuels into a satisfying three-dimensional replica. The final product is an excuse to fall in love with the making of things we use in our surroundings. Decisions are based on experimental conclusions and not followed blindly to the book course.

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Non-Fiction_ ©Amélie Savoie-Saumure, Pascale Julien and Matt Breton-Honeyman .
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Jack of all trades_©Digital collage by Dogma.

Architecture is not constrained to buildings only, post-university year an individual is exposed to a spectrum of options to pursue further. Urban planner, Theoretician, Conservator, Graphic Designer, Product Designer, Project manager, Environmentalist, Building Science, Simulation and Visualization, and Photographer. The discourse runs parallel with many other fields which prepares an individual for multiple skillsets and mindsets.

The Secret Life of Stationery.

Happiness lies in little things, possessing one of the stationery ones could never have, which one may or may not use. But the excitement is similar to Harry Potter collecting his magical accessories for the new school. The Multiverse of equipment used for preparing drawings gives a feel of weapons for creating history for mankind.

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Architecture Stationery_ ©Floralset

Binoculus 2.0.

The surrounding is a plethora of information, architecture makes one be more observant and find reasons for why things happen in a certain way. The eyes learn to capture patterns and combinations existing around while the mind stores them for future reference. The way one thinks elevates by every additional information one gathers. It’s a blessing to be a part of having reached a certain level of human intellectual capacity and using it for making better human experiences and lifestyles.

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Architecture collage_ ©Tatiana Bilbao Estudio.

The Domino Effect

People have a way of absorbing the environment they stay in, conscious or unconsciously. Every intervention made has a direct impact on the users. The structure behaves as backdrops for events and memories to take place. To make those spaces is a huge responsibility and opportunity. Every decision is a bridge to what will happen around it. Are structures made just, so people can exist, or do they give room to be celebrated and live around them?

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Being an explorer_ ©Public Housing enterprise J.S.C.

The architecture allows individuals to produce abstract and be functional. The designer is at free will to use ideas that may seem complex and impossible but, by vigorous attempting, can be plausible. The satisfaction of seeing a built form only existing on paper to come alive on the ground is worth crossing the tiny milestones of the field.


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