Post-graduation in architecture is a way to enhance your skills as an architect, as is often allied with the fields of art, science, and design. It opens up new avenues of perceiving architecture and even narrows down to your niche interest. Consequently, it is vital to select the right degree. Numerous countries offer post-graduation programs in architecture and one such country is South Korea. It is a diverse country with vibrant art and architecture that offers multiple courses to pursue a master’s in architecture. 

15 Colleges in Korea offering Master’s degree in Architecture - Sheet
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Here are a few options you can consider: 

1. Architecture | Colleges in Korea

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The program is an extension of the undergraduate degree and offers further studies in urban, behavioral, digital, theory, and planning methodologies. It further explores the architectural fundamentals like design, structure, construction, and environment through theoretical and practical learnings. The course strengthens the research and technology parameters of architecture. 

It offers numerous opportunities in the fields of design, interior, environment, academics and research, information technology, public service, and real estate development.

2. Masters in Architecture 

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It is another program that is an extension to the bachelor’s degree in architecture. The course covers spatial designs, planning, theory, and history, as well as sustainability. It is a comprehensive take on the professional knowledge of architecture. 

3. Architecture Engineering

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The technical program teaches the integration of engineering practices and the designing of buildings. It mainly focuses on structural design, mechanical and electric systems, construction materials, and environmental characteristics of a building. The field relies on technology and calculations to achieve desired solutions that are long-term and cost-effective.

4. Landscape Architecture 

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CHEUNGVOGL Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal and Masterplan_©

The program is an in-depth study of the art and science of landscape architecture. It explores numerous landscape architectural theories and their implementation in practical projects. The program offers various activities and lectures to develop the skills of harmonizing humans and nature.

Working as landscape architects, environmental planners, or public officials that deal with works related to parks and landscape, are some of the many options that the degree offers.

5. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering | Colleges in Korea

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This degree course is professional training in conceptualizing, designing, constructing, and even maintaining offshore equipment and systems. It includes all types of ships, ocean equipment, marine systems, and the allied studies required to conceive them. Naval architecture aims to efficiently design and construct transport systems and offshore structures to carry out missions successfully, even in harsh environments.

The diverse career paths, upon completion, include roles in the industry, navy, government labs, and institutes.

6. Rural Systems Engineering

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The technical program focuses on various methods to promote sustainable development of the rural and forest areas. Rural systems engineering is a mixture of several engineering and scientific fields like architecture, environmental engineering, computer sciences, and civil engineering. Based on these four major fields, the application of theoretical and practical methods lead to creative solutions.

The program is essential as the problems of preservation and application of rural resources have been ever-growing. It aims to answer the demands for well-developed rural areas with efficient accessibility and infrastructure to support the urban cities.

7. Urban Planning and Design

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Yonsei University_©

As the urban sprawl is growing, so are the complexities and problems of planning cities. This course aims for solutions by understanding land use, urban and regional economics, housing, environment, and transportation system of a city. The program also targets ways to improve the quality of life by identifying policies and promoting equity and equality.

The degree creates numerous opportunities for work in the government as well as private sectors. As the cities continue to grow, so will the demand for urban planners and designers.

8. Urban Administration and Planning 

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The program aims at providing solutions to urban issues in contemporary society. The focus lies on urban and regional-level strategy and management, required for the growth of cities. It includes critical thinking, data and information processing skills, communication skills developed by addressing issues of housing, land use, urban planning, redevelopment finance, and urban information management.

In the era of globalization and urbanization, the opportunities for urban administration are countless and expected to surge.

9. Urban Engineering

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Sejong Center for Performing Arts by Asymptote Architecture_©

The program offers practical and theoretical education in urban development. It focuses on improving the quality of life and sustainable development by applying science, technology, and methods to solve the problems. The skills required to respond to the rapidly changing conditions of the cities serve as the foundation of this urban planning program.

10. Interior Architecture | Colleges in Korea

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HAEAHN Architecture and H Architecture_©

The course offers in-depth knowledge of the creation and designs of interior spaces in architecture. It explores the aesthetic design sense as well as the functionality required in the organization of space. It covers the knowledge of creating detailed drawings, material understandings, on-site data analysis, and performing the job of managing its construction on site.

11. Convergence Engineering for Future City

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The program aims at presenting solutions to smart cities by upgrading existing infrastructure and integrating technology into the urban spaces. The course provides expertise in construction, management, administration, and the environment. It approaches to improve productivity and reduce waste with the help of processing and analyzing data, conceptual designs, and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

As the spectrum of technology is growing, the opportunities for developing smart cities is also surging.   

12. Sustainability and Environment Policy

Architects for Urbanity_©

The program aims to enhance knowledge in the field of sustainable development and environmental policies. Taking into consideration climate change, it offers theoretical and practical solutions for better cities. It offers collaborations with professionals in the industry and seeks to integrate research and practice to reach viable solutions. 

The career prospects can be the numerous roles in industry and government due to the high demand for environmentally responsive building.

13. Architectural Social Environment Engineering | Colleges in Korea 


The technical program oversees the creation of socio-active spaces while integrating the environment with technology. Using sustainable designs that are human-centric, the course is a more holistic approach to architecture. Students learn various aspects like life cycle costs and embodied energy of materials to understand the importance of effective reuse and conservation of resources.

14. Architectural History and Theory Major

Yonsei University_©

The course is a study on architectural history and culture, architectural aesthetics and criticism, cultural heritage preservation theory and practice, which are the basis of architectural design. It fosters the research and writing in architecture, encouraging in-depth studies to become experts in their chosen fields. The program is crucial in understanding the impact of architectural history on society. It covers the whole gamut of human civilization, revealing the secrets of ancient construction technology. 

The degree also offers myriad career paths like archaeology, city planning, conservationist, theorist, and curator.

15. Space Design Major | Colleges in Korea

Space design_©Behance

The program enables the study of humans and their co-existing spatial environment. It is a specialization in architecture and interior design to create sustainable and sensitive spaces. The solutions are based on humanistic literacy, society, culture, and the context of the space.

Post-graduation, the opportunities can be in two fields – architectural design and interior construction.



Shruti is a student of architecture, driven by the need to constantly explore new avenues. She loves to express herself through poetry and art. And is always inspired by books and movies, may it be fiction or nonfiction. Sustainability and urban design are her architectural avenues of interest.