Urban Planning has seen immense demand and growth in the past decade in India. It is one of the most sought-after professions due to the power it holds to simply change the quality of life of people through very thoughtful interventions. Several new planning strategies such as TOD, Smart City Development, Green cities have been introduced to our cities recently, hence creating a need for planners with a holistic and globalized approach, in order to create solutions to our problems through planning solutions at an internationally standardized level. As of today, India only has around 6,000 Urban Planners due to the field still being very niche, especially in smaller cities. 

Listed below are 8 India Urban Planners who are working around the world:

1. Rahul Mehrotra | Urban Planners

Rahul Mehrotra holds practices both in Mumbai and Boston. He is a Harvard graduate and works extensively on recycling Urban land and other planning projects. His planning borrows from his understanding of Urbanism and its development in various parts of the world. He has given lectures on Kinetic Cities and Landscapes of Democracy. 

8 Indian urban planners working around the world - Sheet1
Rahul Mehrotra ©RMA Architects

2. Jasbir Sawhney

Jasbir Sawhney has been practicing since 1964 and has trained in both India and the USA. His firm is involved in Urban Design, Planning, and Architecture. He has projects such as pan India and also in Maldives, UAE, and Russia. He specializes in developing transport-related solutions in form of multimodal hubs. 

8 Indian urban planners working around the world - Sheet2
Jasbir Sawhney ©Jasbir Sawhney Architects

3. Manit and Sonali Rastogi

These urban planners are the minds behind Morphogenesis, planning, and design firm that has master planning projects in countries like Dubai. The firm explores Landscape Urbanism and tries to find effective new-age solutions to various contextual problems that differ from site to site. They have written papers on Sustainable smart cities and contextual planning. The Desert Habitat, Dubai is one of their top master planning projects.

8 Indian urban planners working around the world - Sheet3
Morphogenesis ©Morphogenesis

4. Dikshu C. Kukreja

Dikshu C. Kukreja is a Harvard graduate who has worked in India, France, and the USA. The firm he leads manages master planning projects and other projects that are spread throughout the globe. He believes in integrating various simple planning strategies to find solutions to complex planning problems. 

8 Indian urban planners working around the world - Sheet4
Dikshu Kukreja ©CPK Architects

5. Bimal Patel

Bimal Patel believes in crossing regional boundaries so as to develop holistic planning strategies. He is a graduate in planning from Berkley. He is also passionate about implementing sustainable solutions for his planning. His work has been recognized internationally along with his extensive research on Urban fabric. 

8 Indian urban planners working around the world - Sheet5
Bimal Patel ©HCP Associates

6. Dr. NB Johri | Urban Planners

Dr.NB Johri is a senior Urban and Regional Planner who has a doctorate in Geographical planning. The firm led by him has successfully completed planning projects in India and other countries. One of his most recent international works is the master plan for Dubai Outlet City. He is also a senior consultant for city development, transport planning, and infrastructure planning projects.

8 Indian urban planners working around the world - Sheet6
Dr. NB Johri ©DDF Group

7. Arunjot Singh Bhalla

Arunjot Singh Bhalla has more than 26 years of experience in design and planning and is an MIT graduate with a focus on Urbanism. His firm has several projects pan India and his work is spread over the globe as well and is now a global planning and design consultancy with 12 offices in Asia. 

8 Indian urban planners working around the world - Sheet7
Arunjot Singh Bhalla ©RSP Planners

8. Mathews George | Urban Planners

Mathews George is the founder of Arkind Solutions, a firm that works across the globe and has expertise in planning and infrastructure development. Ain Al Fayda Master Plans are one of their recent works and his work continues to expand in the Middle East. Several projects dealing with complex Urban fabric in Dubai, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi fall under their portfolio. 

Mathews George ©Arkind Planners

Tanvi Gavaskar is an Architecture student from Mumbai. Having interned at notable Heritage Conservation firms in Mumbai and New York, she understands the value of diversity in architecture and the hence, documents every minute interesting detail she comes across. She is passionate about penning down her thoughts and ideas.

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