Packaging design is the correlation of type, structure, materials, colour, descriptions, typography, and regulations in sequence with auxiliary design elements to make a product suitable for marketing. Packaging can make a difference between numbers of sales. Packaging is the first physical prologue to your brand. It is an enormous form of the statement. 

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Why is it important? | Packaging Design

It plays a vital role in shear your item in the market. The more fascinating or catchier design is attracting more consumers to that particular product. Good packaging also makes the product different from the competitors. Customers are drawn, additional than anything, to the product looks fascinated. Sometimes well-designed products attract more potential customers than poorly designed products. It also plays an important role to associate a brand to be a certain thing – color or font. Customers are more attracted to packaging rather than the product. No matter how much the product is good, poor packaging can keep it from selling. Around one-third of the product, a decision is based on its packaging.

More than 70 per cent of the decision of buying the product is made in stores after seeing the packaging. It is found that more than 60 per cent of consumers tried a new product because of its packaging. For example if you were to sale scented candles you would need candle packaging to sell.

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Where does it begin?

Design always reflects the product and originality and individuality of the company and if there is something they all have is simplicity. Packaging design must ensure that it should look appealing. From the shape of packaging to the material used but functionality should not be compromised. For example: making things has to be into consideration while creating a package, important thing is to protect the product. There is no meaning in making a packaging look visually appealing if it’s unable to perform its purpose in the first place. 

How will packaging symbolize the brand?

Brand’s personality should be conveyed. This can be possible through fonts, colors, and texture. A good design uses these elements to get across its brand’s story. Packaging shapes also matter whether it is a bottle or box; formulate it to stand out with uniqueness. Consider metallic foil stamps beautification and varnishing.      

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How to make packaging wonderful? | Packaging Design

First, it’s important to know what exactly consumers want to know about it and provide them quickly and simply. It begins with catching their attention through the means of graceful and eye-catching packaging, properly labelled what the product is all about. Companies want to sell their product- they don’t want to miss a single customer and purchase a competing product as information can be accessed more rapidly in their package.  

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What do customers want? 

Except for simplicity customers also want honesty and authenticity. In other words, they want to know more about the product that is labelled packaging is visible that can be found inside. To achieve this, the company should ensure that packaging looks trustworthy. This can be achieved by using the highest quality material for packaging. It should reflect the image of the company. For example, if the company follows green and modern things, then the packaging should be environmentally friendly and innovative.

Easily Understandable: By simply looking at the product, the customer needs to get an idea about the product like what it does? The final thing you desire to do is to confuse consumers.

Honesty: How much your packaging reflects the reality of your product? One must ensure that there is no vast difference in the real pictures and pictures used for packaging. Of course, one should use the best pictures but don’t make the product more than it appears to be otherwise it disappoints consumers. 


Versatility: Nonetheless one is just offering a single product for sale now but wants to increase in the future. Make sure packaging is versatile enough to accommodate additional products.   

Communicate With customers 

No matter how fashionable the packaging design is, don’t forget to make it informative. Good packaging needs to answer the following questions such as: 

  1. Purpose of the product 
  2. Expiry date of the product 
  3. How it will look up my life? 

What types of materials are efficient? | Packaging Design

Plastic, Aluminum, paperboard are conventionally used, although we need to think about the objective audience as well. Are they concerned about the environment? If they are, you have to look for alternative options such as bioplastic. Here sustainability means using the material as much as they are needed or at least as much as possible. A biodegradable package will be creatively designed to work well with minimal materials.   

There is no denying that the fact that logo plays an imperative part when it comes to marketing, but the visually appealing package has more impact on consumers. They want to associate with the product positively and its packaging design is the first thing that comes into mind. 


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