What exactly is a magazine? What does it mean to you? How do you perceive this entire notion of magazines to be? The term magazine takes us way back into the 1700s when the first general-interest magazine was published in the city of London. In its original sense, the word magazine implies a place of storage or collection of information piled up together in the order of a definite sequence that attracted its target audience and others in general. 

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From magazines being popular only in its print media to magazines taking a new direction into the digital world, this evolution of mass communication has unfolded the magnitude of medium and the way we perceive digital magazines. Isn’t it fascinating to see the shift the magazines have taken in over the years? From mailboxes drop to E-mail drop, the digitalization of modern-day magazines is continuing to make millions of their readers’ lives way easier than before.

We Love: Digital Architectural Magazines

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Architecture is the art of designing a space, a space that takes a definite form and performs a certain function that inspires, protects, and enhances the living of any individual in and around that space. Unlike other professions that serve a definite definition to what the majority think, architecture on the other hand has multiple layers to it. A field that is this diverse and appreciated all around the world has so much to offer. Digital architectural magazines are one-stop platforms for all the architects, designers, and aspiring individuals around the world to seek information, inspiration, participation, and more. 

The boon and boom of Digital Architectural Magazines over the years have amplified the way architectural news and content was globalized. 

We love: The Reach 

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The world is going digital. A lot is happening around the globe. We might not be able to reach through physically but, with one click away we get all the information we seek for. Architecture is a broad and ever-evolving field. Digital Architectural Magazines are not only a platform that shares, but also exchange the world’s architectural content from every corner of the globe. Digital Architectural magazines reach out to their audience beyond a region. 

We Love: The Instantaneous & Flexible Content

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Digital Architectural Magazines provide content at the comfort of your device. Architecture is a professional spectrum that requires expert’s advice to acquire and curate the course of content which goes out to be a reliable source of information to the readers. Digital Architectural Platforms act as a one-stop encyclopaedia, where architectural news, reviews, etc are put through professionals and certified teams whose niche is architecture, design, writing, research, etc. 

Starting from young aspiring designers and architects to the established and working professionals in and around the field of architecture, the digital architectural platforms act as massive access to seek information, inspiration, and more in the field of architectural design. The flexibility and the luxury the digital platforms provide are incredible. The information can easily be updated, edited, and corrected in due course of time with changing trends and patterns around the globe.      

We Love: The Sustainability and the Return Opportunities for Growth  

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Digital Architectural Magazines have an infinite lifespan. It comes with the perks of saving and sharing information and content throughout. It has no limits or boundaries to store the abundant information which is available at fingertips, which is portable and easily accessible by millions at a single shot. Doesn’t this suffice the original meaning of what a magazine means? 

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The Digital Architectural Platforms not only act as an ever-occurring source of information generators but also act as a platform that encourages and enhances the potential growth of an individual among the architectural digital community. Many Digital Architectural Magazines hire and provide short-term training certifications courses that bring out the hidden interest and potential of an individual. 

Digital Architectural Magazines also conduct various competitions among the interested enthusiasts to promote healthy competition and learning in the community. The awards, rewards, recognition, and overall reach these Digital Magazines generate are humongous. It serves as a platform to showcase one’s talent in the field of architecture including planning, designing, research, writing, communication, and graphics handling abilities, etc. The global appreciation and reach of talent and information in the field of architectural design are surreal. 

Boon and Boom of Digital Architectural Magazines_ © (Available on www.re-thinkingthefuture.com )

During and post-pandemic life of learning has taken a huge dip into the digital and online media of learning and execution. Digital Magazines are a boon. The incredible boom in the number of Digital Architectural Magazines generated a positive global impact on the architectural community. Are Digital Architectural Magazines going to be an integral part of the growth of the architectural community and the public media?   








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